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Open Book Report: Earl Lovelace and Etienne van Heerden in conversation

Bibi Slippers 2011-09-28 Earl Lovelace, celebrated author from Trinidad, and well-known South African author Etienne van Heerden took part in the Free the Word PEN Dialogue at the Open Book Festival in Cape Town on Thursday, 22nd September 2011.

Open Book Festival: Day 3

Bibi Slippers 2011-09-28  

Open Book Festival Report 3: A whale of a time

Bibi Slippers 2011-09-22  Henrietta Rose-Innes’s latest novel, Nineveh, was launched in the Iziko Museum’s Whale Well on Wednesday afternoon as part of the Open Book Literary Festival in Cape Town.

Independent Publishers: How do they survive?

Janet van Eeden 2011-09-20  Junkets Publisher started as a one-off. In 2005 I had written Rebel Angel, a novel based on the life of the poet John Keats. I didn’t offer it to any of the mainstream publishers because I believed that at that particular time they should be publishing South African material, not books about British poets.

Offspring of Paradise – a text strongly coloured by a young girl's fierce Afro-feminism and proudly Muslim convictions

Annie Gagiano 2011-08-25 This powerful novel by a Somali woman presently living in Dubai might be described as a combination of historical novel, sociological study and thriller