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Ekstasis and the intricacy of intimacy

Ashlin Winckler Lifestyle and entertainment 2022-01-21

"From water drops cascading down the skin to the smell of naartjie juice on your fingertips, this stunning study of the interconnectedness of identity is perhaps the gentle reminder we all need to savour the human experience and all its delicious complexities."

Tram 23

Pieter Lübbe New writing 2022-01-20

"Whereas other tram rides are more conventional, follow standard routes, or where one finds oneself somewhat ill at ease – with someone else’s wallet pressed up against your thigh or a few smelly armpits too close for comfort. Tram 23 does not follow suit. Tram 23 is a spaceship of a different breed."

Dark matter

Basil Sadler New writing 2022-01-20

"How can nothing be growing? 
The star doctors say it is 
Is the nothingness showing?"

On The fall of the University of Cape Town: A further discussion

Bernard Kripke, David Benatar Universiteitseminaar | University Seminar 2022-01-18

"On any given issue, how should we weigh up the different issues at stake? This is where we need arguments, including evidence. We need, in other words, to reason our way, as best we can, through the issues. That is exactly what I was doing in the book."

An interview with art photographer Jac Kritzinger

Naomi Meyer, Jac Kritzinger Visueel 2022-01-17

"Many people would argue that phone photography has opened up image-making for the masses, but it really only points to yet another form of dependence on so-called smart technology without an understanding of the underlying principles of a particular discipline."

A reflection on South Africa’s third Booker Prize winner: The promise by Damon Galgut

Maditte Coornaert Books and writers 2022-01-14

"The book is fabulous: ironic, moving, sacrilegious, shocking, painful, insightful."


Karin Walker New writing 2022-01-12

"sadness cannot be contained 
nor repressed 
it seeps unceremoniously 
through the tiniest slit"

On The fall of the University of Cape Town by David Benatar: a discussion

David Attwell, Bernard Kripke Universiteitseminaar | University Seminar 2022-01-11

"Even if it doesn’t feel like we live in a rights-based constitutional democracy with equal access to the law and to the free exchange of ideas, which is what universities are for, we have no option but to continue to believe and act as if we do. Perhaps that explains his determination to hold on to the idea that people can and should do better. It’s part of his belief in the university as an institution."

Press release: ekstasis

LitNet Lifestyle and entertainment 2022-01-11

This award-winning short film, written and directed by Emilie Badenhorst and Kanya Viljoen, is an exploration of a young woman that discovers love and intimacy, and the loss thereof, through a blossoming relationship with her best friend and the dissipation of her parents’ marriage. The film uses the landscape of multilingualism in South Africa, the Afrikaner culture and LGBTQIA+ bodies to question the moments of existing in between these spaces and borders created within society. ekstasis will be released on Vimeo on 21 January 2022.


Heidi Henning New writing 2022-01-05

"He died in isolation
Surrounded by sterile strangers
Unknown machines
In an intensive care unit
Without history or memory
Or a warm hand in his."

Merrydown Farm, a Karoo novel by Michael King

Paul Murray Books and writers 2022-01-05

"He wants to be alone to remake himself in conditions of aloneness, of brief solitariness. Here begins his exploration. He is a tabula rasa on which he can rewrite his story. He explores the place geographically, establishes a frame within which to live his life. He discovers new ways, new routines, sees new things."

The passing of Desmond Tutu, 26 December 2021: A few memories

Paul Murray Opinion 2021-12-27

"He was one of the greatest the country has ever seen, iconic beyond description, who stood up for the rights of all South Africans, and whose legendary status reached the rooms, offices, courts of monarchs, heads of nations and spiritual leaders of virtually every country in the world."

First sip: Becoming a doctor by Hloni Bookholane

LitNet LitNet Eerste Slukkie | First Sip 2021-12-24

"The first time I broke bad news to a real, live family it went horribly. If it were an OSCE (objective structured clinical examination) station, I would have failed."

An interview with Greig Cameron, writer and director of Seal Team

Greig Cameron, Izak de Vries Interviews 2021-12-22

"Overall, the entire process was a joy. I always try to make a fun environment where the actors can enjoy themselves. I think that genuine joy translates into the film. Also, it’s easy to forget, sometimes, but we’re making cartoons for a living. If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong."

The African Library: Aya Dane by Mhani Alaoui

Annie Gagiano Books and writers 2021-12-22

"Reading this novel and its record of great suffering and the profound emotional dislocations brought about by exile and migration, is arduous, often harrowing and disturbing; but as a narrative, Aya Dane is an immense and lasting achievement."

Press release: New dates announced for Cape Town City Ballet's A Christmas Carol – the story of Scrooge

LitNet Lifestyle and entertainment 2021-12-22

New dates have been announced for Cape Town City Ballet's production of Veronica Paeper's A Christmas Carol – the story of Scrooge. The production will run for a limited season from 19 until 22 January 2022 in the Artscape Theatre. Some performances in December were postponed following the confirmation of a COVID-19 positive case.

A Christmas present to all LitNet readers ...

Pieter-Dirk Uys, Evita Bezuidenhout Lifestyle and entertainment 2021-12-20

... with compliments of Evita Bezuidenhout and Pieter-Dirk Uys. One Man Shows: the result of months of lockdown. Free to download.

Media release: Afrikaans Language Board delivers open letter to President Ramaphosa

Afrikaanse Taalraad Die Afrikaanse Taalraad-portaal 2021-12-15

In an open letter to President Cyril Ramaphosa, the Afrikaanse Taalraad (Afrikaans Language Council – ATR) expressed its deep concern about the Department of Higher Education's language policy of 2020. The letter was handed over at the Union Buildings on 10 December – on the 25th anniversary of the signing of the Constitution, a constitution that promotes multilingualism and protects language rights.

Urgent press release: Second week of Krotoa: Eva van de Kaap postponed due to COVID-19

LitNet Lifestyle and entertainment 2021-12-15

To protect all concerned, including audiences, the second week of the play has been postponed to 23 to 26 February 2022 at the Artscape Arena. Booking has already opened.

#ReadingAfrica | The women's panel

Aoife Lennon-Ritchie, Gabeba Baderoon, Sifton Anipare Interviews 2021-12-14

On 10 December Aoife Lennon-Ritchie spoke to Gabeba Baderoon and Sifton Anipare about getting published, emigrating and feminism.