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Navigate by Karin Schimke: book launch

LitNet Boeke en skrywers 2018-01-18

You are invited to the launch of Navigate on 31 January in Cape Town. Jolyn Phillips will introduce the poet, Karin Schimke, who will also read from her poetry collection.

Navigate: an interview with Karin Schimke

Karin Schimke, Naomi Meyer Skrywersonderhoude 2018-01-18

"On a day-to-day basis, poems rush by me and through me all the time, and only now and again do I have the time to snatch them by their slippery tails and nail them to the page."

Swimming towards emptiness on a bright summer day

Abigail George Poësie 2018-01-17

"Emptiness will
be on your tongue. It will
be your mother tongue
until a replacement comes along."

Press release: SATI Prizes for Excellence 2018: call for nominations extended

LitNet English 2018-01-16

The South African Translators’ Institute (SATI) is pleased to call once again for nominations for its Prizes for Excellence in Translation and Dictionaries. Closing date: 19 January 2018.

Song for the dumped

Abigail George Poësie 2018-01-12

"I think of you sitting down or
washing the dishes. Eating
a simple meal, never understanding
how much I love you."

The exodus

Abigail George Poësie 2018-01-12

"He wonders what the right
language of love is for winter guests.
How to make peace with his wife."

The advent of fee-free education and the future of universities in South Africa

Zonwabele Tshayana Universiteitseminaar | University Seminar 2018-01-09

"It has been long coming that as a country we follow in the footsteps of countries like Zimbabwe, Germany, Cuba and Libya, which provide free education. We can find the money, whether through belt-tightening, fighting corruption and illicit siphoning of funds from the country, and/or through increasing corporate tax."

As by fire – the end of the South African university by Jonathan Jansen: book review

Vicki Trowler Universiteitseminaar | University Seminar 2018-01-09

"Many news reports, blogs and scholarly articles have been written about 'the hashtag movements', but As by fire is the first comprehensive, systematic attempt at analysing the reflections on the movements from the perspectives of the leaders of those universities most closely involved."

Tribute to Keorapetse William "Bra Willie" Kgositsile

Sifiso Mzobe In memoriam 2018-01-09

"You walked stride by stride with giants. And, when the time came, you returned to us, held our hands and helped us take baby steps."

In memoriam: Keorapetse Willie Kgositsile – A letter by Breyten Breytenbach

Breyten Breytenbach In memoriam 2018-01-04

"He lived as if he was a reed for the tunes and the rhythms and the winds of his time, and in that he was the reed of our turbulent passage on earth, perhaps transmitting a very ancient song to us."

South Africa: a race to the bottom?

Johann Rossouw English 2018-01-02

"The atmosphere in the auditorium is electric, undoubtedly because tonight’s guest of honour is seen by the public as a man who speaks truth to power." 

Molly's game: a film review

Reney Warrington Film 2017-12-20

"The film is based on the fascinating story of Molly Bloom, an intriguing real-life person. It’s worth buying your ticket just for that. Don’t expect well drawn characters or anything outside of the Hollywood soapbox, though."

Jumanji – so much fun

Reney Warrington Film 2017-12-20

"Jumanji is good, old-fashioned entertainment guaranteed to put you in a fantastic mood."

For Prague, city of particles and atoms

Abigail George Poësie 2017-12-19

"The rainfall outside my window takes upon itself
a pensive transformation. An
eternity that is filled with hope."

#ANC54: Cyril the Silent

Hans Pienaar Seminare en essays 2017-12-19

"For now it’s business as usual for the captured state. Ramaphosa will have to tread softly at least until the 2019 elections."

Journal 1955–1962: Reflections on the French-Algerian War by Mouloud Feraoun

Annie Gagiano Books and writers 2017-12-18

"This important and moving text is the last completed work by an Algerian Berber novelist and public intellectual who wrote in French, the language in which the original Éditions du Seuil edition appeared in 1962."

Press release: The Fugard Theatre's New Year's Eve production of King Kong – The Musical

LitNet Teater 2017-12-18

"King Kong – The Musical will be performed at 2pm on Sunday 31 December, New Year's Eve."

Social cohesion at the diving board and winter studies of the Renaissance

Abigail George Poësie 2017-12-13

"A cold was all around the couch.
Winter for sure when he

Burning dead things in the concrete jungle

Abigail George Poësie 2017-12-13

"The letters I wrote
to you. I had to erase all
memory of conversation."

My Portuguese feast: an interview with Mimi Jardim

Mimi Jardim, Naomi Meyer Skrywersonderhoude 2017-12-06

"This book is about a celebration of moods, travels, family, classes – therefore, a feast."