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Healthcare: Between money and paternalism

Emelia Steenekamp Opinion 2024-05-22

"As is often the case with any bureaucratised system, the human is supplanted by numerical representation. For healthcare, one needs money." Emelia Steenekamp writes about her experience of private and public healthcare in South Africa, Canada and South Korea.

The accordion and famo music in South Africa: an interview with RKM, The Accordion Guy

Naomi Meyer, Celestino Mpho Matabane (RKM) Lifestyle and entertainment 2024-05-22

"The reason behind my accordion playing is solely based on my love for sounds and music in general; it gives me an outlet to express myself, and it gets me into a realm/space I can’t explain in words, but which brings peace and excitement to my heart."

A hugely important book: A reader’s impression of The bitterness of olives by Andrew Brown

Izak de Vries Books and writers 2024-05-21

"This is a timeous book, one that I believe everyone capable of understanding English should read."

Press release: Otto Foundation launches inaugural children’s book award

LitNet Books and writers 2024-05-20

The Otto Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of the inaugural Otto Foundation children’s book award. | Die Otto Stigting kondig met trots om ’n nuwe jaarlikse kinderboektoekenning aan.

The city is mine by Niq Mhlongo: A review

Mphuthumi Ntabeni Books and writers 2024-05-19

"Mhlongo, through the character of Mangi, loves Johannesburg with the insane and obsessive love of a jilted lover."

I am an African, what is copyright?

Philani A Nyoni Opinion 2024-05-17

"As an author, I am constantly asked for PDF versions of my books. Sure, go ahead and help yourself; I mean, it’s not like I paid a proofreader, paid a designer and sourced the rights to use the artwork on the covers. Sure, go ahead and have a PDF copy on WhatsApp. And cast it as far as mistletoe throughout your entire village, so everyone can read my book while I never benefit a dime off it."

Invitation | Skrywersaand at Oude Leeskamer with Ivan Vladislavić and Justin Fox, 21 May 2024

LitNet Books and writers 2024-05-17

Oude Leeskamer is proud to announce the launch of The near north by the award-winning Ivan Vladislavić on 21 May 2024 at 18:00. He will be joined by Justin Fox, whose Place: South African literary journeys has recently enjoyed a fifth print run. Skrywersaand host Jonathan Amid will lead the discussion.

"We need to fix everything."

Freek Robinson, Herman Mashaba Interviews 2024-05-16

Elections are looming. Herman Mashaba (ActionSA) tells Freek Robinson how ActionSA would fix a country that is falling apart.

The Z factor in KZN and the elections

Paul Murray Opinion 2024-05-15

"Not only does Zuma challenge the ANC politically, but he also claims its heritage."

South Africa: The triumph of capitalism in a country too big to fail

David Willers Opinion 2024-05-15

"Thirty years of democracy has eased the strained relations between the races of the apartheid years. There is a spontaneity, humour and verve in public life, in the shops and eateries, which is very refreshing to any outside visitor."

Fresh off the press: The city is mine by Niq Mhlongo

LitNet Books and writers 2024-05-14
Mangi and his fiancée, Aza, have been living together in Linden for the past eight years. One day while cleaning their bedroom, Mangi discovers Aza’s secret. The uncovering of Aza’s lie is the catalyst to the unravelling of their already tumultuous relationship. Mangi searches for meaning as he makes his way through the streets of Joburg in The city is mine

Press release: The Ingrid Jonker Prize for English poetry 2024 | Invitation to submit entries

LitNet Books and writers 2024-05-14

Poets or their publishers are invited to submit entries for the Ingrid Jonker Prize for English poetry in 2024. The closing date for submissions is 20 June 2024.

Black Economic Empowerment vis-à-vis Sustainable Development Goals: a (mainly) water and sanitation perspective

Chris Heymans Opinion 2024-05-14

"Even the water sector reform after the political transition of 1994 has largely stuck to the direct municipal WSS delivery model from the apartheid era. A major difference, though, is that post-apartheid municipalities took on responsibility for service delivery in areas that had never been as well connected and managed as the previous white-only areas. This still hinders the bridging of these gaps."

Press release: Endler Concert Series presents Voces Cordis, conducted by André van der Merwe | Endler Hall, 24 May 2024

LitNet Lifestyle and entertainment 2024-05-14

The choir ensemble Voces Cordis comprises 75 talented and dedicated young adults from all over the Western Cape who share a passion for choral music and singing. Under the direction of the acclaimed choral conductor André van der Merwe, the choir will return to Stellenbosch for its first gala performance of 2024 on Friday, 24 May as part of the Endler Concert Series.


Whose voices matter? Trans erasure in public discourse

PATHSA Opinion 2024-05-13

"It is morally, ethically and democratically wrong to exclude the voices of people who live on the margins, to speak for them. Trans and gender-diverse identities and lives are undeniable; to deny them is to rewrite history and to engage in behaviour which is bullying and abusive."

Our most important election since 1994

Matthew Parks Opinion 2024-05-09

"The weather could not be any more different from South Africa’s sunny Karoo to the freezing winters in Moscow, where sunlight may be there for only four hours a day!"

The digital psyche: Why you should pay attention to your social media likes

Alex J Coyne, Suzannah WanderingStar Opinion 2024-05-08

"What does social media say about you, and what could it say about others around you? Social media reveals more than just your basic likes, like listening to Nirvana and reading a lot of Tolkien, but also locks your thoughts and musings in time. TikTok, Facebook and YouTube can be a good way to know someone, but when potential danger signs are ignored, social media is a darker trip."

My big fat Greek taverna: From diplomacy to ouzo by Costa Ayiotis: a book review

Elsibe Loubser McGuffog Books and writers 2024-05-07

"Admittedly, it is tricky to write about a journey with food. Unless you are writing a recipe book, how do you go about it? The book is a blend between autobiography and narrative novel."

Seen elsewhere: The SA Children’s Laureate Award

Piet Grobler Books and writers 2024-05-07

"On Friday, during the South African Festival of Children’s Literature, I have been presented with the SA Children’s Laureate Award for my contribution to SA children’s literature."

Competition: You could win tickets to Let’s Carnivale

LitNet Lifestyle and entertainment 2024-05-04

We are giving away 2 x 2 tickets to Let’s Carnivale for Friday night’s show. Yes! You and a partner could be lucky enough to go on Friday night 17 May 2024! Each ticket is worth R400.