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The lazy makoti’s guide to the kitchen by Mogau Seshoene – reader impression

Louise Viljoen (JBay) Books and writers 2021-04-15

"If you’re on a hunt for a cookbook that leads you through kitchen basics and teaches you foody tips, tricks and fresh ideas, look no further."

All rise: A judicial memoir by Dikgang Moseneke – reader impression

Barend van der Merwe Books and writers 2021-04-15

"Very few books that I have read in my life have been so eloquently composed as this one."

Fresh off the press: Hidden Karoo by Patricia Kramer and Alain Proust

LitNet Books and writers 2021-04-14

Hidden Karoo presents a snapshot of the region, offering a glimpse into towns and villages, farms and churches, public buildings and private homes, all against a backdrop of awe-inspiring landscapes.

Press release: 2021 Commonwealth short-story prize shortlist announced

LitNet Books and writers 2021-04-14

South African writer Zoë Wicomb praised the "novel use of local non-standard Englishes as well as inventive inscription of native languages."

Review of 1986 by William Dicey

Helen Moffett Books and writers 2021-04-13

"This is a hallmark of the book that I personally found fascinating: the way Dicey returns women’s stories to the overarching narrative of that year."

Seen on Facebook: The history of slavery has somehow gone beneath the radar

Steven Robins Elders gesien 2021-04-10

"Yet, it was only very recently, in the wake of the brutal murder of George Floyd, that the US and UK seriously began the kind of “memory work” that Germans have been doing for decades."

Invitation: Launch of Bloody Sunday by Mignonne Breier

LitNet NB-Uitgewersportaal 2021-04-08

Tafelberg and Exclusive Books invite you to join the book launch via online webinar of Bloody Sunday by Mignonne Breier.


Heidi Henning New writing 2021-04-07

"I’ll meet you in ten minutes 
At Cafe Anton for coffee 
You’ll be early as always 
Waiting for me" 

Press release: New partnership sees the South African State Theatre’s Kucheza Afrika Festival in Cape Town

LitNet Lifestyle and entertainment 2021-04-06

The Baxter Theatre will host two productions on 6 and 7 April 2021 ‒ Trapped by Unmute Dance Company at 6pm and Louise Coetzer’s (Darkroom Contemporary) Memoryhouse at 7.30pm.

Hänsel und Gretel at the Artscape: an interview with Roger Ballen

Naomi Meyer, Roger Ballen Lifestyle and entertainment 2021-04-01

Roger Ballen talks to Naomi Meyer about how Hänsel und Gretel can energise people during pandemic times and how theatregoers might be able to "walk out of the opera as different people".  

Johanne 14 by Hope Malau: a reader impression

Louise Viljoen (JBay) Books and writers 2021-04-01

"In a time in South Africa when we are trying to understand each other more than ever, when we are experimenting with ideas of unity, diversity and forgiveness, while still staying true to ourselves, Johanne 14 is a quiet celebration of the things that really matter, that which lies at the heart of it all – like the perfect cabbage."

What is it that we fear?

Robert Kriger Opinion 2021-03-30

"'Defend our democracy! Defend our Constitution!' These are the slogans of a new civil society campaign. After the Save South Africa and #ZumaMustFall campaigns, is this yet another single issue campaign – to free us of the Zuma legacy of state capture, cronyism, nepotism and corruption?"

First sip: Rogues’ Gallery by Matthew Blackman and Nick Dall

LitNet LitNet Eerste Slukkie | First Sip 2021-03-26

If you reckon corruption in South Africa began with Zuma or even with apartheid, it’s time to catch a wake-up call.

Reguit met Robinson: A Zoom interview with Mike van Graan

Freek Robinson, Mike van Graan Interviews 2021-03-25

Where are the millions? Freek Robinson interviews playwright and activist Mike van Graan from the Sustaining Theatre and Dance (STAND) Foundation and the Theatre and Dance Alliance.

kykNET Fiëstas Awards: An interview with Bob Martin

Naomi Meyer, Bob Martin kykNET Portaal 2021-03-24

"My eternal thanks for kykNET’s very generous Legende Fiësta award ..."

Invitation to the launch of Yesterdays and imagining realities: an anthology of South African poetry

LitNet Books and writers 2021-03-19

We hope you may be able to join us for the launch of Yesterdays and imagining realities: an anthology of South African poetry this Sunday 21 March at 15h00.

Press release: Young children’s book author to meet COVID-19 expert Uzma Syed

LitNet Books and writers 2021-03-19

The books uniquely tell the story of the pandemic through the eyes of disadvantaged communities. 

Closure of Fugard Theatre: an interview with Daniel Galloway

Naomi Meyer, Daniel Galloway Interviews 2021-03-18

"The live experience, the exchange between actor and audience, which theatre uniquely offers, cannot be replaced by other mediums."

Press release: Interim director of the Vrystaat Kunstefees

Ricardo Peach Lifestyle and entertainment 2021-03-18

"It is with great pleasure that I introduce to you the new interim Director of the Vrystaat Kunstefees, Corneli van den Berg."

Creating the worlds we want: The Vrystaat Kunstefees and cultural self-agency in global networks

Ricardo Peach Lifestyle and entertainment 2021-03-17

"Despite what the COVID-19 lockdown threw our way, at the Vrystaat Arts Festival we are incredibly proud of what we were able to achieve in such uncertain times."