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Three women providing a catalyst for African literature: An interview

Izak de Vries, JL Powers, Ashawnta Jackson, SarahBelle Selig Interviews 2020-12-02

"I just began to feel excited about the possibility of bringing African literature of all genres to a North American readership – not scholarly work, which I think has some real champions, but crime novels, thrillers, literary fiction, children’s fiction and graphic novels."

Kommadagga short story: Twee vuilpoppe

Sandile Ntuli New writing 2020-12-02

"I am your son, and we are alike in so many ways. Yes, I like boys, but only to play with. But girls, girls I love. Only girls."

Press release: You are invited to the Liberty Books launch at Peregrine Farm Stall

LitNet Books and writers 2020-11-27

Join us to celebrate our new home and engage with our speakers who will ponder the question “What’s so blêrrie belangrik ‘bout books anyway?”

Hazara, elegy for an African farm by John Conyngham: reader impression

David Willers Books and writers 2020-11-26

"Hazara, taken from the name of Conyngham’s lost dynastic family sugar farm in KwaZulu-Natal (in turn taken from the name of his grandfather’s regiment in the British Indian Army), tackles the torment of confused identity in the ambivalent context of the old Anglo-South African relationship."

The history of man by Siphiwe Gloria Ndlovu, a review

Helen Moffett Books and writers 2020-11-26

"This novel is no less than an act of extraordinary grace by the author."

Press release: Join us for two special events during #ReadingAfrica

Catalyst Press Books and writers 2020-11-26

"You are invited to join us for two exciting zoom discussions on the joys of #ReadingAfrica. #ReadingAfrica week is an annual event to celebrate African literature. This year it will take place from 6 – 12 December."

Still life, an interview with Zoë Wicomb

Zoë Wicomb, Izak de Vries Interviews 2020-11-25

"I visited the Amazwi literary museum (then NELM) to look at Pringle’s papers. It was his letter requesting permission to take the Tswana boy Hinza Marossi to London that piqued my interest. Reading Mary Prince’s slave narrative, published by Pringle in London, settled it: I would try to write a novel about them."

Transgender Day of Remembrance 2020

Elma de Vries, Alex Botha Opinion 2020-11-25

"Earlier this year, LitNet reported on a young woman who had taken the Department of Education to court, as she was unable to matriculate due to harassment. Nare Mphela was murdered. She is one of 350 trans people who have met violent deaths in the past year."

Joburg noir, edited by Niq Mhlongo: reader impression

Edwin T Smith Books and writers 2020-11-23

"Joburg noir is a present-day attempt to capture and reflect the people, images, architectural forms, footprints, aspirations, fears, dreams, cuisine, culture and memories of the City of Gold in contemporary times and for the modern reader."

LAW FOR ALL's Top 10: "Exit" by Maretha Maartens

Maretha Maartens New writing 2020-11-20

"Twenty-nine minutes before her exit, Heaven-Leigh wanted something to eat – vetkoek with golden syrup. No, not an apple. Vetkoek with syrup ..."

A promised land by Barack Obama – Win a copy!

LitNet PRH/LAPA-Uitgewersportaal 2020-11-19

You could win a copy of A promised land by Barack Obama with the compliments of LitNet and Penguin Random House South Africa. Click on this link, then scroll down to see how!

Reader impression: Going home by Sophia Lindop

Louise Viljoen (JBay) Books and writers 2020-11-19

"Going home not only celebrates the stories behind the rich food culture of Lebanon – both historical and contemporary – but also highlights the true meaning of life, which is found in togetherness, sharing, laughter and good food."

The Madibaland World Literary Festival: an interview with Darryl David

Naomi Meyer, Darryl David Books and writers 2020-11-19

"We may be divided by oceans. We may be divided by time zones, and circumstances, and more. But we are linked by stories, by our desire to dialogue – and I think this festival will be the perfect chance to celebrate that."

Programme: Madibaland World Literary Festival 2020

Darryl David Books and writers 2020-11-19

"There has never been a festival quite like the Madibaland World Literary Festival – and you’re invited," says Darryl David, Director of the Madibaland World Literary Festival. Here is the full programme, as provided by Darryl David.

Reader impression: Death and the after parties by Joanne Hichens

Barbara Erasmus Books and writers 2020-11-18

"Hichens has written an evocative and memorable description of a difficult journey which somehow leaves the reader hopeful for the future."

Public webinar: Gender and the slow violence of poverty

LitNet Akademies en skole 2020-11-17

You are invited to a public webinar on Wednesday 18 November 2020 at 12:00. 

First sip: Putco Mafani – the price and prize of greatness by Putco Mafani

LitNet NB-Uitgewersportaal 2020-11-17

"Moment by moment, I found myself stubbornly in conflict with this leader, as I was a liberal broadcaster who spoke his mind openly. As a seasoned broadcaster, I knew what was good for South Africa. As an aspirant media owner, this was the dawn of a new South Africa."

Press release: Announcing the National Poetry Prize

LitNet English 2020-11-17

New Contrast and Drift Estate Wines are excited to announce the National Poetry Prize. Closing date is 31 December 2020. 

Along came the wind

Morné du Preez New writing 2020-11-16

"Thus the dead speak swift as the wind?
The chiming tunes, 
The thumbing thunder that rolls, 
smashing the hills in moments of grace."

Inter-review with Colleen Higgs about her memoir, My mother, my madness

Janet van Eeden, Colleen Higgs Books and writers 2020-11-13

"I think my mother’s death released me; I felt the burden of responsibility lift from me."