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The book club cookbook by Louise Gelderblom: reader impression

Louise Viljoen Lesersindrukke 2018-04-24

"If you love books and are hosting a book club evening where you also want to treat your guests to a culinary feast, look no further than this delightful cookbook by Louise Gelderblom."

Video: Launch of The land is ours by Tembeka Ngcukaitobi

Naomi Bruwer Skrywersonderhoude 2018-04-24

Tembeka Ngcukaitobi's historical book The land is ours: South Africa's first black lawyers and the birth of constitutionalism was launched at Protea Bookshop Stellenbosch on 19 April 2018. Ngcukaitobi was interviewed by Hermann Giliomee and Albert Grundlingh. Watch the video of the conversation.

My father died for this by Lukhanyo and Abigail Calata: book launch

LitNet Books and writers 2018-04-23

You are invited to the launch of My father died for this on 3 May in Cape Town where the authors, Lukhanyo and Abigail Calata, will be in conversation with Pippa Green.

The land is ours by Tembeka Ngcukaitobi: book launch

LitNet Books and writers 2018-04-17

You are invited to the launch of The land is ours on 19 April in Stellenbosch, where the author, Tembeka Ngcukaitobi, will be in conversation with Hermann Giliomee and Albert Grundlingh.

Coalition country by Leon Schreiber: book launch

LitNet Books and writers 2018-04-16

You are invited to the launch of Coalition country on 25 April in Cape Town where the author, Leon Schreiber, will be in conversation with Riaan de Villiers.

How Heather got her HAT’ness back by Heather Costaras: reader impression

Louise Viljoen Books and writers 2018-04-16

"How Heather got her HAT’ness back is a quick read, but its powerful message will stay with you long after you have put the book down."

South Africa can work by Frans Rautenbach: reader impression

Martin van Staden Books and writers 2018-04-12

"In the midst of what seems like a doubling down of authoritarianism by the South African government – from draconian proposed limits on free speech in the Hate Speech Bill to expropriation without compensation – an antidote arises: a blueprint and vision for a successful and open society. All it takes, simply, is freedom."

My low carb kitchen by Vickie de Beer: reader impression

Louise Viljoen Books and writers 2018-04-11

"Paging through this book, I am struck by the huge variety of easy recipes that consist largely of everyday basics. The colour photographs by Craig Fraser do justice to the delectable food. I cannot wait to try out a few recipes!"

Press release: Jolyn Phillips receives NiHSS Award for Tjieng Tjang Tjerries

LitNet Books and writers 2018-04-11

"It is a strikingly original work of narrative fiction based on the mimetics of life. The texture of the writing is finely laced and covers a wide range of emotional modalities from the tragic to comical."

Under glass by Claire Robertson: a review

Coenraad Walters Resensies 2018-04-10

"In the depiction of the building of a farm and a colony, in the contact between different groups of people, in the relationships within a family with their secrets and pettinesses and preferences and loves, Robertson creates another view of a particular piece of South African history for her readers."

My Portuguese feast by Mimi Jardim: reader impression

Louise Viljoen Books and writers 2018-03-28

"I am impressed by the wide and carefully chosen selection of mouth-watering recipes in My Portuguese feast. My favourite recipe by far is the golden koeksisters on page 48. Another firm favourite is the chicken and chickpea soup on page 104."

Feminism is: South Africans speak their truth, edited by Jen Thorpe: a book review

Karina Magdalena Szczurek Books and writers 2018-03-28

"While reading the essays in this collection, I found myself repeatedly rethinking my own attitudes. To start with, I wanted to be as sensitive and as aware as I could be while writing my review of the book. Change of attitude often begins with language. I hope that each of the words I have chosen for this review is respectful towards the contributors, their views and their sterling work."

Colour me yellow by Thuli Nhlapo: book review

Janet van Eeden Resensies 2018-03-23

"This is a powerful book that has you spellbound, especially as the secrets are revealed towards the end. It reminds you, once again, that knowing your ancestry is all-important for healthy self-actualisation."

Skin we are in: an interview with Sindiwe Magona

Naomi Meyer, Sindiwe Magona Books and writers 2018-03-14

"The science that underpins what we usually say without having any proof: people have more in common than they have differences. Now, to be told the fact that skin colour is less than 1% of what comprises the human body – 0,001% – is staggering."

Inzync Collective: ConVerse launch

LitNet US Woordfees 2018-03-02

Monday 5 March, 20:30, Drostdy Theatre, Stellenbosch: "Come join InZync for our first event of 2018 as we publish the long-awaited ConVerse, a collection that showcases some of the best new voices in South African poetry in translation, including Koleka Putuma, Jolyn Phillips, Sindiswa Busuku-Mathese, Nathan Trantraal and Mbongeni Nomkonwana."

Press release: Hawks officers raided the home of author Jacques Pauw

LitNet NB-Uitgewersportaal 2018-03-01

"The President’s Keepers brought to light abuse of and corruption at these agencies, and this raid is evidence of how the priorities are perverted."

African Library: A casualty of power by Mukuka Chipanta

Annie Gagiano Books and writers 2018-03-01

"A casualty of power is a brief novel, but it packs a strong punch, vividly and effectively raising matters of importance and urgent relevance to millions of Africans – and others, for African situations are never unique – and their intelligent depiction can enlighten readers all over the world."

US Woordfees 2018: Dutch writer Ernest van der Kwast

Menán van Heerden, Naomi Meyer, Ernest van der Kwast US Woordfees 2018-02-28

"My latest book is called Jouw toekomst is mijn toekomst (2017) and contains the stories of four students with a refugee background. These are courageous stories that offer a different perspective on people who have made the crossing to Europe."

Water crisis: a country at war

Naomi Meyer, Karen Jayes Opinion 2018-02-15

"In the end, like in the book, it boils down to helping one another. There is great blessing in giving a glass of water to a poor and thirsty person. It is a form of healing."

A gap in the hedge by Johan Vlok Louw: book review

Janet van Eeden Resensies 2018-02-07

"The characters and the surroundings are drawn with the accuracy of a master painter, as the author’s descriptions evoke the hopelessness echoed in the area and in the lives of its inhabitants."