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Admission of guilt fines in the light of procedural justice and crime control

Delano van der Linde Academic research 2024-06-21

"The Amendment Act amends the CPA and creates a framework which permits the Minister of Justice, in consultation with the National Director of Public Prosecutions, to declare certain offences which do not constitute previous convictions upon the payment of an admission of guilt fine."

The role of SAVAK as an intelligence service in Iran, 1956–1979: Contributions to regime formation, state-building and geopolitics

Heinrich Matthee Academic research 2024-06-11

"SAVAK also shaped the ideological and cultural field through domestic and international propaganda campaigns, censorship, selective support for artists and thinkers, and the use of informers on the boards of media and cultural organisations."

Social justice teaching in clinical legal education

Riette du Plessis Academic research 2024-06-11

"Research indicates that intercultural differences may influence a person’s ethics and morality and that the preparation of students in this regard is important. The Western philosophical approach differs from the African approach."

Exploring confessional poetry in Afrikaans

Natasha Harmse Academic research 2024-06-06

"Does confessional poetry constitute a distinct movement with a specific cultural context or does it merely amplify tendencies inherent in lyric poetry?"

Early Christian slavery: between theology and practice

Chris L de Wet Academic research 2024-06-06

"Slavery had a significant influence on early Christian thought, mainly because slavery was a widespread institution in the ancient world during the time when Christianity arose."

The reliability of clues in forensic firearm examinations

Joe H. Smith, Juanida S. Horne Academic research 2024-05-30

"Critics of forensic firearm examinations question the reliability of the findings of firearm examinations and state that these examinations are not based on valid scientific research and that the absoluteness of the findings is over-represented/exaggerated."

René Girard, Michel Houellebecq, mimetic rivalry in the liberal consumer society, and the metaphysical future of the Afrikaners

Johann Rossouw Academic research 2024-05-21

"... Houellebecq thus seems to subscribe to a theory of desire that Girard explicitly rejects, namely that the source of desire is the object of desire, while Houellebecq in turn seems to reject the theory of desire that Girard develops; that is, that others are the source of the subject’s desires ..."

The concept of alienation in S.J. Naudé’s The third reel and Of fathers and fugitives – a psychoanalytic and philosophical view

Jaco Barnard-Naudé Academic research 2024-05-13

"The conclusion that follows from the analysis is that Naudé presents to us a world in which modern world alienation is fundamental but never absolute."

The management of internal communication at a South African retirement village: challenges and possible solutions

Louise Bezuidenhout, Lucinda B Sutton Academic research 2024-05-13

"Several challenges to effective internal communication are identified, including resistance to new technology and health issues. These challenges highlight the importance of a differentiated approach to communication to meet the diverse needs of elderly residents."

Teacher educators’ perceptions of entrepreneurship teaching and learning as part of teacher education

Adri du Toit Academic research 2024-05-09

"The research was underpinned by a constructivist worldview – I acknowledge and underscore the critical roles lecturers play in designing and developing meaningful learning experiences for their students."

Breyten Breytenbach’s early and prison poetry: a comparative stylistic analysis

Anke van der Merwe Academic research 2024-05-01

"This article focuses on an interesting phenomenon that was noticed regarding the first parameter, namely that there are considerable stylistic differences between the first two phases of Breytenbach’s oeuvre: the early poetry and the prison poetry."

The interplay between space, masculinity and the shadow in Lente in Beijing and Die Dao van Daan van der Walt

Corine Raath Academic research 2024-04-08

"I specifically investigate the interplay between space, the discourses of masculinity within spaces in the novels, and how these discourses impact the shadows of the two respective main characters, Gerhard and Daan."

Musical meaning and metaphors of liminality in Coenie de Villiers’s song art

Joanita Erasmus-Alt, Martina Viljoen Academic research 2024-03-27

"This article aims to examine the Afrikaans singer Coenie de Villiers’s use of music-related metaphors in a selection of his lyrics to highlight the often elusive, liminal nature of the human condition."

A failed compromise? The 1996 Constitution under the strain of the National Democratic Revolution

Paul Maritz Academic research 2024-03-26

"In order to reach a fair and just conclusion, it must first be determined what political compromise is and whether the 1996 Constitution is in fact the product of political compromise."

An in-depth analysis of infrastructure’s influence on the quality of education within the BRICS organization

Deon Vos, Louw De Beer Academic research 2024-03-20

"The overarching goal is to discern how the quality of education in these diverse [BRICS] nations is influenced by the state of their respective educational infrastructures. Despite inherent differences in context and development among these countries, the study aims to elucidate valuable lessons that can be gleaned from their approaches to educational infrastructure."

Criteria for the translation of Afrikaans fiction: the perspective of a publisher

Samantha Miller Academic research 2024-03-11

"Considering these statistics and challenges, it is argued that in order to expand the market for Afrikaans trade books, a buying market outside of a country’s borders needs to be explored."

The fundamental reform of the South African state – motivation and strategy

André Duvenhage Academic research 2024-03-04

"Can the situation still be resolved constitutionally in an evolutionary way and be rehabilitated, or is some form of a South African Spring our destiny?"

Renewal, alienation and language variants. N.P. Van Wyk Louw’s Nuwe verse [New poems] and contemporary Afrikaans poetry

Karen de Wet Academic research 2024-02-28

"The reception of Nuwe verse in N.P. Van Wyk Louw’s oeuvre as contributing to changes of renewal and innovation in the Afrikaans poetry of the late fifties in the 20th century is pointed out as confirmation of the contribution Nuwe verse brought to the poetry scene."

On nostalgia (and retro-aesthetics): the iconography of Beyond the black rainbow and Ready player one – part 2

Cilliers van den Berg Academic research 2024-02-19

"The theoretical frame of reference that will be adopted for this comparison relates to the discussion and analysis of the different aspects of nostalgia, its interrelatedness with retro-aesthetics, and the different ways in which filmic iconography relates both to mediated content and stylistic devices, as all of these were discussed extensively in part one."

On nostalgia (and retro-aesthetics): iconography in film – part 1

Cilliers van den Berg Academic research 2024-02-19

"In order to analyse its use and applicability in film it therefore becomes important to achieve a working definition that not only acknowledges the various theoretical perspectives on nostalgia as concept, but also takes into account the historical trajectory of the concept within the work of scholars from various disciplines."