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On nostalgia (and retro-aesthetics): the iconography of Beyond the black rainbow and Ready player one – part 2

Cilliers van den Berg Academic research 2024-02-19

"The theoretical frame of reference that will be adopted for this comparison relates to the discussion and analysis of the different aspects of nostalgia, its interrelatedness with retro-aesthetics, and the different ways in which filmic iconography relates both to mediated content and stylistic devices, as all of these were discussed extensively in part one."

On nostalgia (and retro-aesthetics): iconography in film – part 1

Cilliers van den Berg Academic research 2024-02-19

"In order to analyse its use and applicability in film it therefore becomes important to achieve a working definition that not only acknowledges the various theoretical perspectives on nostalgia as concept, but also takes into account the historical trajectory of the concept within the work of scholars from various disciplines."

Diatomic Au–Au-bonded species: multi-faceted and multifunctional

Helgard Raubenheimer, Stephanie Cronje Academic research 2024-02-15

"[T]he study of dinuclear gold species presented in this review provides valuable insights that may be applied to interpret chemical changes induced by gold clusters and finely divided gold particles in the condensed phase, representing a broader challenge in the field."

An exploration and comparison of attitudes and perceptions regarding Afrikaans in the Khomas region of Namibia after three decades of independence

Nicolette Harmse Steyn Academic research 2024-02-15

"The results of the three different groups – Afrikaans-speaking, non-Afrikaans speakers and multilingual speakers (Afrikaans and other languages) – indicate that Khomas residents generally have a positive attitude towards Afrikaans [...]"

Manifestations of mediospheric changes, especially the more recent digital turn, in the creation and experiencing of poetry, demonstrated with examples in Afrikaans

Bernard Odendaal Academic research 2024-02-08

"This investigative survey focuses on the ways in which historic mediospheric changes, namely the establishment of the letterpress industry since the 15th century and, since the late 20th century, the development of digital soft- and hardware, have influenced the creation, mediation and reception of poetry."

A description of phonological patterns in Afrikaans children aged 24–72 months: a retrospective study

Simóne du Plessis, Mia le Roux, Salomé Geertsema, Marien Graham Academic research 2024-02-06

"This study aimed to describe phonological patterns (PP) in Afrikaans-speaking children aged 24–72 months. The study adds a valuable contribution by focusing on and capturing accurate and reliable information regarding the development of PP in specific age and gender groups in Afrikaans first-language speakers, as speech sound disorders (SSDs) are among the most prevalent communication disorders in young children."

The production profile and patterns of picture and illustrated children’s books in South Africa in the 21st century (2000–2020)

Leoné Tiemensma Academic research 2024-01-29

"In an in-depth literature review it was learnt that book publishing plays an important role in any literary system and can be regarded as a mirror reflecting changes in the political, social, economic and cultural systems."

Helping them get in and get on: Perspectives on student access and success in legal training in South Africa

Leani van Niekerk Academic research 2024-01-24

"While equality means offering every student the same opportunities, equity means offering opportunities that acknowledge and address some students’ disadvantages. Equality means everyone gets the same treatment, while equity means giving people what they need based on their 'starting' point."

Khôra and kaar: a discussion of khôra and an interpretation of Marlene van Niekerk’s poem "Woordverklaring"

Elizabeth van der Berg Academic research 2024-01-23

"The objective of this article is to investigate the nature of khôra as theoretical framework for the interpretation of the poem. The diverse facets of this complex concept are examined from the perspectives of Neoplatonists, Christian mystics, psychoanalysts, postmodern philosophers, as well as a Christian philosopher. In the light of these findings the poem is subsequently analysed poststructurally by a metaphorical interpretation of kaar as khôra."

Gaps in the use of cohesion markers in the writing of Afrikaans grade 6 and grade 9 learners

Nadine Fouché-Karsten Academic research 2024-01-22

"This article contributes by investigating, for the first time, trends related to gaps in the usage of cohesion markers with respect to all five cohesion markers in the writing of Afrikaans-speaking grade 6 and grade 9 learners. In particular, the synthesized summary in section 5.1 can serve as a useful checklist for teachers to alert learners to the typical trends regarding gaps in cohesion marker usage that appears in writing and should be avoided when linguistic forms are used to realise cohesion markers."

The use of poems for Afrikaans second-language acquisition students in a task-based approach: a case study

Allison Matroos LitNet Akademies (Opvoedkunde) 2024-01-17

"This article looks at the efficacy of using poetry as a means of improving language acquisition for first-year Afrikaans second-language students within a task-based approach [...] [and] looks at how poetry can be an aid in university linguistics classes; used as reading strategy practice; expand intellectual perspectives and promote cognitive growth; and foster a bond with an additional language, thus motivating language acquisition."

Multimodality as translation challenge in translating comics: Calvin and Hobbes as a case study

Lerie Tredoux Academic research 2024-01-15

"This article presents a description of the main translation challenges a translator can face when translating a multimodal text such as a comic, and how these challenges or problems can be solved [...] The theoretical discussion in this article is based on Christiane Nord’s (1997a) categories of translation problems and Anthony Pym’s (2018) typology of translation solutions."

An evaluation of the Pharos Junior Bilingual Dictionary according to the CAPS-requirements

Nina-Lari Brewis Academic research 2024-01-12

"With document analysis, an investigation is launched into the requirements stated in the CAPS document with regard to the learning of Afrikaans as a first additional language (FAL). The focus of this study will be on the language learning of senior intermediate phase learners (Grades 4–6). Thereafter, the Pharos Dictionary is studied through content analysis to determine whether this dictionary meets the requirements set in the CAPS document."

Matthew 5–7: A game-theoretical study of the Sermon on the Mount

Esranel Becker, Lieschen Venter Academic research 2024-01-11

"The Sermon on the Mount can be viewed as a set of strategies based on Christian principles. These strategies appear to be counterintuitive tactics for social dominance, but is such dominance a legitimate form of triumph in life’s game, and how do we quantify this?"

Potential for Pentecostal preaching to establish gendered identity

Marius Nel Academic research 2024-01-09

"If classical Pentecostal preachers utilise a discourse that discriminates between men, women, and people of alternative sexual orientations, the Pentecostal Church alienates itself from the current South African society, which is based on protecting human rights."

The ongoing development of studies in medieval sexuality

Johann Beukes Academic research 2024-01-08

"This article explores the ongoing development of studies in medieval sexuality as a discipline within the broader fields of medieval studies and medievalist studies."

A critical analysis and review of the textbook Piekfyn Afrikaans vir Graad 8 Huistaal

Nandi Victor Academic research 2024-01-05

"It is frustrating and stressful to work with a textbook that does not correspond with the teaching plan. The Department of Basic Education checks very strictly whether teachers adhere to the teaching plan, through visits by subject advisors and circuit managers."

The importance of quality management systems at forensic DNA testing laboratories in South Africa

Joe H. Smith, Juanida S. Horne Academic research 2023-12-09

"Accreditation is essential in respect of forensic science laboratories as it confirms the accuracy, reliability and quality of the test results that they produce."

Investigating the economic viability of commercial olive farming in the North-West Province of South Africa

Anet Magdalena Smit, Wessel Johannes Badenhorst, Marthinus Jacobus Botha Academic research 2023-12-04

"The study will promote awareness of the economic viability of olive farming. If olive farming is economically viable and farmers adopt it, it will create jobs and stimulate the economy."

An investigation on the use of translation methods by Afrikaans language acquisition students

Asambese Mkumatela Academic research 2023-12-01

"The second-language lecturer can make minimal use of translation, especially for difficult words or terminology, as it helps the students to be less anxious. Short translation activities can be given to students to assist them with vocabulary learning on a weekly basis or every other week."