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Investigating the economic viability of commercial olive farming in the North-West Province of South Africa

Anet Magdalena Smit, Wessel Johannes Badenhorst, Marthinus Jacobus Botha Academic research 2023-12-04

"The study will promote awareness of the economic viability of olive farming. If olive farming is economically viable and farmers adopt it, it will create jobs and stimulate the economy."

An investigation on the use of translation methods by Afrikaans language acquisition students

Asambese Mkumatela Academic research 2023-12-01

"The second-language lecturer can make minimal use of translation, especially for difficult words or terminology, as it helps the students to be less anxious. Short translation activities can be given to students to assist them with vocabulary learning on a weekly basis or every other week."

South African parents’ predicament: Is the tail now wagging the dog? Searching for more certainty on corporal punishment in the home

Rinda Botha Academic research 2023-11-30

"The declaration of unconstitutionality comes at a time of crisis in terms of violence against women and children in South Africa, and is understandable from that perspective. Yet the ruling also coincides with an increase in bad behaviour among children, and alarming levels of juvenile crime."

Question marks in user-generated comments on Afrikaans websites: a corpus linguistic study

Lisa Kruger Academic research 2023-11-30

"In computer-mediated communication (CMC) a need can arise to express certain paralinguistic cues since participants cannot see or hear one another. Punctuation marks, such as the question mark, can be used to express paralinguistic elements such as intonation. When internet users find standard punctuation insufficient to express the meanings or paralinguistic cues they wish to express, they may use punctuation marks in unconventional ways."

Afrikaans accounting students’ choices on language of tuition: factors, consequences and recommendations

Gretha Steenkamp, Petro Gerber Academic research 2023-11-30

"At Stellenbosch University, accounting students can choose to be taught either in Afrikaans or English. However, after the announcement that the external accounting board examinations can only be written in English from 2022, Afrikaans-speaking accounting students regularly question their language of tuition."

An investigative overview of the consideration and application of public interest during South African mergers and acquisitions

Anton van Wyk, Anmar Pretorius, Derick Blaauw Academic research 2023-11-29

"Local and international companies may for example be reluctant to consider mergers due to the uncertain application of the public interest requirements."

"[L]aat my so hard skel tot die valse vrou": Representations of femininity in Anna Neethling-Pohl’s Afrikaans translations of William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar and Antony and Cleopatra

Danie Stander Academic research 2023-11-29

"This article maintains a feminist approach in two ways: Neethling-Pohl is put forward as a trailblazing Afrikaans woman translator, with special consideration of her documented opinions on gender role divisions in the Afrikaner-nationalist milieu in which she was based. Additionally, the insights that her translations shore up on an internationally venerated dramatist like Shakespeare are cast against the backdrop of the hegemonic representation of Afrikaner women in a mid- to late twentieth-century moment when feminism had not yet attracted much attention in South Africa."

A corpus-based study of cohesion links as characteristic of authorship of André le Roux and Dana Snyman

Anneen Church, Angelique van Niekerk Academic research 2023-11-28

"Individuals have preferences for certain linguistic items when using language. This means that writers leave traces of their authorship behind when they write a text (Louwerse 2004:307)."

And if my voice is broken, my breath has lost its power … Lived religion and the function of hymns

Elsabé Kloppers Academic research 2023-11-28

"The text has a strong focus on breath and breathing – of using one’s breath to sing and praise God, to sing as part of the community, and to be carried by the singing of the community when one’s breath is gone, one’s voice is silent, and one cannot sing (any more)."

The creative presentation of cultural elements within Afrikaner attractions

Esmarie Myburgh, Lindie (Engelina) du Plessis, René van der Vyver Academic research 2023-11-28

"The results confirmed that cultural tourists desire a creative presentation of Afrikaner cultural elements and that these elements and the creative principles should be integrated to offer a positive cultural experience."

An investigation into the use of affordances and blended learning in Afrikaans language acquisition for deaf language learners

Marthie de Waal Academic research 2023-11-27

"In South Africa a shift is taking place towards inclusive education that emphasises a diversification in learning and teaching possibilities. One such an example is the inclusion of blended learning models in course design, as well as the use of technological aids in classrooms."

John Chrysostom and the transformation of the discourse of reproduction and birth in early Christianity

Chris L de Wet Academic research 2023-11-27

"This article demonstrates that the discourse of reproduction and birth, in Chrysostom’s thought, was transformed by taking the form of androgenerativity. Masculinity was at its core, and both men and women could be reproductive agents or reproductive capital in this new framework."

Task-based grammar education in Afrikaans Home Language grade 4: an innovative approach

Antoinette van der Hoven, Michele van der Merwe Academic research 2023-11-27

"Language is described as an instrument for thought and communication which affords learners the opportunity to collect knowledge, to share their identity, feelings and ideas with self-confidence, and to manage their own reality."

The Book of Habakkuk as theodicy and theological trauma

Fanie Snyman Academic research 2023-11-24

"Trauma experienced is related to God and the result of this may be described as theological trauma. When that happens, tension is created between what the person or the group has to experience and God’s involvement, or not, in the traumatic events."

A usage-based description of prefixoids in Afrikaans

Benito Trollip Academic research 2023-11-24

"In the first example hond÷ contributes only the meaning 'very' to the meaning of the construction that has only the meaning of 'very warm', with the literal or denotative meaning of hond, 'dog' as a four-legged animal not being present."

The first tentative steps of the independent newspaper industry in South Africa: The South African Commercial Advertiser (SACA) and slavery in 1824

Gawie Botma Academic research 2023-11-20

"On the one hand SACA played an activist role against slavery, which is often praised, but the newspaper also published advertisements for the slave trade. This contradiction invites the question whether the newspaper’s idealised position in journalism history needs to be reconsidered."

Social markers of high-conflict divorces involving children

Carien Zeeman, Sufran Smith Academic research 2023-11-19

"It is not uncommon for couples to encounter negative outcomes and emotions during the divorce process. However, when children are part of the equation, it becomes crucial to identify divorce scenarios that could escalate into high-conflict situations."

An analysis of the stage adaptation of Die mugu (Etienne Leroux) by Pieter Fourie as creative rewriting: a genological study

Hennie van Coller, Anthea van Jaarsveld Academic research 2023-11-19

"Genre indications such as 'novel', 'drama', 'autobiography', etc. play a determining role in these expectations as the reader entertains certain preconceptions of specific genres. Recognising certain genre conventions in the original text actually becomes a prerequisite for finding meaning in the new text."

Spertyd: the culminating work in Elsa Joubert’s life writing

Annette du Plessis Academic research 2023-11-16

"Joubert views her ageing as a journey through a new continent that she approaches with hope and courage, openly writing about the physiological, psychological, and sociological complications associated with ageing."

A proactive strategy to mitigate plagiarism with ChatGPT-3.5 – an explorative study

Christina Johanna (Christa) van Staden Academic research 2023-11-16

"Although it could argue different points of view, it was sympathetic towards a convicted murderer (Oscar Pistorius), but not towards a South African fighting against farm murders (Steve Hofmeyr). This might indicate a problem with its training as it could indicate that ChatGPT leans to the left. These limitations can have an impact on the usefulness of ChatGPT in classrooms."