LitNet contributors voice their opinions about current affairs.

Game of groans – a reaction by Pieter-Dirk Uys

Pieter-Dirk Uys Opinion 2021-01-19

"So, thanks for the laughs, Donald. May all our dreams also come true."

How writers make sense of a world in lockdown

Cathy Kelly Opinion 2021-01-14

"Noting my insights and emotions is not merely a tool for making sense of the past and sinking into the present. It’s also a way of starting a conversation with the future."

Transgender Day of Remembrance 2020

Elma de Vries, Alex Botha Opinion 2020-11-25

"Earlier this year, LitNet reported on a young woman who had taken the Department of Education to court, as she was unable to matriculate due to harassment. Nare Mphela was murdered. She is one of 350 trans people who have met violent deaths in the past year."

Pandemic tales: Making an educational life in a Stellenbosch University residence during the COVID-19 pandemic

Joy Petersen Universiteitseminaar | University Seminar 2020-11-13

"I share this story as our story – all of us who stayed behind – the story of how we made a life and home with our students during the COVID-19 pandemic."

Kommadagga essay: Music and my father

Zubayr Charles Opinion 2020-11-12

"My father and I go for months without speaking to each other. This ongoing cycle usually starts after he says something crude and vulgar, mixed with colourful language, and I’m left thinking about why I forgave him for his prior transgression."

2020 USA election: How did it come to this?

Rhoda Kadalie Opinion 2020-11-06

"If Trump loses, it will be a stolen election in full view of the public."

2020 USA election: The countdown to the apocalypse?

Ilda Diffley Opinion 2020-11-04

"I will never understand the support for someone who has shown no respect for this democracy or for others’ lives. Trump’s made it clear that rules don’t apply to him, and I guess half of the country truly doesn’t care."

Winds of change: Decolonialising language theory at the 2020 ILAF webinar on language and the criminal justice system

Frederik Rudolph van Dyk Opinion 2020-10-30

"What differed here from previous talks about multilingualism was the insistence on a fresh reframing of the South African language situation, as well as the acknowledgement that language isn’t merely a matter of heritage, but is indeed an integral part of the greater infrastructure of the democratic state."

Cannabis legislation to bring new highs and lows

Giséle Lavita Opinion 2020-10-27

"The cannabis draft bill seeks to address new possession rules for cannabis users in their private places, as well as rules regarding cultivation of the plant. The cannabis draft bill sets out prescribed quantities for personal use of cannabis, as well as for cultivation purposes."

British Settlers and South African identity

Rodney Warwick Opinion 2020-09-23

"But the English language’s South African origins obviously have emphatic historical roots, with the language arriving via historical processes and people with a culture manifested in innumerable forms, most long shared across communities from origins other than British. Like Hermann Giliomee has explained in his magisterial Die Afrikaners, people are entitled to their historical story, warts and all."

Justice in the time of COVID-19: an interview on the outcome of LAW FOR ALL’s writing competition

Naomi Meyer, Jackie Nagtegaal Opinion 2020-07-22

"I am deeply worried about the current status quo, and how we will answer in the face of COVID. The justice inequality stands to be aggravated by the aftershock of the epidemic."

Court cracks down on lockdown regulations

Giséle Lavita Opinion 2020-07-02

"While the government may have had good intentions behind the lockdown regulations, the government’s paternalistic and draconian response to the COVID-19 pandemic remains an issue of contention for many."

Watch where you walk – even the statues have feet of clay

Bill Nasson Opinion 2020-07-01

"As with us, and those who preceded us, the time will come to face those perennial and large historical questions – who and what are we as a country and a nation? What have we been? Where are we heading?"

The three-letter plague

Darryl David Opinion 2020-06-04

"This three-letter plague is also responsible for a few strange symptoms. It causes blindness in its followers."

Now we are all Swedes

Steven Robins Opinion 2020-05-28

"On 18 May, I had the opportunity of participating in an insightful FB discussion on a topic we are all obsessed with – COVID-19. Our discussion focused on the much celebrated 'Swedish way' of dealing with the virus. At the time, South Africa was under a strict level four lockdown, while Swedes seemed to be going about business as usual. Towards the end of May, most countries in the world were easing their lockdown regulations – it seemed that we were now all becoming Swedes."

Hey, BBC Future! England made the South African bed, but now refuses to sleep in it?

Frederik Rudolph van Dyk Opinion 2020-05-26

"How your writer then gets to the conclusion, as voiced in the title – that the [Afrikaans] language may be under threat of extinction – is wholly unclear. If the language is under threat, then so are all other South African languages."

Municipalities bringing power to the people

Giséle Lavita Opinion 2020-05-25

"In terms of the amendments, municipalities will apply to the minister of mineral resources and energy to establish new energy generation capacity in terms of the integrated resource plan found in the electricity regulations on new generation capacity."

Risky reopening of schools?

Giséle Lavita SA Skoleseminaar | Schools Seminar 2020-05-22

"While some provinces may be ready to open schools, others may not be as equipped. Many provinces fear that they may not be able to deliver the required supplies to all schools by the end of May, as they have been struggling with the delivery of sanitisation supplies."

Magazines in the new normal: Ctrl+X or fast forward?

Catherine Knox Opinion 2020-05-14

"Paper and ink are not going away just yet." As mass extinction threatens South Africa’s traditional magazines (fifteen titles closed down earlier this month), Catherine Knox recalls a time when the industry was on a roll.

On the front line: An interview with Abdul Karrim Matthews

Olivia M Coetzee, Abdul Karrim Matthews Opinion 2020-05-06

"We need another 30 days of a hard lockdown, at the very minimum. But then, the state must supply food for the masses of hungry citizens, and do it now."