LitNet contributors voice their opinions about current affairs.

Justice in the time of COVID-19: an interview on the outcome of LAW FOR ALL’s writing competition

Naomi Meyer, Jackie Nagtegaal Opinion 2020-07-22

"I am deeply worried about the current status quo, and how we will answer in the face of COVID. The justice inequality stands to be aggravated by the aftershock of the epidemic."

Court cracks down on lockdown regulations

Giséle Lavita Opinion 2020-07-02

"While the government may have had good intentions behind the lockdown regulations, the government’s paternalistic and draconian response to the COVID-19 pandemic remains an issue of contention for many."

Watch where you walk – even the statues have feet of clay

Bill Nasson Opinion 2020-07-01

"As with us, and those who preceded us, the time will come to face those perennial and large historical questions – who and what are we as a country and a nation? What have we been? Where are we heading?"

The three-letter plague

Darryl David Opinion 2020-06-04

"This three-letter plague is also responsible for a few strange symptoms. It causes blindness in its followers."

Now we are all Swedes

Steven Robins Opinion 2020-05-28

"On 18 May, I had the opportunity of participating in an insightful FB discussion on a topic we are all obsessed with – COVID-19. Our discussion focused on the much celebrated 'Swedish way' of dealing with the virus. At the time, South Africa was under a strict level four lockdown, while Swedes seemed to be going about business as usual. Towards the end of May, most countries in the world were easing their lockdown regulations – it seemed that we were now all becoming Swedes."

Hey, BBC Future! England made the South African bed, but now refuses to sleep in it?

Frederik Rudolph van Dyk Opinion 2020-05-26

"How your writer then gets to the conclusion, as voiced in the title – that the [Afrikaans] language may be under threat of extinction – is wholly unclear. If the language is under threat, then so are all other South African languages."

Municipalities bringing power to the people

Giséle Lavita Opinion 2020-05-25

"In terms of the amendments, municipalities will apply to the minister of mineral resources and energy to establish new energy generation capacity in terms of the integrated resource plan found in the electricity regulations on new generation capacity."

Risky reopening of schools?

Giséle Lavita SA Skoleseminaar | Schools Seminar 2020-05-22

"While some provinces may be ready to open schools, others may not be as equipped. Many provinces fear that they may not be able to deliver the required supplies to all schools by the end of May, as they have been struggling with the delivery of sanitisation supplies."

Magazines in the new normal: Ctrl+X or fast forward?

Catherine Knox Opinion 2020-05-14

"Paper and ink are not going away just yet." As mass extinction threatens South Africa’s traditional magazines (fifteen titles closed down earlier this month), Catherine Knox recalls a time when the industry was on a roll.

On the front line: An interview with Abdul Karrim Matthews

Olivia M Coetzee, Abdul Karrim Matthews Opinion 2020-05-06

"We need another 30 days of a hard lockdown, at the very minimum. But then, the state must supply food for the masses of hungry citizens, and do it now."

Courts under lockdown

Giséle Lavita Opinion 2020-04-29

"The function of the judiciary is imperative during this time to ensure that amidst a pandemic, the rights and values of the Constitution are upheld."

South Africa's liquor on lockdown

Giséle Lavita Opinion 2020-04-21

"The ban on alcohol does not come without harsh social consequences: substance users who go cold turkey face a real fatality risk; liquor stores have been looted; and shebeen and tavern owners, as well as their employees, are going without income. Furthermore, alcohol is being traded illicitly, which could result in a black market being established."

Stephen Bantu Biko: A thought leader gone far too soon

Phil Ndlela Opinion 2020-04-07

"In a post-apartheid South Africa bedevilled by a paucity and deficit of value-based and selfless leadership, with leadership that uses its struggle credentials for self-enrichment, one wonders how Biko would have reacted."

The low-down on the lockdown

Giséle Lavita Opinion 2020-03-30

"In this time of need, we have seen great generosity, not only from Johann Rupert, Nicky Oppenheimer and Patrice Motsepe, but also from other individuals and businesses, making a difference where they can."

Data and COVID-19

William Galloway Opinion 2020-03-25

"COVID-19 is touching every conceivable facet of life, reflected in the data being generated as a result. Be it virus test results, traffic flows, shopper behaviour or what is spoken about on public social networks, the data flow can appear to be a torrent. Beneath all those public flows lies an iceberg of hidden data, a seemingly endless list of 'known unknowns', and we can only wait for the 'unknown unknowns' to come to light."

Municipalities get the green light for an independent power supply

Giséle Lavita Opinion 2020-03-11

"President Cyril Ramaphosa has shed some light on the load-shedding debacle through his announcement that financially viable municipalities may now procure electricity from independent power producers (IPPs), due to Eskom’s inability to supply power to the country"

Crippling fear of Corona becomes a South African reality

Giséle Lavita Opinion 2020-03-09

"Feelings of fear and concern are quite understandable, especially in a country with high tuberculosis, HIV and AIDS statistics, but spreading false information will only create more uncertainty and incite fear."

The future of SAA is up in the air

Giséle Lavita Opinion 2020-02-18

"Miss Universe, Zozibini Tunzi, trusts SAA to transport her between Johannesburg and New York; perhaps it is time we put some faith in them, too."

Into the mind of the defeated: Motivations behind the language struggle at Stellenbosch University

Frederik Rudolph van Dyk Opinion 2020-02-11

"If you are white and Afrikaans, feelings of shame and defeat will never help build a new, dynamic and nonracial future for the Afrikaans language."

Is South Africa ready for public unisex toilets?

Giséle Lavita Opinion 2020-01-27

"Ultimately, should unisex bathrooms be implemented, the privacy of all persons should be of great importance, and thus the toilet should be structured in a manner that provides as much privacy to the individual as possible."