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Universities South Africa [USAf] colloquium: "The challenges in the implementation of the new language policy"

Wim de Villiers Universiteitseminaar | University Seminar 2021-10-07

"A unique challenge presented to us, and specifically Stellenbosch University, is that the New Policy Framework excludes Afrikaans as an indigenous language. This is something Stellenbosch University would like to see amended." - Wim de Villiers, SU Rector and Vice-Chancellor.

South Africa: Democracy or idiocracy?

Jan-Hendrik de Villiers Opinion 2021-09-30

"And what would South Africa be without its biggest export: corruption? A popular anecdote says that if corruption were an Olympic sport, South Africa would win the gold, silver and bronze medals."

Of paradigms and power politics: The NIICE convention and international order after Afghanistan

Peter Vale Opinion 2021-09-14

"After each global convulsion, the world is flooded with ideas of how to make and manage what amounts to a new normal. The present confluence of COVID, climate change and the collapse of the West’s 20 years in Afghanistan is such a moment."

A lesson still not learnt

Tristen Taylor Menings 2021-08-19

"Yet the very legitimate criticisms of American actions are not being applied to South Africa’s present involvement in Mozambique’s civil war ... South Africa should not replicate America’s grievous mistakes."

Memory against forgetting

zp dala Opinion 2021-07-19

"What we talk about immediately is looting, groceries and medication. Durban, the city where I live, is in the throes of violence and looting such as never seen before in South African history."

Nothing left to loot in Soweto

Niq Mhlongo Opinion 2021-07-16

"The debris I see outside at the looted Thokoza Park Shell garage and the nearby Supa Store lies on the ground like an unbearable weight on the township. This is not the Soweto that I know."

The heart of Howick

Darryl David Opinion 2021-07-15

"Amid the panic for food, though, a strong narrative of the resilience of communities is playing out. We have all seen and heard of communities having to mobilise into security cells to protect their communities. That communities have been forced to do this is nothing short of a disgrace."

Under siege in Durban

Jessica Smith Opinion 2021-07-13

"My brother has just sent me a message saying that most shelves are empty and he hasn’t even made it into the store yet. Perhaps rationing will still be necessary."

Press release: SACC appeals for calm in the midst of violence & looting

LitNet Opinion 2021-07-12

"The SACC urgently appeals for an end to the violent protests spilling into criminal acts of wanton vandalism and looting that should not be sustained in a constitutional democracy."

Stellenbosch language debate: Speech by David Jantjies at the DAK meeting with the SAHRC

David C Jantjies Universiteitseminaar | University Seminar 2021-07-05

"Currently, Afrikaans is being spoken by an ever-increasing 7,2 million people across the board. Some Afrikaans speakers are white, some are brown, some are black."

Artfluence Human Rights Festival, 5 May 2021: Keynote address

Pieter-Dirk Uys Opinion 2021-05-11

"Even today, 27 years later, it is still hard to find a vaccine against the virus of racism, because of those many daily new variants."

Response to letter of Dr Smith

University of Fort Hare Universiteitseminaar | University Seminar 2021-05-07

"Dr Smith will be unable to provide proof of her misleading claim that the department’s doors have been shut as the misleading headline of her letter suggests. At the time of the University of Fort Hare authoring this response, no decision has been taken by the senate."

Press release: 1st Commonwealth Women’s Entrepreneurship Summit to be held 19–20 May 2021

LitNet Opinion 2021-05-04

The inaugural Commonwealth Women’s Entrepreneurship Summit is the first global event to focus on women in emerging tech sectors. It is a two-day online conference focusing on women’s entrepreneurship featuring 50 speakers, 20 talks and 12 panel sessions.

COSATU: The solution to corruption is in our hands

Mathhew Parks Opinion 2021-04-30

"This fight requires determination and brutal efficiency. Diplomacy does not work with criminals. If the president succeeds, voters will rally around and defend him."

Listening, not squabbling, builds academic communities

Jana Luther Universiteitseminaar | University Seminar 2021-04-29

"Listening language involves people from different language backgrounds talking and writing their own language, and understanding one another while developing their receptive language skills and practising strategies to attain a more complete command of the other language."

Was it appropriate to honour Bram Fischer with a doctorate from Stellenbosch University?

Jannie Gagiano Opinion 2021-04-16

"Until we get some clarity and take some direction on these issues, it looks as though we can expect some more Fischer-style debates in the future."

What is it that we fear?

Robert Kriger Opinion 2021-03-30

"'Defend our democracy! Defend our Constitution!' These are the slogans of a new civil society campaign. After the Save South Africa and #ZumaMustFall campaigns, is this yet another single issue campaign – to free us of the Zuma legacy of state capture, cronyism, nepotism and corruption?"

His Majesty King Zwelithini is dead. Long live the King!

Bhekisisa Mncube In memoriam 2021-03-17

"Wena wendlovu! Bayede! The sun has set at midday in the Republic of South Africa as the nation mourns one of its finest monarchs, His Majesty King Goodwill Zwelithini Ka BhekuZulu."

SU language debate 2021: A riposte: Vader Jansen, slaap jy nóg?

Frederik Rudolph van Dyk Universiteitseminaar | University Seminar 2021-03-12

"Jansen then tries to back up his first point by arguing that such grievous events are impossible, because they are not in line with university policy. This is as disingenuous as it is logically fallacious."

From the archive, SU language debate: My thoughts on complexity and the intersectionality of change at Stellenbosch University

Lovelyn Chidinma Nwadeyi English 2021-03-10

"Am I against learning Afrikaans? No. Am I against white people? No. Am I against forcing others to learn IN Afrikaans? Yes."