LitNet contributors voice their opinions about current affairs.

Poetry slam as therapy sessions

Karin Schimke Opinion 2017-04-10

"Poetry slam sessions, says d’Abdon, are places where young people can 'voice their dissatisfaction, channel their anger and heal'."

A meeting with PW Botha

Bill Nasson Opinion 2017-03-06

"This is how I once met PW Botha. An odd episode, it was in the Cape Town suburb of Plumstead in 1971, or about halfway during his long term as South Africa’s scowling minister of defence."

On hair and healing

Precious Bikitsha Opinion 2017-01-24

"When something in my life was changing, my hair, too, had to undergo some form of change."

Decolonising education in South Africa: An interview with Aslam Fataar

Estelle Kruger, Aslam Fataar Universiteitseminaar | University Seminar 2017-01-23

"Intercultural education promotes a type of epistemic openness to the knowledges of all human beings."

Ghent University and South Africa: An overview and new perspectives

Yves T'Sjoen Opinion 2016-12-14

"The story of our research cooperation has just started."

A Tribe Called Quest’s first studio album since 1998 and the potency of conscious hip hop

Annie Klopper Opinion 2016-11-15

"The most important hip hop album of 2016 – and one of the biggest releases of the year – dropped in the same week Republican Donald Trump stunned the world with a surprise presidential victory over Democratic rival Hillary Clinton."

Hail King Bob, Noble of literature

Evelyn John Holtzhausen Opinion 2016-10-21

"That's it if you follow the world according to Dylan, a wandering minstrel with his guitar, harmonica and nasal voice – whose commentaries on the 'human condition', for that's what his songs are, have won him a Nobel Prize."

#FeesMustFall: Danny Titus on burning libraries and human rights

Danny Titus, Hans Pienaar Universiteitseminaar | University Seminar 2016-10-17

"It will therefore be of relevance as a South African civil society in particular to emphasise our international law obligations to the government, to work more strenuously towards the domestication of international instruments and to integrate it in our litigation as well as judicial decision-making."

#FeesMustFall: Andrew Donaldson on the burning of libraries and university facilities

Andrew Donaldson, Hans Pienaar Universiteitseminaar | University Seminar 2016-10-17

"Irrespective of whether fees have fallen or disappeared altogether, or even the merits of such a campaign, a university education is just not possible without universities – or university structures, like libraries."

Shredding the veil of reconciliation

Robert Kriger Universiteitseminaar | University Seminar 2016-10-04

"At the heart of the matter are two interlinked concepts and realities which manifest themselves in all aspects of the South African “way of life”: the pervasiveness of structural inequality and white supremacy in our daily lives."

Interview: The end of public universities in South Africa?

Achille Mbembe, Hans Pienaar Universiteitseminaar | University Seminar 2016-10-04

"The drama we are seeing is that we are asking the university to do things it was never meant to do. I mean welfare is the domain of the state, it is not the domain of the university. We can’t be asking the university to do things it was not designed to do."

"Standing up for injustices"? – Nine notes on #FeesMustFall

Ian Glenn Universiteitseminaar | University Seminar 2016-09-28

"The South African movements of 2015–2016 show some of the dangers and difficulties of negotiating in the new media world and of moving from representative student government to a post-truth social media environment where there are no formal gatekeepers."

From racial to linguistic capitalism?

Gerrit Brand Argief 2016-09-22

"Authors like Neville Alexander, Vincent Maphai, Allister Sparks and Sampie Terreblanche have produced important publications in which the 'miracle' of our transition is analysed from various perspectives."

The end of an era – farewell ANC dominance?

Susan Booysen Opinion 2016-08-11

"Unperturbed by local-level drama, almost as if local elections 2016 had not happened, life in the Zuma lane of South African politics continues."

Be active citizens

Izak de Vries ATKV-Portaal 2016-08-02

"These young leaders are ysters. We should all aspire to be active in our communities, just as they are."

Oscar Pistorius and the true South African problem

Hans Pienaar Opinion 2016-07-27

"While it is true that white racism and attitudes of supremacy are still present to an unacceptable degree, it is not the crucial problem in South Africa right now."

Marlene van Niekerk on the Stellenbosch University language debate

Marlene van Niekerk Universiteitseminaar | University Seminar 2016-07-20

"I think the plot has been completely lost, and with it the spirit of imaginative transformation. You have not understood yet that there is a very modern, pedagogically sound and intellectually progressive basis for promoting mother-tongue education and linguistic diversity and for developing and protecting minority languages."

The future of Stellenbosch and Pretoria universities

Robert Greig Universiteitseminaar | University Seminar 2016-07-01

"Consultation, for want of a better word, with the universities alone is not enough. The matter should have been subject to systematic public discussion."

It’s time to decolonise Afrikaans

Eusebius McKaiser Opinion 2016-06-15

"So what’s up with the hesitation to speak Afrikaans publicly? Or to conduct interviews about politics in Afrikaans? Or speak about the magic of books in Afrikaans?"

How to kill a language

Constant van Graan Universiteitseminaar | University Seminar 2016-06-07

"Afrikaans, one of the youngest languages in the world, will be extinct in less than a century from now."