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Heidi Henning New writing 2020-07-02

"Visions of soft, weeping rain drenching fynbos
A lonely, cold krantz echoing baboon and jackal"


Heidi Henning New writing 2020-07-02

"The power of a soothing, steaming
Slightly searing Epsom salts bath"


Heidi Henning New writing 2020-05-14

"Combining human touch and technology
The net of memory
The web of unity"

I tracked the stars

Karien van der Westhuizen New writing 2020-05-13

"There is longitude
there is latitude
depth and circumference"

Shakespeare (The sonnets)

Ferdi Wheeler New writing 2020-05-06

"Adorable and romantically possessed,
but with good looks no longer blessed,
he still delighted in the liveliness of progeny"

Objects of desire for Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat

Abigail George New writing 2020-03-17

"Like the sea I have chased with my mother, and like
all of these words, I am thinking of you too much."

Papaya for Rainer Maria Rilke, cold plums for me

Abigail George New writing 2020-03-03

"I am finally on my own again. Flying solo. Gather this, hunt this, reward yourself with this."

If John Steinbeck had been a poet, I would have loved him

Abigail George New writing 2020-02-26

"I have a certain knowledge of madness that no one else speaks of, a certain kind of madness that comes alive at midnight."

Night wind

Ferdi Wheeler New writing 2020-02-19

"The night wind sprang up suddenly,
like a startled rat"


Heidi Henning New writing 2020-02-19

"lit like fisherman’s lantern
Swinging in a dark sea"

Writer’s block

Ferdi Wheeler New writing 2020-02-19

"a corpse deceased and silent,
it touches the wet, grey beach"

Boris Pasternak

Abigail George New writing 2020-02-12

"We all had feathers. Then we all had wings. Then we were shipped back home to our physical address."

White butterflies

Heidi Henning New writing 2020-02-05

“Dancing, delicate
Bleached and starched”

Giacomo Leopardi

Abigail George New writing 2020-02-05

“I am Emily Dickinson’s winter revisited in Amherst-land. I am so much more aware of age and getting older than I have ever been.”


Abigail George New writing 2020-01-28

“When I’m with Lewis, I think of you; when he yells at me, I think of you; when he hits me, I think of you, Malcolm ...”

Of sin and dreams

Ferdi Wheeler New writing 2020-01-20

“He would never enter the hellhole of a bookmaker’s betting room. So, he would never see how amicably people like old Jonathan were received in the betting room ...”

Rolling milestones

Liberty Delsouiller New writing 2019-12-16

“Such freedom to cut the deadlines,
Tear off the expiry dates”


Ferdi Wheeler New writing 2019-12-12

“Oh, mothers, if you could live to see
the state that your babies are in!”

Broken gangster child

Liberty Delsouiller New writing 2019-12-12

“I think you changed a part of me.
I think I am a little more gangster, too.”


Ferdi Wheeler New writing 2019-12-11

“I walked the walk with Narcissus,
effeminate, frail and self-conscious”