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Heidi Henning New writing 2021-04-07

"I’ll meet you in ten minutes 
At Cafe Anton for coffee 
You’ll be early as always 
Waiting for me" 

wearied angels

Desmond Gird New writing 2021-03-03

"I see salt and smoked paprika; 
people content with their fortune, 
genuine, kind and unpretentious, 
like the pot of vegetable soup" 

Little hands

A Maree New writing 2021-02-18

"A mother’s tears will never clean the stains 
From off his shirt, or the shame that’s buried in 
Our dirt, deep in the soil; our country’s land 
Is poorer now, forevermore, without that 
Little hand."

Namib Desert

PP Odendaal New writing 2021-02-09

"Waves of dunes continue into the desert
– death traps in the shifting sands.
Here, compass bearings start to waver 
and directions become unclear."


PP Odendaal New writing 2021-02-08

"The vast open farms of youth,
where horizons were clear
and bush trails led to secret hideouts."

The maze

PP Odendaal New writing 2021-02-05

"We are enveloped in a hollow sky.
Our search for truth unmasks the void
and its uncertain quantum probabilities"


PP Odendaal New writing 2021-02-03

"Sometimes in the middle of the night
I am awakened – desperate and confused.
Was it an echo of her voice I heard
or just someone shouting in the street?"


PP Odendaal New writing 2021-02-03

"The lights go out – an electricity failure –
the canvas becomes a ghostly surface.
Lingering shapes suspended in the dark –
your portrait waiting to be drawn."

The Southern Cross

PP Odendaal New writing 2021-02-03

"The night is an ancient stellar theatre
where cosmic symphonies are heard.
It has an orchestra without a conductor
playing music in counterpoint"

Beginning, middle, end

PP Fourie New writing 2020-12-23

"In Paris at midday on a day in May we emerged from the métro at the Place Maubert. In that tiny square the Huguenots were burned at the stake, I’d read, and I remarked to him that the screams must have been awful."

Him here, he’s my second husband

Anna-Marie le Roux New writing 2020-12-18

"A few years ago, I travelled to my hometown – by bus, because I couldn’t muster enough courage to take my car to travel all those many kilometres on my own."

camino journey

Desmond Gird New writing 2020-12-17

"this perhaps a glorious destiny 
scattered stardust in an infinite Salty Sea"

LAW FOR ALL's Top 10: "Green" by Naomi Meyer

Naomi Meyer New writing 2020-12-15

"I don’t see a hopeful future. I see the back of my little girl’s head the last time I was here. The red rash on her neck."

Bitter tea

Estelle Condra New writing 2020-12-09

"The name Pretorius sent a shock of frigidity into Nella’s heart. She shuddered. She thought of her blonde husband and what she had heard about a blonde man with the Pretorius girl."

Kommadagga short story: Twee vuilpoppe

Sandile Ntuli New writing 2020-12-02

"I am your son, and we are alike in so many ways. Yes, I like boys, but only to play with. But girls, girls I love. Only girls."

LAW FOR ALL's Top 10: "Exit" by Maretha Maartens

Maretha Maartens New writing 2020-11-20

"Twenty-nine minutes before her exit, Heaven-Leigh wanted something to eat – vetkoek with golden syrup. No, not an apple. Vetkoek with syrup ..."

Along came the wind

Morné du Preez New writing 2020-11-16

"Thus the dead speak swift as the wind?
The chiming tunes, 
The thumbing thunder that rolls, 
smashing the hills in moments of grace."

Circles in the sand 

Annemien Bauermeister New writing 2020-10-19

"Where do you come from, little one 
from the soil that births stone and cement 
endlessly perfect control 
souls searching for meaning."


Jemima Meyer New writing 2020-10-14

"Thick candles enjoy the heat. Though their glow melts 
those next to them, wax drips and widens
their feet – their foundations grow." 

Night in Corona City

Elana Bregin New writing 2020-10-08

"In the beginning, we obeyed whatever they said. Everything we heard about this unknown virus was terrifying. How unstoppable it was. How it could leap from person to person like contagious lightning. How slim the chances were of surviving it. How horrible the death that resulted. The human race had no immunity ..."