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Jemima Meyer Poësie 2018-04-18

"I spit out
my mother tongue"

New Microsoft Word document

Jemima Meyer Poësie 2018-04-09

"I don’t desire our time
to be another document"

funeral wishes

Jemima Meyer Poësie 2018-04-03

"don’t cry
honour the pride of my life
by joining in when they dance and sing"


Jemima Meyer Poësie 2018-03-28

"With you I stopped thinking
about Adam and Eve
and their fig leaves."


Abigail George Fiksie 2018-02-20

"Althea’s rapist moved back in with his wife of six years in early November."

Letter to a brother in rehab

Abigail George Poësie 2018-02-02

"I can only think of this.
That you can’t take photographs of
your healing."

Prague, your skin reads like emptiness

Abigail George Poësie 2018-02-02

"The mysteries of my sorrows
are like a constellation beyond
the trees."

Why I blog about writing and issues of mental health

Abigail George Poësie 2018-01-31

"He made careful movements
with his hands. Played a cloud study of water vapour gospel with his guitar."

Images of the strong handsome faces of men

Abigail George Poësie 2018-01-31

"And I was left thinking that glasses
make a face look interesting.
Even handsome. Even intelligent."

The healing room

Abigail George Poësie 2018-01-25

"Moses’ forty years in the wilderness
became my own. I am a machine. A new leaf. I know
how to restore my own soul."


Abigail George Poësie 2018-01-25

"Barefoot in the sunny road of my dreams, I tell myself this./ Babies cry. All babies cry."

Swimming towards emptiness on a bright summer day

Abigail George Poësie 2018-01-17

"Emptiness will
be on your tongue. It will
be your mother tongue
until a replacement comes along."

Song for the dumped

Abigail George Poësie 2018-01-12

"I think of you sitting down or
washing the dishes. Eating
a simple meal, never understanding
how much I love you."

The exodus

Abigail George Poësie 2018-01-12

"He wonders what the right
language of love is for winter guests.
How to make peace with his wife."

For Prague, city of particles and atoms

Abigail George Poësie 2017-12-19

"The rainfall outside my window takes upon itself
a pensive transformation. An
eternity that is filled with hope."

Social cohesion at the diving board and winter studies of the Renaissance

Abigail George Poësie 2017-12-13

"A cold was all around the couch.
Winter for sure when he

Burning dead things in the concrete jungle

Abigail George Poësie 2017-12-13

"The letters I wrote
to you. I had to erase all
memory of conversation."

All ears

Sunelle Geyer Poësie 2017-12-05

"One aspect of freedom is
access to different views
to listen is to exercise such freedom"

Young German woman with the graceful neck

Abigail George Fiksie 2017-12-01

"His silence was like the steep stone folds of a mountain. She remained unseen. A quiet peaceful sea that had lost its roaring voice."


Abigail George Fiksie 2017-11-29

"In Knysna, his elderly parents were getting a divorce. His sister was moving house to London with her daughters and accountant husband. Yes, everybody they knew was moving up in the world. He met Nick in Tampa."