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Ryk Brink New writing 2020-09-08

"The days, bursting with purpose, 
now linger 
between the hours 
of empty sunrises" 

Mma Africa

Annemien Bauermeister Poësie 2020-09-03

"Jy hoort by ’n wêreldkongres –
hervormer, strateeg, raadgewer, planmaker, volharder."

Every day I learnt new words

Henali Kuit New writing 2020-08-27

"I buried my secrets in the ground
getting dirtier"

Somebody else

Anthony Stockwell New writing 2020-08-27

"When we met, I was someone, we both never knew"

You are never to kill a snake

Henali Kuit New writing 2020-08-27

"Retreat, slowly, without turning around,
over the field, past the dam, past the baby cow crying in its pen"

Bible story

Ferdi Wheeler New writing 2020-08-14

"Now, my Prince, I can hear your chariots
thundering towards the once sublime city
you left behind, and I tremble, my Prince"

LAW FOR ALL’s Top 10: "When justice meant the world had to stop, so Ayanda could dream" by Sumayya Mohamed

Saaleha Bhamjee New writing 2020-08-14

"And the people came together to lift South Africa up again. To love her again, appreciate her beauty and appreciate that they themselves were enough."

LAW FOR ALL’s Top 10: "Brave" by Monnica Rampine

Monicca Rampine New writing 2020-08-06

"I hope you forgive me, Ma. I thought this was the only way to make the pain go away."

LAW FOR ALL’s Top 10: "Say something" by Harry Owen

Harry Owen New writing 2020-07-30

"about Syria
Libya, Afghanistan
say something about Nairobi"

Before I sleep

Louise Viljoen New writing 2020-07-27

"In ancient tongue they celebrated,
whispering charming syllables"

LAW FOR ALL’s Top 10: "Nqo" by Siyabulela Javu

Siyabulela Nosiphiwo Javu New writing 2020-07-22

Is anybody home?
I have been walking for 26 years"

Storm within

Anthony Stockwell New writing 2020-07-08

"Release the cables wound around
Your lungs so tight that not a sound
Of truly you can squeeze it through
To open up for all to view"

Tercet for Kieva

Ferdi Wheeler New writing 2020-07-06

"at a delicate and fragile eighty
she still wears mascara
lavender and lace"


Heidi Henning New writing 2020-07-02

"Visions of soft, weeping rain drenching fynbos
A lonely, cold krantz echoing baboon and jackal"


Heidi Henning New writing 2020-07-02

"The power of a soothing, steaming
Slightly searing Epsom salts bath"


Heidi Henning New writing 2020-05-14

"Combining human touch and technology
The net of memory
The web of unity"

I tracked the stars

Karien van der Westhuizen New writing 2020-05-13

"There is longitude
there is latitude
depth and circumference"

Shakespeare (The sonnets)

Ferdi Wheeler New writing 2020-05-06

"Adorable and romantically possessed,
but with good looks no longer blessed,
he still delighted in the liveliness of progeny"

Objects of desire for Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat

Abigail George New writing 2020-03-17

"Like the sea I have chased with my mother, and like
all of these words, I am thinking of you too much."

Papaya for Rainer Maria Rilke, cold plums for me

Abigail George New writing 2020-03-03

"I am finally on my own again. Flying solo. Gather this, hunt this, reward yourself with this."