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Tram 23

Pieter Lübbe New writing 2022-01-20

"Whereas other tram rides are more conventional, follow standard routes, or where one finds oneself somewhat ill at ease – with someone else’s wallet pressed up against your thigh or a few smelly armpits too close for comfort. Tram 23 does not follow suit. Tram 23 is a spaceship of a different breed."

Dark matter

Basil Sadler New writing 2022-01-20

"How can nothing be growing? 
The star doctors say it is 
Is the nothingness showing?"


Karin Walker New writing 2022-01-12

"sadness cannot be contained 
nor repressed 
it seeps unceremoniously 
through the tiniest slit"


Heidi Henning New writing 2022-01-05

"He died in isolation
Surrounded by sterile strangers
Unknown machines
In an intensive care unit
Without history or memory
Or a warm hand in his."


Philene van Rooi New writing 2021-12-14

"I retraced 
My steps 
Back to the days 
Before I lost all of my ways"

Pressed against the graffiti wall

Neo Mehlomakulu New writing 2021-12-07

"I saw the deaths of twenty-somethings
crawl behind me,
dressed in fire suits"

A different ending

Liam Hugo New writing 2021-12-07

"By an invisible force that will not sway 
And its purpose to disrupt and to set asunder  
And rob this world of all its wonder"

Lost in my mind

Liam Hugo New writing 2021-11-28

"Of worlds and lands beyond and far away 
That place where my soul longs to stay 
Further than the moon or even Mars"

Duly unaware

Tammy-lee Lakay New writing 2021-11-28

"the fear and dread that astounds me 
I let it be 
duly unaware of what you might see"


Abigail George New writing 2021-11-22

"My attraction to food teaches me to forget the emotional pain. It calms me. It wants me. There are so many ways an addict validates what they are doing."

Teenage survival

Rochelle Sekels New writing 2021-10-13

"Since day one, I had only one
And I guess it was better than having none
But as the years went by,
He left just like the rest"


PP Odendaal New writing 2021-09-15

"We did not evolve to be ourselves, 
Our consciousness is controlled by chemicals. 
Neither the mind, the body, the heart 
nor free will belong to us."


Ferdi Wheeler New writing 2021-09-08

"A cherry blossom and rainbow spring awaits 
the thawing of the blanket snow 
on highlands and Malutis, 
to rejuvenate and grow" 


PP Odendaal New writing 2021-09-08

"Our minds are controlled by chemistry 
and we are brainwashed by volatility. 
We are bombarded by contradicting messages, 
lost in our own wretched wilderness."

A language sea in red land: Limpopo 

Sean MacGinty New writing 2021-08-17

"The words were in your eyes, I could see them 
rise and crest in your eyes and roll and stretch 
and break in hers, leaving her awash."


Ferdi Wheeler New writing 2021-07-15

"Now, as I lurk 
in sightless nights, 
and against the floriferous 
beauty of the past"

The last corner of toast

Anthony Stockwell New writing 2021-07-06

"The old fingers shaking a little, determined to hold on, 
The piece of toast, clamped securely, 
the last of the jam, a bright spot of colour 
the old man pauses, delaying his pleasure"


Heidi Henning New writing 2021-06-30

"I followed the footprints, 
Jumping to gauge the width, 
Through rain and drought-stricken ground, 
I followed you."

The Jeppe journey

Nathan Kruger New writing 2021-06-22

"Walking through these halls I see 
The eyes of old boys look at me 
Make us proud they say 
You’ll have to find your own way"

Tiny fires that light up the sky

Johann van der Walt New writing 2021-06-15

"You hold a fist up high – timeless and endless 
This is how you proclaim future hope 
The gift of reason and tolerance, unequivocally"