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Second-hand bookstore, Cape Town

Stephen Symons New writing 2015-11-17

"He wonders – how whole worlds can be buckled into suitcases or taped into wine cartons."


Stephen Symons New writing 2015-11-06

"I’ve abandoned this poem/ to watch a kite weighted/ by a flower pot/ inhale and exhale"


Stephen Symons New writing 2015-11-06

"the morning bulges/ with sparked green light"

Hani, Malema, Ramaphosa, Zuma

Abigail George New writing 2015-11-06

An experimental poem in twelve haiku

Julius Malema

Abigail George New writing 2015-11-06

"Malema, my Noah’s Ark./ My Jonah’s Whale./ The Johannesburg people’s patriarch./ My country of ice cream."

The tale of the merboy and the mother

Stephen Symons New writing 2015-10-30

"The merboy seemed heavier, his breathing was slow, steady,/ his wide eyes fixed skywards – snagged by a full moon."


Stephen Symons New writing 2015-10-30

"existence stifles, drawing thick breath/ heaven has stripped to its underwear"

23 October 2015, South Africa

Abigail George New writing 2015-10-27

"I remembered/ Bantu education./ Hector Pieterson./ Youth taking to the streets."

A moth, quivering

Chris Taljaard Poësie 2015-10-19

"Desperately/ He distorted his vision/ And read between edges/ His eyes began to bleed."

A silver fish swallowed my mother

Celesté Fritze Poësie 2015-10-16

"White, like the fishermen’s cottages in her favourite tapestry of the Sardinian Sea."

What is preventing linguistic cross-pollination?

Karin Schimke Books and writers 2015-09-16

On UWC Creates and the lack of literary translations from and into other indigenous languages.

To see a psyche rent

Chris Taljaard New writing 2015-06-26

"a psyche which is  rent ..."

These networks

Chris Taljaard New writing 2015-06-24

  "Of our perception –  the wheezing, the binary beating ..."

Muti water

Estelle Condra New writing 2015-05-06

"Every Monday morning she came walking up the dirt road from the black township, wearing her brightly coloured Basotho blanket around her shoulders and her orange-and-black headscarf."

The we field

Jaco Fouché 2014-09-17 The microbus goes again, and she is alone when she trudges along the mud-smeared path to the front door of the long building, a forty-year-old woman in a long brown skirt, long red pullover, and a woollen cap with flaps hanging over her ears.

Ons Klyntji - A call for contributions

Toast Coetzer 2014-05-13 Herewith a call for contributions of all creed, colour and cadence (and cadenza) toward a new edition of Ons Klyntji.

Lamb (five haiku)

Abigail George 2014-04-17 Brilliant inner sea –
His cry glides across the moon.
This mother tongue comforts me.

Morning stage

Paul Sorensen 2014-04-17 The coach stopping,
the dust settling,
the dew evaporating
from the cropped verge
at the roadside.


Christien Terblanche 2014-04-08 Nadia could not tell time yet. It was the stillness of the night that told her that it was already past midnight, to her a magical line between today and tomorrow. She was born at this hour, her mother always said. She was called Nadia because the stillness of the hour brought hope that the morning was approaching.

Cry, South Africa

Aloysius Graham 2014-04-08 "The day I saw him on television
I knew where the leaves of democracy had fallen."