Before I sleep

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Photo: Pixabay

Before I Sleep

Underneath the gnarled old willow tree,
I watched through slumberous eyes
as fairies slid and frolicked gaily
and called in tiny sing-song voices
to the nesting finches and canaries.

In ancient tongue they celebrated,
whispering charming syllables
as they welcomed the courting season.
And glorious ululations
burst forth in bountiful festivities.

As sleep was about to claim me,
a finch built its home upon my brow.
With bated breath I waited
for the verdict of his mate ─
their spat splintering my reverie.

I tossed and turned and grunted
as the fairies hurriedly scurried
to disappear in thick underbrush.
Silence fell and fireflies crept closer
to keep wake as I succumbed to sleep.

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