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Devilsdorp: Mystery and suspense cleverly maintained

Jessica Smith, Izak de Vries Lifestyle and entertainment 2021-08-04

"It was superbly put together. I would give Devilsdorp a ten out of ten on the psychometer."

Press release: Generation Africa film Zinder wins!

LitNet Lifestyle and entertainment 2021-06-29

The Generation Africa film Zinder wins the Adiaha award for best documentary film by an African woman at the Encounters South African international documentary festival.

The Franschhoek Literary Festival is back!

LitNet Lifestyle and entertainment 2021-06-18

"We’re inviting you to help secure the festival’s future by becoming an official FLF Member."

Press release: Joint South African première of I Am Here

LitNet Film 2021-06-04

These memories are depicted in 2D animation – an unusual medium for Holocaust flashbacks – which adds a nuanced innovation to the texture of Ella's stories.

Press release: Life and times of Michael K at The Baxter this June

LitNet Lifestyle and entertainment 2021-06-02

The Baxter Theatre Centre is proud to announce its most ambitious and exciting production in recent years, the world premiere of Nobel Prize-winning author JM Coetzee’s Life and times of Michael K, adapted for the stage by Lara Foot, in collaboration with the Handspring Puppet Company.

Press release: South African International Ballet Competition at Artscape in July 2021

LitNet Lifestyle and entertainment 2021-05-31

The SAIBC at the Artscape Opera House will be open to the public, with the competition taking place daily from Monday, 19 to Friday 23 July at 17h00, and on Saturday, 24, at 14h00, be followed by the closing performance and awards ceremony at 19h00.

Press release: Kiss of the Spider Woman at The Baxter from 5 to 19 June 2021

LitNet Lifestyle and entertainment 2021-05-28

Booking is now open for the modern classic, Manuel Puig’s extraordinary play, Kiss of the Spider Woman, directed by the multi-award-winning Sylvaine Strike, at The Baxter Golden Arrow Studio from 5 to 19 June 2021 at 7 pm, with Saturday matinees at 2 pm.

Press release: World premiere of The unlikely secret agent

LitNet Lifestyle and entertainment 2021-05-27

The world premiere of a new play by Paul du Toit, based on Ronnie Kasril's The unlikely secret agent, will be staged in Somerset West in June.

Press release: A once-off, live online reading of Neil Coppen’s work in development

LitNet KKNK 2021-05-26

DGC in partnership with VRTheatrical and the KKNK, in association with the Tsikanya-Chaka Centre and the Centre for Creative Arts-UKZN, present a professional, rehearsed reading of a new version of Shakespeare's epic tragedy, adapted and directed by Coppen, an internationally acclaimed writer, designer and director. The reading forms part of the further development of the piece. 

Press Release: Cape Town's College of Magic conjures Daniel Galloway as new Interim CEO

LitNet Lifestyle and entertainment 2021-05-26

Cape Town's only magical arts non-profit organisation, the College of Magic, is proud to announce the appointment of the esteemed Daniel Galloway as its new interim CEO.

Press release: Ingoma | Les Sylphides and Cape Town City Ballet – back on stage

LitNet Lifestyle and entertainment 2021-05-26

Cape Town City Ballet proudly presents the South African premiere of Mthuthuzeli November's Olivier Award-winning Ingoma as part of its Autumn Season at Artscape. 

Wesens: Discovery of “the other” in the Klein Karoo

Wilken Calitz Film 2021-05-12

"As Kaang and Kuyper witness each other’s departure to wherever, the penny drops. Proximity, no matter how uncomfortable, is perhaps South Africa’s only remedy."

David J Rademan: A critical analysis of Wesens (2020)

Dave Rademan Film 2021-05-12

"The dominant discourse of the “civilised” European thus dominates and replaces that of the Khoisan, erasing it."

Wesens is “a deep exploration of humankind”

Kirsten Rademan Film 2021-05-11

"Though culture is ingrained in us and forms a big part of how we shape and see our world, it is learned, and therefore we can unlearn the parts of our culture that no longer serve us, or the parts of it that do not do the planet any good."

Wesens is far “from the archetypal gun-toting American film” says Nelia Bester

Nelia Bester Film 2021-05-11

"The two scientists have a different kind of power over the major and staff sergeant. They are the ones documenting the journey and can therefore decide when to stop filming and when to start again."

“Leave your Hollywood notions at the door”: Mphanya Mmatseleng on Wesens

Mphanya Mmatseleng Film 2021-05-11

"To those who have not seen the film, allow yourself to experience this Afrikaans catalyst project. Leave your Hollywood notions of films and filmmaking at the door, and give this unique film a chance to challenge your outlook on life."

Wesens: Uncomfortable truths found among the footage

Stefan Kriek Film 2021-05-10

"The audience must confront the uncomfortable realisation that our Western ideas of civilisation, progress and superiority are fundamentally outdated."

Wesens: a review by Ayden Kruger

Ayden Kruger Film 2021-05-07

"The film as a whole grapples with the concept of invasion. Set against the backdrop of the Americans attempting to invade the moon and the Russians apparently attempting to invade the world with communism, the arrival of the foreign object onto the farm seems dangerously intrusive."

Wesens, an analysis by Jessica Smith

Jessica Smith Film 2021-05-06

"Careful combinations of cinematic elements carry a weighty topic with an aesthetically pleasing backdrop – a masterfully executed film for fans of indie productions and for those who are undaunted by the truth."

An analysis of Wesens (2020) by Gareth H Green

Gareth Green Film 2021-05-06

"It is a surprisingly beautiful message derived from brutally honest and ever-relevant commentary on human society as a whole."