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The Sanlam Sing 'it lyric writing competition is now closed. Read more about 2013's winner.


Review: The Space Between the Space Between by John Hunt

Liam Kruger 2015-03-24 "On the one hand this emphasis of presence counts for the novel’s not unremarkable sense of immediacy; I read the thing in two sittings, and not unhappily."

Review: War and Society by Albert Grundlingh

François Verster 2015-03-23 Francois Verster on Albert Grundlingh's book on black remembrance: "A sliver of history brought to light."

Ten questions: Stacy Hardy on Because The Night

Stacy Hardy, Naomi Meyer 2015-02-20 "I think all writers have a responsibility to provoke the imagination, to open up new worlds and other spaces and places. It seems to me that this has acquired a new urgency in our global, capitalist world, where the imagination is really under attack."

Ten questions: Martin Sehlapelo on A Peek Inside a Political Prisoner's Heart

Martin Sehlapelo, Naomi Meyer 2015-02-18 "I will never forget my trip to the island. There was a small round window which allowed a little bit of light and from where I could see the changing colours of the waters which were now covering the glass as the ship was sailing towards the island. From my perspective, we were under the sea, I felt like I was going to drown and die."

Interview: Santa's Story

Aviva Pelham, Herman Lategan 2015-02-06 Aviva Pelham: "However, nothing can replace the experience of hearing a survivor's story ..."

Ten questions: Daniel Jardim on Retreat – The Joy of Conscious Eating

Daniel Jardim, Naomi Meyer 2015-02-05 "Live lots. Laugh lots. Play with your food."

Review: WWI and the People of South Africa by Bill Nasson

Paul Murray 2015-01-06 "The war affected South Africa in many different ways, as is expertly shown by Nasson in this gripping text. Nasson’s gift is to be able to put across sometimes heavy concepts in a way highly accessible to readers who want to know more about complex issues."

Book review: The World’s Great Question: Olive Schreiner’s South African Letters 1889–1920

Eva Hunter 2015-01-05 "Thank Mr Ghandi [sic] for the invitation to the meeting but you know I hate war. It is against my religion – whether it is Englishmen travelling thousands of miles to go & kill Indians in India or Indians travelling thousands of miles to kill white men whom they have never seen in Europe."

Review: The Hunchback Missionary by Elsa Joubert

Ron Irwin 2014-12-15 "It is a complex, difficult, often impenetrable and ultimately graceful journey that sweeps us across a brutal frontier and offers glimpses of an antique and elusive South African God."

Review: In a burning sea by Marlise Joubert

Chantelle Gray 2014-12-10 "And whatever translation does not achieve ... it does allow for a reimagining of Afrikaans poetry and successfully presents an indication of the scope of the creativity and leitmotifs in contemporary Afrikaans poetry."

One Man vs "One Man"

James Woodhouse, Naomi Meyer 2014-12-04 James Woodhouse, publisher at Kwela, tells Naomi Meyer about a literary coincidence – some real life crime fiction.

Review like nobody's watching

Fiona Snyckers, Naomi Meyer 2014-12-02 Within South Africa's claustrophobic literary scene everybody is too afraid to write bad book reviews. Fiona Snyckers tells Naomi Meyer what needs to be done.

Review: Tales of the Metric System by Imraan Coovadia

Karina Magdalena Szczurek 2014-11-19 "'(N)ovels are more important than ever … because they enable us to exercise our minds … allow us to step back and see where the history is taking us.' Coovadia’s latest testifies not only to the truth of this statement, but also to so much more."

Joint review – Heaven: New and Selected Poems and Holding Back

Finuala Dowling 2014-10-27 "Gus Ferguson and Douglas Reid Skinner are generous poets who live in their works as real characters (worried, bereaved, amused, enamoured) and who mind about their readers."

Review: Entanglement by Steven Boykey Sidley

Karina Magdalena Szczurek 2014-10-10 Professor Jared Borowitz observes that the trouble with the universe is that “it has tricks and unpleasant surprises and irritating little quirks, and refuses to be ordered.”

Review: Tokoloshe Song by Andrew Salomon

Eva Hunter 2014-10-10 Tokoloshe Song, Salomon’s first published novel, is a fantasy laced with horror and humour.

Review: The Story of Anna P, as Told by Herself by Penny Busetto

Jonathan Amid 2014-10-02 "How do we find our place in the world if our vision of ourselves is never fully consonant with the self-narratives we would like to believe?"

Review: A sportful malice by Michiel Heyns

Michael King 2014-10-02 "A Sportful Malice is a very funny book, fully accomplishing its subtitle 'A Comedy of Revenge'. The high points of comedy and satire are in the dialogue, especially the extended conversations in which Michael unwittingly reveals his pretentions and shallowness."

Interview: Richard Poplak on Until Julius comes

Richard Poplak, Naomi Meyer 2014-10-01 "I would not say I chose Julius Malema. He chose me."

Review of Divided Lives: Dreams of a Mother and Daughter by Lyndall Gordon

Karina Magdalena Szczurek 2014-09-29 "Literary history has a tendency to focus on the great deeds of renowned men. Women’s lives often end up sinking like dresses in a lagoon, pushed down by the rudders of ignorance and neglect. Lyndall Gordon’s writing inflates them with life-saving breath which allows them to float and sparkle in the sunlight of recognition."