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To Whom It May Concern

Celia Claase 2013-09-03

"A large life should not end ordinarily
quietly during sleep
in isolation or at the turn of a switch"

Stormy weather

Heidi Henning 2013-08-27

"The collecting of clouds, gathering grey matter
behind the blue gum trees
magnifying the bird calls
the rising humidity"

Through a haze of menthol

Wesley Roodt 2013-08-27 "Through a haze of menthol-infused
Cigarette smoke
I see his head bobbing back and forth
With the basic rhythms
Of the music in his mind"


Sol Plaatje European Union Award Poetry Award 2013

2013-08-27 Entries for the third Sol Plaatje European Union Poetry Award for poetry in all 11 South African languages have reopened! Winning poems will form part of a poetry anthology that honours the spirit of Sol Plaatje, the activist, linguist and translator, novelist, journalist and leader. The deadline for submissions is now Monday 9 September 2013.

Expression is Golden

Nthabeleng Mzizi 2013-08-13 "InZync poetry sessions are a surprisingly humble space where bras and sisters come together in an intimate cipher, where rappers informally freestyle over self-created beats, a pre-game warm-up rolling together blades of spiritual enlightenment, avoiding the blue lights of the five o’s and sharing a moment while spitting lyrical lines."

A painting grows on your wall

Dick Romeo Matshaba 2013-08-06 "How back to back we stood, and tall we stood?
How we then read in books the lives we took.
Now a painting grows on you wall"


Early evening

Wesley Roodt 2013-08-06 "Early evening and the great, glowing globe
Is half hidden beneath the horizon.
No orange array salutes its passing,
Only the quiet coo of pigeons
And the slow pitter-patter
Of garden irrigation."


The fair

Wesley Roodt 2013-07-31

"South Africa’s favourite fairground attraction
Is ninety-five years old

Test match (Some sessions)

Adriaan Coetzee 2013-07-31

"Leave the referral
Bowler’s got him plumb within a plum
Watchman to the stumps"

Interpreting Nuremberg

Celesté Fritze 2013-07-24 "In my life I craved the words Richard said
to Jewish parents English meant safety
In his time he had Höss plead to the dead"


3 Poems

Celia Claase 2013-07-15

"It’s because emotion forbids music that silence holds grace
with no background din to ease or disturb the radar of bats"

Night swimming

Heidi Henning 2013-06-25 Your dreams are shipwrecked
paint-washed, bleached
boxed in the sea, floating unidentified.

Caravans of the night

Estelle Z 2013-06-11 A poem for when the night falls

The last romantic

Dick Romeo Matshaba 2013-06-11 Dick Romeo Matshaba writes of a man who falls in love on the streets of Pretoria's Arcadia.


Heidi Henning 2013-06-04

"If I could hold you
in my bowl-shaped hands"


Heidi Henning 2013-05-20 "A border becomes a gateway
they stamp over the barbed wire, fearless,
moving into a softer place"

Age of Blossom

Isobel Dixon 2013-05-14 The acclaimed South African poet Isobel Dixon sent LitNet two of her latest poems, never published before. These poems form part of a collaboration with Scottish artist Douglas Robertson in which they respond in different poetic and artistic ways to DH Lawrence's Birds, Beasts and Flowers (1923).

Acacia Karroo

Isobel Dixon 2013-05-14 The acclaimed South African poet, Isobel Dixon, sent LitNet two of her latest poems, never published before. These two poems form part of a collaboration with Scottish artist Douglas Robertson in which they respond in different poetic and artistic ways to D H Lawrence's Birds, Beasts and Flowers (1923).

Bridging gaps with words

Isobel Dixon 2013-05-14 Acclaimed South African poet and literary agent Isobel Dixon works in London, but is currently visiting South Africa for the Franschhoek Literary Festival. Rentia Bartlett-Möhl spoke to her about travelling, displacement, bridging continents and collaboration.

Like tongues of flame and Flamingo clouds

Ros Wagener 2013-05-08

Ros Wagener writes two effortless poems with attention to sound about a poinsettia, two birds and rosy clouds.