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Ons Klyntji - A call for contributions

Toast Coetzer 2014-05-13 Herewith a call for contributions of all creed, colour and cadence (and cadenza) toward a new edition of Ons Klyntji.

Lamb (five haiku)

Abigail George 2014-04-17 Brilliant inner sea –
His cry glides across the moon.
This mother tongue comforts me.

Morning stage

Paul Sorensen 2014-04-17 The coach stopping,
the dust settling,
the dew evaporating
from the cropped verge
at the roadside.


Christien Terblanche 2014-04-08 Nadia could not tell time yet. It was the stillness of the night that told her that it was already past midnight, to her a magical line between today and tomorrow. She was born at this hour, her mother always said. She was called Nadia because the stillness of the hour brought hope that the morning was approaching.

Cry, South Africa

Aloysius Graham 2014-04-08 "The day I saw him on television
I knew where the leaves of democracy had fallen."

Om teen clichés te stry, te swerf en daarmee te groet

Rentia Bartlett-Mohl 2014-04-02

Die laaste sinne van my MA-skripsie wag om geskryf te word. Ek moet dus groet. Dit was groot pret en baie insiggewend om julle skryfwerk te begelei. Dit was heerlik om te sien dat daar soveel aspirantskrywers in Afrikaans en Engels skryf en stelselmatig leer om meer oorspronklik te kyk, dieper te dink en meer te lees.


Adriaan Coetzee 2014-04-01

"In Camden they brought
flowers, fags, and vodka with
a pomegranate blend
like a bludy munkey"


Abigail George 2014-04-01 "The fisherman looks down to see an oyster in his net
that seems to say “Come for me. When will you come for me Saviour?”
I surrender! I climb into the river of silk
hiding the bad talent of a needle and dignified flowering bone."


Abigail George 2014-03-26 "Their words are as old as a telescope, fossils, totem poles,
tribes, trees, Darwinism, the touch of the hands
of my paternal grandmother, antiques,
the coelacanth, the dishes that are waiting
for me in the sink, the footprint of childhood
On the beach sucking a waterfall of sea."


The Anatomy of a Fall

Heidi Henning 2014-03-26 This fall
Is a graceless arc, a jump into the darkness

SQL setting for a party

Wicus Luwes 2014-03-04

CREATE TABLE “for a memorable party”

The truth

Anthony Martin Andrews 2014-03-04

"An old naked man you are.
Epsom's star bearing humbling

Entries open for third SCrIBE Scriptwriting Competition

2014-02-14 Entries open on 1 March, closing date for applications is 31 July and the top five scripts will be selected for a week-long staged reading in October, with the opportunity for discussion and feedback from the public and members of the theatre industry. 

Ode to the internet

Margaret Clough 2014-02-04 "Its insubstantial web cocoons the globe,
in threads of gossamer. It carries
my messages of love across the seas,"

Hide and seek

Neels Ackroyd 2014-02-04

"Hiding without a soul 
leaving not a breadcrumb 
typing as a dumb
amplifying its thoughts
mostly on politics, religion and its Gods
The hiding troll with no soul"


Heidi Henning 2014-01-28

"She looked up, nightly
She looked through the crystal stars
Those gossiping stars
Not giving them any attention
She looked past them, seeing only her pain
Reflected back."

The loud silence

Heidi Henning 2014-01-28

"An unexpressed, swallowed roar
The confluence of a rushing water flow
Suffocated breath"

Safely saved

Celia Claase 2014-01-21

"In this age when sharpening a pencil has become abrasive and taking up a chisel is absurd we choose to donate our fantasies and ideologies, our conspiracies and our poetry to electronic memories."

Lemon people

Heidi Henning 2014-01-21

"I crouch next to her. It smells like moss and lemon verbena. I run my finger over the lemon man. He has freckles from the dust."


Heidi Henning 2014-01-10

"One small drop of this quiet
Falling from the dappled shade, carried by the breeze"