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Lemon people

Heidi Henning 2014-01-21

"I crouch next to her. It smells like moss and lemon verbena. I run my finger over the lemon man. He has freckles from the dust."

Safely saved

Celia Claase 2014-01-21

"In this age when sharpening a pencil has become abrasive and taking up a chisel is absurd we choose to donate our fantasies and ideologies, our conspiracies and our poetry to electronic memories."


Heidi Henning 2014-01-10

"One small drop of this quiet
Falling from the dappled shade, carried by the breeze"

Song for Aung (For Aung San Suu Kyi)

Babatunde Fagbayibo 2014-01-10 "An ill-defined oasis
within which freedom
finds an identity,

Truth dies

Babatunde Fagbayibo 2014-01-10 "Truth dies
at the doorstep of fragmented "truths",
and the jostle for supremacy
becomes the norm."

The human species

Celia Claase 2014-01-10

"We entered this solid plane like asteroids
on a mission to kill without thought

So we domesticated the buffalo for an easy
merciful cut
befriended wolves to help us sniff rabbits ou"

Whimsical generator

Heidi Henning 2013-12-04

"You and I have a complicated relationship
Like a long unbalanced equation
Requiring a clear mind, in the heat-fatigued night"

I stared

Chris Taljaard 2013-12-04

"I stared
at the stark
and felt the light
to dim."

Through realms of scattered verse

Chris Taljaard 2013-11-27

"Through realms of scattered verse
I lead processions in a pale hearse
of images of penultimate

Netpoets 2.0

Rentia Bartlett-Mohl 2013-11-20 Write a poem with the theme “the internet”. Use the internet as a medium to look at how we read and write poetry in the digital age.


Heidi Henning 2013-11-20 "Long into the afternoon shadows
As I search through the dark pool of sounds
for the same lost call."



Heidi Henning 2013-10-29 "The rays of light have become irresponsible
They sparkle with a slightly more subtle shine"

Hello there, kettle

Chris Taljaard 2013-10-23

"Kettle, could you forgive me
if I were to call you black?
You see, in you lies my story
reflected, burning, back"

Should this catharsis contain some portent

Chris Taljaard 2013-10-23

"Should this catharsis contain some portent,
purport or potential politick;
should it conform to some shape and indent-
ation to be poetic rhetoric?"


Heidi Henning 2013-09-18

"The heart carries loss like a soldier
Stoic, strong, continuing to function"

Wind Cathedral

Heidi Henning 2013-09-18

"This place is quiet
silence dominates the days
before sunset, a breeze begins to move the sand"


renee 2013-09-11

"Go with the flow, he says
Who says? He, he who dishes the dirt,
poison for the pores, the nerve endings, the brain"

The born-frees

Baipedi Mosebi 2013-09-03

"What worth is your bravery?
As I’m surrounded by poverty
What for was all that chivalry?
I’m a born-free, for I stand proudly jobless"

To Whom It May Concern

Celia Claase 2013-09-03

"A large life should not end ordinarily
quietly during sleep
in isolation or at the turn of a switch"

Stormy weather

Heidi Henning 2013-08-27

"The collecting of clouds, gathering grey matter
behind the blue gum trees
magnifying the bird calls
the rising humidity"