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Abigail George Poësie 2018-01-25

"Barefoot in the sunny road of my dreams, I tell myself this./ Babies cry. All babies cry."

Swimming towards emptiness on a bright summer day

Abigail George Poësie 2018-01-17

"Emptiness will
be on your tongue. It will
be your mother tongue
until a replacement comes along."

Song for the dumped

Abigail George Poësie 2018-01-12

"I think of you sitting down or
washing the dishes. Eating
a simple meal, never understanding
how much I love you."

The exodus

Abigail George Poësie 2018-01-12

"He wonders what the right
language of love is for winter guests.
How to make peace with his wife."

For Prague, city of particles and atoms

Abigail George Poësie 2017-12-19

"The rainfall outside my window takes upon itself
a pensive transformation. An
eternity that is filled with hope."

Social cohesion at the diving board and winter studies of the Renaissance

Abigail George Poësie 2017-12-13

"A cold was all around the couch.
Winter for sure when he

Burning dead things in the concrete jungle

Abigail George Poësie 2017-12-13

"The letters I wrote
to you. I had to erase all
memory of conversation."

All ears

Sunelle Geyer Poësie 2017-12-05

"One aspect of freedom is
access to different views
to listen is to exercise such freedom"

Young German woman with the graceful neck

Abigail George Fiksie 2017-12-01

"His silence was like the steep stone folds of a mountain. She remained unseen. A quiet peaceful sea that had lost its roaring voice."


Abigail George Fiksie 2017-11-29

"In Knysna, his elderly parents were getting a divorce. His sister was moving house to London with her daughters and accountant husband. Yes, everybody they knew was moving up in the world. He met Nick in Tampa."


Heidi Henning Poësie 2017-11-23

"in a seeming miracle of survival
a land where the rushing waterfall plummets into the Zambezi"

Forty years after dawn

Mbizo Chirasha New writing 2017-08-17

"State plans still dressed in torn overalls of parliament
Bullet speaks louder than ballot"


Heidi Henning New writing 2017-07-21

"Something is birthing
a nameless malady ..."

The revolution starts on the farms

Clinton V du Plessis New writing 2017-03-13

"The grandchildren’s mouths battling to form the words
they have unlearned Afrikaans
they do not know the somersaults the tongue can perform with the Taal"

Dad's car

Babatunde Fagbayibo New writing 2017-02-10

"On my way to work this morning, I drove behind
an old Jaguar, the same one Dad had mentioned
was his dream car."


Babatunde Fagbayibo New writing 2017-02-10

"... the drumbeat
will remind you of the debt 
of being awake."

I thought it was you

Sue Woodward New writing 2016-11-25

"... my eyes were tired
from the glare of dark men"


Sue Woodward New writing 2016-11-25

"I choose a leatherback
with whimsical face
and remember
that turtles are our myth"

under the bridge

Sue Woodward New writing 2016-11-25

"and the footsteps of the people with jobs
hurrying past the sleepers"

Karin Schimke on a writing workshop in Stanford

Karin Schimke, Naomi Meyer New writing 2016-11-08

"[Y]es, just about anyone can write, often must write – it’s an urge, a need. Anyone can put words on paper to give expression to something."