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Boris Pasternak

Abigail George New writing 2020-02-12

"We all had feathers. Then we all had wings. Then we were shipped back home to our physical address."

White butterflies

Heidi Henning New writing 2020-02-05

“Dancing, delicate
Bleached and starched”

Giacomo Leopardi

Abigail George New writing 2020-02-05

“I am Emily Dickinson’s winter revisited in Amherst-land. I am so much more aware of age and getting older than I have ever been.”


Abigail George New writing 2020-01-28

“When I’m with Lewis, I think of you; when he yells at me, I think of you; when he hits me, I think of you, Malcolm ...”

Of sin and dreams

Ferdi Wheeler New writing 2020-01-20

“He would never enter the hellhole of a bookmaker’s betting room. So, he would never see how amicably people like old Jonathan were received in the betting room ...”

Rolling milestones

Liberty Delsouiller New writing 2019-12-16

“Such freedom to cut the deadlines,
Tear off the expiry dates”


Ferdi Wheeler New writing 2019-12-12

“Oh, mothers, if you could live to see
the state that your babies are in!”

Broken gangster child

Liberty Delsouiller New writing 2019-12-12

“I think you changed a part of me.
I think I am a little more gangster, too.”


Ferdi Wheeler New writing 2019-12-11

“I walked the walk with Narcissus,
effeminate, frail and self-conscious”


Ferdi Wheeler New writing 2019-12-09

“soul companion of the warrior race,
befitting of a brazen brotherhood”

Short and bad

PP Fourie Opinion 2019-12-03

“It’s now been more than two years since I started, and, by now, I’ve written well over 100 000 words. Some of those words are good; most are bad. It doesn’t matter. It absolutely does not matter. What matters is the joy ...”

The sad fact is beautiful, trauma is just like fire, and giving regret the once-over

Abigail George New writing 2019-11-20

“You’re mine, love, but
you belong to another, and as a man
you belong to the world.”

You did not take her Honour

Liberty Delsouiller New writing 2019-11-12

“She walks with her head
Higher than yours.
She carries no shame.”

All the king's horses

Ester October New writing 2019-11-12

“Harry’s burgeoning social life left Sue lonely and angry. In an effort to pick up the pieces, she had a makeover and tried to reconnect with him. She popped into his office to collect him for dinner after work, but found the office deserted.”

Where they can’t hurt me and Sylvia Plath

Abigail George New writing 2019-11-06

“They can’t hurt our words,
Sylvia. Let us dance, then, in the arms
of our lovers, and our friends”


Ferdi Wheeler New writing 2019-11-06

“Mr Hicks cursed and stormed out into the reception room and said, sir, what is the problem, sir? He summed the stranger up and said, I know your sort. I have been taken in by your sort before, and then he ordered Fiona to call Sergeant Marais.”

Theoretical cartography

PP Fourie New writing 2019-10-31

“And, beyond those continents, in a tiny boat sailing off beyond the map, were – theoretically, for a short while – the two of us.”

Caged freedom

Basil Sadler New writing 2019-10-30

“I got used to the locked-up freedom
The hate-fuelled love of my kingdom”

Let us be

Etienne Lombard New writing 2019-10-24

“Do you really love me
or will you eventually set me free?”


Melissa Evans New writing 2019-10-23

“A fleeting stubbornness. She had always been reticent regarding her personal matters, and so did not enjoy the manner in which the Thought was prying.”