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Fiction and prose by established and emerging authors

The history of my insomnia

Abigail George New writing 2018-09-05

"It’s been a quiet day today. Rain in the
air fresh. The streets are wet. There’s a
purity about the day."


Ashraf Booley New writing 2018-09-03

"my mind keeps you unmarred,
wrapped in comforting childhood memories of you."

Wherever the soul comes from

Abigail George New writing 2018-08-16

"We became like chameleons, and all of our winters
    soon turned into summers in his hands."

Yes, you heal the ground I walk on

Abigail George New writing 2018-08-16

"You heal the ground I walk on. All the quiet ..."

Please don’t think about this, love

Abigail George New writing 2018-08-16

"You’re bone-thin. Come drink a glass of
wine with me to fatten up your bones."

Fallist art (in memory of Bongani Mayosi)

Marlene van Niekerk In memoriam 2018-08-10

"Bongani’s soul, his sister said,
was vandalised, the insults
cut him to the core, he changed,
withdrew, spoke less and less
and killed himself."

Not quite naked

Ruth Loewenthal New writing 2018-08-02

"And so we stand: network of scars,
shadows of arteries and veins
pressing up beneath the surface ..."


Jemima Meyer Poësie 2018-08-02

"this year for Christmas
my household’s skinniness
won’t penetrate my skin"


Jemima Meyer New writing 2018-07-26

"Apparently in DRC they say:
when people clap for you,
take flight –
for you are a fly;
claps can end your life."

Cherry picking

Jemima Meyer New writing 2018-07-19

"The fruit most likely
to wither on the vine
is the apple of your eye"

On “Young man at home 1972”

Marlene van Niekerk New writing 2018-07-12

"Time to part with what I’ve gleaned,
pick your favourite, he said,
I’ll print it, frame it, bring it round."

Drowning on air

Heidi Henning Poësie 2018-05-31

Read a poem by Heidi Henning.


Heidi Henning Poësie 2018-05-31

"Everything is spiraling, feathery"

A funeral at Stilbaai

Christof Heyns New writing 2018-05-22

"He feels the warmth of the old man’s arm around his shoulders, and then the pat on his back. 'I know. The world can be a terrible place. We won’t be able to change that. But, you are prepared for it – as much as anyone can be. You will be okay if you use what you have to make it better.'"


Abigail George Fiksie 2018-05-04

"She knows in advance to prepare herself. She doesn’t know the face of the person she is going to speak to. Anyway, they’re anonymous. This suits her personality."


Jemima Meyer Poësie 2018-04-18

"I spit out
my mother tongue"

New Microsoft Word document

Jemima Meyer Poësie 2018-04-09

"I don’t desire our time
to be another document"

funeral wishes

Jemima Meyer Poësie 2018-04-03

"don’t cry
honour the pride of my life
by joining in when they dance and sing"


Jemima Meyer Poësie 2018-03-28

"With you I stopped thinking
about Adam and Eve
and their fig leaves."


Abigail George Fiksie 2018-02-20

"Althea’s rapist moved back in with his wife of six years in early November."