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Abigail George New writing 2019-10-15

“It is enough to know now that you are the love of my life. I listen to eighties music now. I am happy. I want you to know that.”

MA in Kreatiewe Skryfkuns by die Universiteit van die Vrystaat

LitNet Akademies en skole 2019-10-10

“(Aspirant)-skrywer, -digter of literêre vertaler? Die UV bied aan jou ’n kursus waarvan die vernaamste oogmerk die ontwikkeling van ’n lewensvatbare publiseerbare manuskrip is – en jy doen dit onder leiding van twee bekroonde skrywers, Henning Pieterse en Francois Smith.”

The fireburnt mind

Heidi Henning New writing 2019-10-09

“Scattered ashes of daydreams”

Toy designers

Heidi Henning New writing 2019-10-08

“We pick the struggling succulents
Sparsely scattered on the barely surviving
Bleached lawn, prickled with camel thorns”

The Adhan is silent most mornings

Anifowoshe Ibrahim New writing 2019-10-03

“In every home there’s a room that holds the most powerful secrets. In every room that holds such secrets, there’s a table. A table that eavesdrops, that listens to all human discussions.”

Vrouedag-skryfkompetisie: Guardian angel

Danielle Robbertze Skryfkompetisies 2019-08-25

LitNet se Vrouedag-kompetisie – Poem by Danielle Robbertze:  

"You were my guardian
Now let me try to be yours"

Vrouedag-skryfkompetisie: A woman I remember

Caitlin Tredoux Skryfkompetisies 2019-08-24

LitNet se Vrouedag-kompetisie – Poem by Caitlin Tredoux: 

"Though I never knew your name,
motherhood connects us
as we care and try try try"

Vrouedag-skryfkompetisie: A woman I remember

Yvonne Botha Skryfkompetisies 2019-08-24

LitNet se Vrouedag-kompetisie – Flash fiction by Yvonne Botha: "She never disappointed us and although she wasn’t our mother she was and is a woman to be remembered."

Vrouedag-skryfkompetisie: I am not a woman

Heidi Slot Skryfkompetisies 2019-08-21

LitNet se Vrouedag-kompetisie – Flash fiction by Heidi Slot: "Alone in the harbour café in St Tropez we drink mineral water and read French magazines. We do not speak French, so we do not speak."

Vrouedag-skryfkompetisie: A woman I remember

Fabianne Vorster Skryfkompetisies 2019-08-21

LitNet se Vrouedag-kompetisie – Poem by Fabianne Vorster (11):

"Of course I couldn’t see
Because in my sleep she came to be"


Abigail George New writing 2019-08-21

"So, put that in your pocket for a rainy day. The world comes to life around me, and I’m alright again. I find it hard to trust people now. I go for long walks."

To that young woman eating watermelon

Abigail George New writing 2019-08-14

Poem by Abigail George:

you little show-off! You heathen, or if it is by your choice,
atheist, then, if it pleases you. Are you happy?"

Vrouedag-skryfkompetisie: Alice Duddy

Linda Meyer Skryfkompetisies 2019-08-06

LitNet se Vrouedag-skryfkompetisie – Poem by Linda Meyer:

"She prepares and bottles jam all day
Then she goes and gives it all away"

Vrouedag-skryfkompetisie: To my mother

Abigail George Skryfkompetisies 2019-08-06

LitNet se Vrouedag-skryfkompetisie – Poem by Abigail George:

"You’re opera in the
wilderness. See the tragedy in my eyes, mother.
I ponder the hush, the inner music of the shore.
I’m always seeing the same shore."

Death, the dressmaker 

Babatunde Fagbayibo New writing 2019-07-24

"All we want deep down is that
perfect dressmaker who
knows when the time is nigh"


Heidi Henning New writing 2019-07-18

"As dusk settles with the dust, cattle dreams still linger"


Babatunde Fagbayibo New writing 2019-07-18

"... does my mind only think of geography any time I’m with you?"

Like writer father, like poet daughter

Abigail George New writing 2019-05-03

"That’s being honest, and after the rain
she’s Jean Rhys, and during the rain she edits me

away, censors me, declares me Mrs Rochester.
Her hands smell like spaghetti."

Two poems by Carla du Preez

Carla du Preez New writing 2019-04-24

"She will hope against all hope
that her day will seem brighter
through concealer and dark glasses."

Introducing the third dimension in this modern era

Abigail George New writing 2019-04-24

"I remember now. I remember everything. I remember my brother’s defiance, my mother’s tears and heartache and defeatist attitude. The music school behind her eyes, and I would see the sea in his father’s knuckles."