New writing

Fiction and prose by established and emerging authors

The Tussle Between Patience And Polite

Ndaba Sibanda New writing 2016-02-23

"Hey you, Patience, I know you are in there."

Do You Know Bulawayo?

Ndaba Sibanda New writing 2016-02-23

"They were telling them that the moment
one saw the words 'Welcome to Bulawayo',
the city's appeal greeted one warmly."

Vladimir Nabokov

Abigail George New writing 2016-02-10

"Remainders of the day
locked away inside the
health of a scientific sun."

New writing: The break-up

Karina Magdalena Szczurek New writing 2016-02-02

"It was in this moment that I realised that I was missing something vital in this whole set-up. That there was a silence between us as well."

Vonani Bila

Abigail George New writing 2016-01-27

"Only do this I tell myself.
Write a poem for yourself.
That narrative is interspersed
With both despair and hope."

Virginia Woolf’s River Ouse (an experimental poem in eleven haiku)

Abigail George New writing 2015-12-21

"Search Woolf’s voyage out ..."

Paris, France

Abigail George New writing 2015-11-25

"You threw me away./ Said you were tired."

Second-hand bookstore, Cape Town

Stephen Symons New writing 2015-11-17

"He wonders – how whole worlds can be buckled into suitcases or taped into wine cartons."


Stephen Symons New writing 2015-11-06

"I’ve abandoned this poem/ to watch a kite weighted/ by a flower pot/ inhale and exhale"


Stephen Symons New writing 2015-11-06

"the morning bulges/ with sparked green light"

Hani, Malema, Ramaphosa, Zuma

Abigail George New writing 2015-11-06

An experimental poem in twelve haiku

Julius Malema

Abigail George New writing 2015-11-06

"Malema, my Noah’s Ark./ My Jonah’s Whale./ The Johannesburg people’s patriarch./ My country of ice cream."

The tale of the merboy and the mother

Stephen Symons New writing 2015-10-30

"The merboy seemed heavier, his breathing was slow, steady,/ his wide eyes fixed skywards – snagged by a full moon."


Stephen Symons New writing 2015-10-30

"existence stifles, drawing thick breath/ heaven has stripped to its underwear"

23 October 2015, South Africa

Abigail George New writing 2015-10-27

"I remembered/ Bantu education./ Hector Pieterson./ Youth taking to the streets."

A moth, quivering

Chris Taljaard Poësie 2015-10-19

"Desperately/ He distorted his vision/ And read between edges/ His eyes began to bleed."

A silver fish swallowed my mother

Celesté Fritze Poësie 2015-10-16

"White, like the fishermen’s cottages in her favourite tapestry of the Sardinian Sea."

What is preventing linguistic cross-pollination?

Karin Schimke Books and writers 2015-09-16

On UWC Creates and the lack of literary translations from and into other indigenous languages.

To see a psyche rent

Chris Taljaard New writing 2015-06-26

"a psyche which is  rent ..."

These networks

Chris Taljaard New writing 2015-06-24

  "Of our perception –  the wheezing, the binary beating ..."