camino journey

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camino journey

the good way is 
        provocatively long 
        spiralling winding 
        uneven and rock-strewn 
trodden on borrowed hours

pressing forward on this road 
blessed are 
         strong wind
         drenching rain
         and blazing sunshine
as fellow pilgrims on you bestowed

until you arrive at the very end 
when you’re finished and done 
your tinders cold and spent 
life’s flickering flame gone

then with crystal-clear clarity 
dawns the definite deep reality, 
ultimately all earthly fluids gravitate 
to the deep blue Ocean and dissipate

this perhaps a glorious destiny 
scattered stardust in an infinite Salty Sea

but your pilgrim spirit will rise and soar 
sail on Winds of the Seven Seas and more, 
a heavenly ascension 
not away but into 
an intimately close dimension

so take my dust and sow it wide and where 
by pre-destined chance 
new limb enhanced 
will re-unite with soul and spirit there

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