The Southern Cross

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The Southern Cross

It’s the brightest constellation in the sky:
guiding ancient mariners out at sea
and glorified by fictitious myths.

The night is an ancient stellar theatre
where cosmic symphonies are heard.
It has an orchestra without a conductor
playing music in counterpoint:
the silence of the universe.

Dark matter in all probability predates
the birth of the macrocosm.
A black colossus even before time began
still arranging the cosmic chaos.

A singularity enlighted the darkness,
inflating space with spiralling galaxies
and lonely planets where life evolved.
It was the beginning of a great solitude.

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  • Dr Edna Deudney Prinsloo

    Can we still envision that the universe is built on harmonics and that the Pythogoreans had it right when they married mathematics, music and the cosmos? In this respect it is intriguing that science revealed an information domain probably beyond the Planck scale called a string liquid (Merati 2017), that bears geometric and mathematical relations and may be viewed upon as the cosmic orchestra in action. (Evidence for a Guiding Coherence Principle in Quantum Physics. Hans J.H. Geesink and Dirk F.K. Meijer Quantum Biosystems /2018/vol 9/issue 1/page 1-7)

    Hierdie is aangehaal uit 'n navorsingsartikel van die genoemde navorsers. Die gedig het my onmiddelik getref; ook te danke aan die wetenskaplike agtergrond waaraan dit begin raak.

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