Teenage survival

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Teenage survival

Since day one, I had only one
And I guess it was better than having none

But as the years went by,
He left just like the rest
And I crawled back into my nest.

With a silent soul like mine
I fought till I could shine

Then I lost track of time
And became the boxing bag
Defence with no ring or flag

I was like a four-year-old,
Playing hide and seek
Till they found me and
Slapped me on my cheeks

A prisoner who only wanted to survive
But more like escape
Trapped inside a school building,
Seeking survival like Caesar the Ape

It took long for a few,
And I only hope they knew
About my wrongful determination,
Almost leading to a confrontation

But luckily my gift
Squeezed itself into my veins
And sucked all my knowledge like a drain

My guardian
A book and pen
Placed a full stop at the end.

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