You did not take her Honour

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(A poem to victims of rape and abuse at the hands of men)

You did not take her Honour.
No, you lost yours.
You were never given such power.

She is indeed still very Honourable.

I cannot say the same for you.

She is pure, dressed in white.
She walks with her head
Higher than yours.
She carries no shame.

The shameful things were not
“Done to her”.
They were in fact
“Done by you”.
They are YOUR shameful acts.

And you are now

A victim of your own shame.

I am so sorry for you,

For the burden you carry,
For the guilt you will feel whenever you hear the word


I hope it echoes.
I hope it’s deafening.

You only made her stronger

And you have showed the world

How weak you are.

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