Vrouedag-skryfkompetisie: Alice Duddy

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Alice Duddy, she is the cutest little fuddy duddy
A tiny bundle of joy
Outspoken, and to some, inclined to annoy
Not afraid to have her say on any subject, any day
And if you don't agree, with poise and grace
She will simply say … I rest my case
A friend to the end
On her you can depend
She's like a little catfish
Stretching herself to the limit, to grant every wish
A servant to all, she is always there
If you need encouragement and care
Ask about the birds and the bees
She can name all the plants and all the trees
From alien and indigenous plants, to a mole or a gannet
And if she doesn't know it, it's not on the planet
She bakes like a pro
But she would never tell you so
She prepares and bottles jam all day
Then she goes and gives it all away
If you drive down Indraf street
You are bound to meet
Her partner in crime
Who helps her a lot of the time
When you meet Patrick, her other half
You have to laugh
They are so much the same, it's quite insane
A pair so sweet
They are the nicest couple you could ever meet
They work in unity
Serving the community
Like taking the elderly to the Spar
In their very own little car
She helped develop "die tuin op die brak"
Stilbaai's very own indigenous park
They also organise bird-watching walks
Patrick walks … Alice talks … then Patrick talks
She has the wonderful gift of hospitality
Her home is always open to friends and family
If you visit her unexpectedly, she says, stay if you please
Come and share some toasted cheese
Now to add the last word
Precious little Alice, really loves the lord
A unique little Stilbaaitjie
En sy is ook my maatjie

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