Storm within

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Storm within

What wolfy breath has got you scared?
The puff outside, or the inside dread?
The fear that through the cracks you’ll see
The scary story of you and me

Release the cables wound around
Your lungs so tight that not a sound
Of truly you can squeeze it through
To open up for all to view

Break down the wall of bricks you build
That hardened clay that surely killed
The hopeful child who wished one day
To know these words and when to say;

“Please see the softness of my doubt,
my vain attempt to shut it out,
this awkwardness that hides the plea
my burning wish to be ─ just me”

Those poems your machine just right
Those words designed to block the light
That boxing ring where you flex your might
Where once again you lose the fight

We see the edifice that is you
Held together with paper glue
and then the wolf who tears right through,
but vanquished ─ disappears into the blue.

When you decide to be just you.

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  • Yup...that's one of the most difficult things we do...just be ourselves. Many thanks for your poetic thoughts on this, Anthony.

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