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Your open face is 
missing in isolation 
occulted by a mask, 
veiled by your window 
above a barren street.

The muffled motor 
of a police car 
disturbs the spaces 
once filled with laughter 
and fragrant aromas.

The days, bursting with purpose, 
now linger 
between the hours 
of empty sunrises 
and hollow nights.

I know 
your veiled smile 
still exist 
because your heart 
cannot be concealed.

Your arms 
will once again 
rise to hold, 
stretch out to make void 
the social distance 
of your lost embrace.

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  • Margaret Cordier

    Beautiful poem!

    Akkurate beskrywing van ons fisiese en siels belewenisse in isolasie -- met 'n triomfanklike slot van onkeerbare erbarming.

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