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The experiences of BEd Foundation Phase distance learning students pertaining to administrative support provided by the North-West University

Benita Taylor, Willem J van Vollenhoven, Annemarie Loubser Academic research 2020-08-19

"NWU provides support for students to successfully complete their studies via distance learning. Administrative support is considered a priority, since distance learning students generally face various challenges."

Female character subjectivity: the strategic use of nomadic writing by Eleanor Baker

Hennie van Coller, Marian Human-Nel Academic research 2020-08-06

"All her novels dealt with women in crises, often in precarious personal relationships. It is possible, even probable, that this subject matter negatively impacted on the literary reception of her work."

Guidelines for mediating controversial issues in Dutch and Afrikaans youth stories

Elize Vos, Janneke de Jong-Slagman, Ronel van Oort Academic research 2020-07-31

"A language class in which learners are allowed to think and reason critically about contentious issues in a secure atmosphere provides a space in which morality can be developed."

Benedikt Dreyer (1480–1555): Artist in context of the Reformation

Wim Dreyer Academic research 2020-07-21

"Dreyer’s art not only reflects the context and theology of the time, but also a deep, personal spirituality. The artworks which are on permanent exhibition in the St Annen Museum in Lübeck reveal the exquisite detail, craftsmanship, artistry, emotional depth and spirituality of Dreyer’s art."

The annihilation of the soul in the philosophical mysticism and negative theology of the beguine Marguerite Porete (1250–1310)

Johann Beukes Academic research 2020-07-20

"Marguerite steps to the fore as one of the most provocative thinkers in the Western history of ideas, effectively transcending her embeddedness in the later Middle Ages."

Entrepreneurship potential: An analysis of the South African Consumer Studies curriculum and teaching practices

Adri du Toit Academic research 2020-07-16

"The high unemployment rate of youth in South Africa is concerning. This problem can be addressed by equipping learners at school level with entrepreneurial knowledge and skills they can use to promote self-directed job creation."

Parents’ motivation to choose structured play over unstructured play during the pre-school developmental years

Yolanda Huijsamer, Issie Jacobs Academic research 2020-07-14

"Although recognition should be given to the influence that structured activities have on the development of the pre-school child, it is finding a balance between structured and unstructured play which will really contribute to the development of the pre-school child."

What does it mean that the Bible is a canon?

Pieter M. Venter Academic research 2020-07-13

"When dealing with ethical problems the Christian church bases its view on the Bible as its authoritative source. The authority of the Bible is indicated by the notion canon. Meaning criterion or rule, the term indicates that the Bible is the highest authority of teaching for the church."

Observations of long-term structure in the time series of financial markets

Daniel J. Joubert Academic research 2020-07-13

"The hypothesis that all trend changes occur at preferred gradients implies that the random changes of market prices result from a similar mechanism as the Brownian movement of a molecule in a gas."

Language-in-education planning in the Northern Cape and Free State. An assessment of two language acquisition programmes in schools

Jani de Lange, Theodorus du Plessis Academic research 2020-07-09

"The problems encountered with suitable teaching and learning material in particular pose a major challenge that deserves urgent attention. Nevertheless, it would be ideal to set up a heritage language category in the language curriculum."

Artist and creation: Sheila Cussons and the struggles of the artist

Carine Janse van Rensburg Academic research 2020-07-06

"Cussons’ poetry, more often than not, expresses her intense desire to capture the wonder of artistic creation, the Divine and the mystical experience."

The history of some Afrikaans expressions dealing with the sea

Annél Otto, Else Boekkooi Academic research 2020-07-02

"The aim of this article is to indicate the role that 17th-century Dutch nautical language (and trade language as well) played in establishing the Afrikaans lexicon, more specifically with regard to fixed expressions relating to a sea theme."

"Eish – this lockdown!" Research about teenagers’ experiences during the lockdown 

Danie Kloppers Academic research 2020-06-25

"Some were of the opinion that relationships, especially with parents, improved. Others referred to the stress and depression caused by remoteness, and on the other hand, the frustration of being in one another’s presence all the time."

Buying and selling children in South Africa – properly sanctioned, or an absolute steal?

Beatri Kruger Academic research 2020-06-24

"The heinous crime of child trafficking is an alarming concern worldwide, and also in South Africa. For the past five years international reports on human trafficking have identified South Africa as a country of origin, transit and destination for victims of human trafficking."

Translation and language acquisition – a literature review on the translation of interlingual subtitles

Elbie Adendorff Academic research 2020-06-19

"There is a place for translation in the language acquisition classroom, but it is not the only approach, method or resource tool that can be used."

Resilience in the single-mother transracial family

Marita Oosthuizen, Awie Greeff Academic research 2020-06-18

"Families in which there is an adopted child of another race are confronted by all 'normal' adoptive family crises, while they also need to handle crises that arise from transracial adoption."

Charles Parham, William Seymour and South African pentecostalist racism

Marius Nel Academic research 2020-06-17

"The point of departure is that South African racism did not receive a deathblow with the arrival of a democratic South Africa in 1994, as many people had hoped."

The positive reception of Seneca's doctrine of providence during the Protestant Reformation as narratively sanctioned

J.A. Schlebusch Academic research 2020-06-15

"The positive appreciation of Seneca’s doctrine of providence was an outstanding example of the Reformers’ theological and philosophical appreciation of pre-Christian paganism."

AARTO: Adjudicating of traffic offences or disallowing access to justice? 

Deon Erasmus, Hennie van As Academic research 2020-06-15

"The limitations imposed on the right to a fair trial and access to the courts cannot be justified as reasonable and justifiable in an open and democratic society as envisaged in terms of section 36(1) of the Constitution."

Investigating Christian poetry in Afrikaans with reference to the anthology Die mooiste Afrikaanse Christelike gedigte (2017)

Pieter Verster Academic research 2020-06-11

"Various interpretations of what constitutes religious poetry exist. Should any poem that has some or other religious implication be classified as a religious poem?"