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Old age and asceticism in early Christianity: A comparison between the views of John Chrysostom and Philoxenus of Mabbug

Chris L. de Wet Academic research 2018-10-17

"Old age is a complex phenomenon that cannot be limited to one fixed locus, but finds expression in manifold social, cultural, religious and political formations. Old age and aging are therefore phenomena that are socially constructed."

Gadamer, Von Rad and Kritzinger: coming to understand

Pieter HJ Labuschagne Academic research 2018-10-15

"To reflect on the past, to evaluate the present and to reach out to the future are all part of the continual process of coming to understand."

Challenges of the Anthropocene: Education in a world dominated by human activity

Henriëtte Loubser Academic research 2018-10-11

"The reality today is that we live in a world of dramatically increasing environmental changes, where stability can no longer simply be taken for granted and where the future is no longer guaranteed. It would be unproductive to shelter those we teach from these harsh realities, and it is necessary to talk absolutely frankly about (for example) erosion, pollution, the horrifying accumulation of waste, and the massive loss of biodiversity."

Decolonialisation of South African family law in light of transformative constitutionalism: a practical approach for generation Z

Marita Carnelley, Philip Bothma Academic research 2018-10-09

"The call to decolonialise the tertiary curriculum, coupled with the complaints regarding LLB graduates, place law teachers at a crossroad. It is apparent that change is not merely desirable, but urgent."

The origin, development and aesthetics of the intimate musical, and Fees (Festival) as an Afrikaans example

André Gerber, Petrus du Preez Academic research 2018-09-27

"The authors conclude that the intimate musical is a viable model for musical production in the financially constrained Afrikaans theatre industry, but that further research and practical work can be done in order to expand on the initial model presented in this article."

Trends in the reception history of the royal official in John 4:43–54

Francois Tolmie Academic research 2018-09-19

"John Chrysostom places much emphasis on the official’s weak faith in order to encourage his readers to fare better in their own spiritual lives. He also argues that the narrative shows us that miracles are actually not meant for believers; rather, it is Jesus’ teaching that should be regarded as important by us."

Top-performing schools overcoming contextual constraints by means of leadership

Charl Wolhuter, Leentjie van Jaarsveld, Branwen Challens Academic research 2018-09-18

"In handling and overcoming these contextual restraints, it is especially parental involvement and the mobilising of own resources that stand out. Furthermore, these schools capitalise on diversity and utilise religion in order to create social capital (of which there is such a dire shortage in South African society) and thus ensure moral stability."

Photography in Fees van die ongenooides by P.G. du Plessis

Johan Anker Academic research 2018-09-10

"One of the similarities between the author/narrator and the photographer is their freedom to choose what must be photographed and told, what context or caption to give. Their choice have an important influence on how much information a reader receives in order to make an interpretation, thereby becoming a co-interpreter of meaning in the photograph."

Critical reflections on Israel’s claim to land in Palestine

Sakkie Spangenberg Academic research 2018-09-06

"The biblical narrative obscures the violence and privation that Israeli methods of conquest, oppression and eradication have unleashed against Palestinians. The insistence on a biblical justification is again aimed at presenting Israeli violence as God-given and natural."

Analytical autoethnography as a reflective philosophical instrument: towards an ecology of distance learning

Louise Schmidt Academic research 2018-08-28

"In a world that is increasingly connected, where learning is more distributed and the internet has opened up possibilities of learning outside of formal structures, most distance learning universities will have to find new and innovative ways of communicating with students."

Ordering and healing in the becoming universe: The Biblical intertext in die poetry of Ina Rousseau

Lina Spies Academic research 2018-08-22

"The continuous theme in Die verlate tuin is unfulfilled man and woman’s futile desire for the fulfilment of their deepest needs, for an unscathed earth and a relationship of trust with God. By giving Biblical women poetic form, Rousseau specifically expresses female unfulfilment."

The difficulties of translating forms of address into Afrikaans in respect of Alan Paton’s Cry, the beloved country

Anné Engelbrecht Academic research 2018-08-16

"The distinction made in Afrikaans between the formal form of address 'u' and the informal form of address 'jy' causes the power relations that prevailed between white and black during apartheid to be placed in the forefront much more clearly than is the case in the source text."

A contemplative investigation into humour development, sense of humour and a few mechanisms underlying humour

Nandi Lessing-Venter Academic research 2018-08-16

"As discussed in this article, the development of children's cognitive abilities is associated with their ability to understand and appreciate humour. It was found that early verbal humour is dependent on the environment that children grow up in."

Ukuthwala – custom or abuse?

Caroline Müller-Van der Westhuizen, Rochelle Streso Academic research 2018-08-08

"Yet judging by recent case law and media reports, this once charming custom has developed a shady side, often being abused under the pretext of culture and tradition. Teenage girls are being kidnapped, violated and forced into marriage with much older men under the guise of ukuthwala."

Assemblage theory, affect and whiteness. An alternative perspective on whiteness and its mechanisms

Liezl Dick Academic research 2018-07-31

"Racism is still rife in South Africa 24 years after apartheid ended. South Africans still seemingly do not have the required psychological, conceptual and social tools to deal sufficiently with racialised differences and the legacy of apartheid."

Regulating of Zero-Rating of Internet Services in South Africa: quo vadis?

Barrie Gordon Academic research 2018-07-26

"Zero rating is a practice that infringes upon network neutrality by favouring certain data over others. ISP’s can use zero rating to strengthen their market share, which could be detrimental to smaller role players."

What is wrong with South African schools? A comprehensive picture of, and the lacuna in the research on, school leadership as a pivotal factor

Charl Wolhuter, Hannes van der Walt Academic research 2018-07-13

"The fact that some schools manage to overcome such debilitating obstacles seems to suggest that leadership might be a pivotal factor in ensuring quality education at school level."

Transfer of reading comprehension strategies at university level

Amanda Anker, Sanet Cox Academic research 2018-07-10

"The findings indicate that a degree of positive transfer occurred. The rich, qualitative data furthermore showed awareness by participants of their own metacognition during the reading process; it highlights the conscious use of reading comprehension strategies and the context within which these strategies were transferred."

The modus operandi profile of the cash-in-transit robber as an exclusive criminal

Hennie Lochner, Juanida Horne, Mari van Wyk Academic research 2018-07-05

"Because modus operandi information on the planning of a heist and the robbers’ actions after the crime is difficult to obtain, it is recommended that the SAPS investigate the possibility of obtaining modus operandi information from sentenced offenders, particularly exclusive criminals or robbers."

The one-person play as a (still emerging) sub-genre: an outline of its development and characteristics

Marcel Spaumer, Bernard Odendaal Academic research 2018-06-27

"The contemporary theatre landscape finds itself, both locally and internationally, in a troubled position on account of restricting economic circumstances and competing forms of entertainment (television, internet, etc.). Accordingly, many dramatists, theatre production teams and actors turn to financially more viable formats of theatre creation – the one-person drama, for example."