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Postcolonial feminism in Afrikaans poetry: The debuts of Ronelda S. Kamfer, Shirmoney Rhode and Jolyn Phillips

Marni Bonthuys Academic research 2020-03-26

"Not only do these voices speak for themselves in own, individualised terms, they introduce a feminist approach to Afrikaans poetry which gives a voice to marginalised women from all races."

Appraising internal controls, the gatekeeper that prevents fraud during the tender stage of procurement cycles

Jan Venter, Hennie Lochner, Juanida Horne Academic research 2020-03-24

"This article is intended to demonstrate that fraud is committed in the procurement cycle when internal controls are sidestepped or when the internal control system in an organisation is ineffective."

The evaluation of organisational culture and leadership as building blocks of strategic management with a view to optimising service delivery in the South African Police Service

Johan van der Merwe, Johan van Graan Academic research 2020-03-24

"The vision, mission and values statement of the SAPS clearly indicates that the police must be transformed into an organisation that delivers accountable service and is bound to act within the values of a democratic society."

Personal-name-giving among the Xhosa speakers of South Africa

Bertie Neethling Academic research 2020-03-18

"As the name carriers grow up, they become aware of the positive qualities their names represent, and strive towards fulfilling those qualities."

A life buoy environment for successful learning of matric learners in conditions of multiple deprivation

Hettie van der Merwe Academic research 2020-03-09

"Research findings elicited details of learners’ debilitating home and environmental conditions and of the teaching and learning actions by the school management team and teachers to prepare matric learners adequately for the final examination."

Relational well-being of adolescents in a South African high-risk community 

Odette Geldenhuys, Izanette van Schalkwyk Academic research 2020-03-05

"Although adolescents have a good idea of healthy relationships, they described positive interactions mostly in terms of the absence of dysfunctional behaviour or relational abuse, such as violence."

The influence of place and space on the identity construction of female migrants within the South African context with reference to Zebra crossing (2013) by Meg Vandermerwe

Marietjie Lambrechts Academic research 2020-02-24

"What becomes clear from the article is that the effect of migration penetrates and influences the intimate dimensions of women migrants’ personal lives."

Community translation. Plain language for the retranslation of a banking text

Adriaan Cupido, Harold Lesch Academic research 2020-02-19

“If clients do not understand the documents they receive, they are not in a position to make informed decisions, or to participate actively in society.”

A critical look at 21st-century teaching and learning from a teacher and learner perspective

Marné Pedro, Michele van der Merwe Academic research 2020-02-18

“Teachers should engage learners in collaborative learning exercises and use technology to create new, previously unimagined tasks and to support collaborative, constructive and authentic learning experiences.”

The realisation of lexical cohesion: A corpus linguistic study of Afrikaans-speaking grade 6 and grade 9 learners’ writing

Nadine Fouché, Jako Olivier Academic research 2020-02-11

“The creation of cohesive texts, as effected by making use of various cohesion markers (not solely lexical cohesion), should be encouraged in the classroom because cohesive texts are texts of which the various parts fit together.”

Quality reporting in the satellite office of a South African daily newspaper 

Susan Cilliers, Thalyta Swanepoel Academic research 2020-02-05

“Newspapers’ declining circulation figures have led to smaller newsrooms where a handful of journalists often, at greater speeds, have to produce news for online platforms while catering to the expectations of increasingly involved audiences and maintaining high-quality output.”

Prayer practices and faith convictions of churchless millennial Christians: A ritual-liturgical exploration

Marileen Steyn, Cas Wepener Academic research 2020-01-29

“In order to guide millennials through their unique context and experience of loss, a new approach to worship is necessary.”

The aesthetics of divine ugliness: The portrayal of a vulnerable God in the art of painting within processes of paradigmatic transformation in theological thinking – the disgust of filth (skúbalon) and the scandal of malediction (skandalon)

Daniël Louw Academic research 2020-01-27

“When Christianity was threatened, a kind of divine imperialism was introduced to justify a clerical ecclesiology and maintain dogmatic stances regarding social life problems.”

Teacher perspectives on blended learning as a teaching and learning approach to language teaching for the 21st-century learner

Marné Pedro, Michele van der Merwe Academic research 2020-01-09

“Within the contextual framework of the 21st-century classroom, it should be noted that technology forms part of the overall frame of reference for today’s learners.”

What makes a wine festival successful? The Robertson Valley story

Engelina du Plessis Academic research 2020-01-07

“Results indicate that the right market, a variety of products, and a personal service approach are some of the most vital factors that lead to a thriving and sustainable wine festival.”

The sublime in ecology: An ecofeminist theological interpretation of an Eastern Cape artist’s ecological vision, spirituality and identity

Annalet van Schalkwyk Academic research 2019-12-16

“The aim and strategy of ecofeminism is to radically transform how humans live in relation to the environment.”

Elisabeth Eybers’s “soetste kettery” (sweetest heresy): The word and the Word in her poetry

Lina Spies Academic research 2019-12-13

“Without denying the universally human dimension to Elisabeth Eybers’s religious poetry, I regard her female identity as integral to reading these poems.”

A mystical reading of Psalm 42/3

Nico Viljoen, Pieter GR de Villiers Academic research 2019-12-12

“As a mystagogue, the speaker’s core command to his soul is to wait on God.”

“Is paradise a place in heaven or on earth, and why?” The nature and function of paradise according to the interpretation of John Chrysostom 

Chris L. de Wet Academic research 2019-12-10

“According to John Chrysostom, what is the nature and function of paradise?”

“A pause between origin and destination”: Heterochronicity and minor transnationalism in Marlene van Niekerk’s volumes of poetry Gesant van die mispels and In die stille agterkamer

Janien Linde Academic research 2019-12-10

“She faithfully focuses on her trade with excellence and determination to create small but stirring poems that transcend temporal and spatial boundaries.”