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A network analysis of the institutional network in Orania

Burgert A Senekal Academic research 2019-10-15

“The current article studies a list of 36 institutions at Orania and their shared directors from the perspective of network theory.”

Louis Althusser and Jacques Derrida. Interconnections of sense and the sensual in two contemporaneous texts

Jaco Alant Academic research 2019-10-15

“The focus is on Althusser’s and Derrida’s use of ‘sensual’ words (metaphors) in the communication of their (highly abstract) philosophical ideas.”

Land reform: Is expropriation without compensation the magical “silver bullet” or is it a (calculated) shot in the dark? 

Juanita Pienaar Academic research 2019-10-10

“This contribution explores the recent developments in light of the land reform programme, in particular whether expropriation with nil compensation is indeed the solution so desperately needed.”

Perceptual skills, concept formation and the executive function of the brain at pre-primary level – an exploratory study

Ansie Lessing, Marike W de Witt Academic research 2019-10-09

“Meaningful reading requires different perceptual skills, including figure background discrimination, perception of form, sequence, analysis, synthesis, association and memory.”

Holistic Christian spirituality during times of illness and crisis: a hermeneutical-pastoral perspective

Martin Khoaseb, Christo Thesnaar Academic research 2019-10-09

“The article investigates holistic spirituality as a basis to reflect upon the role of African spirituality during times of illness and crisis.”

A reconceptualisation of the term “Land” in an investigation of the role of Land-based education in South Africa

Krystle Ontong Academic research 2019-10-07

“A more nuanced awareness of the issue might lead to a decline in protest actions.”

Investigating the barriers to implementing precision farming in the Eastern Free State

Christo Bisschoff, Bertie Michau Academic research 2019-10-02

“South Africa has a fast-growing population, and all indications are that by 2040 South Africa will have to import approximately 66% of its basic produce to feed the nation.”

The development of the South African military doctrine

Leopold Scholtz Academic research 2019-10-02

“Is there a typical South African military doctrine?”

Conceptualising sustainable rural livelihood development in South Africa as an extension of sustainable development planning: a research and overview article

Menini Gibbens, Carel Schoeman, Juaneé Cilliers Academic research 2019-09-30

“Sustainable development and, consequently, sustainable rural livelihood development, will always be relevant topics for analysis, as these affect people's lives on a daily basis.”

Visual portrayals of miscarriage in the artwork Loss: A critical application of Freud’s theories of loss and trauma

Nathani Lüneburg Academic research 2019-09-27

“I investigate trauma theories of loss and argue that mourning is a natural therapeutic way of dealing with and reacting to loss.”

China’s first overseas military base in Djibouti: A contextualisation of the objectives, political interests and future prospects

Theo Neethling Academic research 2019-09-25

“This article touches on the features of China’s military base in Djibouti and what some observers regard as the newly created Chinese gateway to Africa.”

Revisiting stress in Afrikaans: is it (still) a stress-initial language?

Daan Wissing Academic research 2019-09-19

“In this article the claim is made, on the basis of an extensive investigation of the nature and appearance of primary stress, that Afrikaans cannot, contrary to what is often claimed elsewhere, be characterised as a stress-initial language.”

An investigation into the access provided by the Arend app to technological pedagogical and subject content knowledge (TPACK)

Christa van Staden Academic research 2019-08-27

"Arend, a web-based learning environment, was designed, developed and published in 2012 to serve as meeting place for South African teachers."

The grading and sequencing of three target tasks within a task-based learning and teaching programme for non-Afrikaans-speaking international university students

Vernita Beukes, Elbie Adendorff Academic research 2019-08-08

"Which aspects should be considered during the grading and sequencing of tasks for a task-based programme?"

Integrating technology into the Afrikaans Home Language classroom of Western Cape schools: a case study

Ria Taylor, Michele van der Merwe Academic research 2019-08-02

"How is technology used in the Afrikaans Home Language classroom of schools in the Western Cape?"

Racism, nationalism and the Reformed tradition: a narrative approach

J.A. Schlebusch Academic research 2019-07-15

"The primary sources bear witness to the fact that, despite historical and contextual differences, in the Reformed tradition there was an abiding undercurrent of racial thinking involving the sentiment that people of European descent formed a separate race, even as descendants of Japheth."

The portrayal of Jesus in the Gospel of Judas

Chris L. de Wet Academic research 2019-06-21

"Not only does Gospel of Judas demonstrate the varieties of early Christian views of Jesus, but it also shows how these views – like the views of those who portray Jesus in some ways today – are informed by theology, cosmology, social and cultural contexts, and psychological factors."

Educational parent support to Xhosa speaking learners: exploring the potential of WhatsApp as support platform

Leah Slinger-Steenberg, Doria Daniels Academic research 2019-06-10

"Even though the homework was in Afrikaans, the WhatsApp communication between the parents and the teacher was in English. We found that with the growth in the parents’ confidence, the communication between them and the teacher increased and expanded."

Antjie Krog as cultural mediator: aspects of her writer’s posture in the Low Countries

Louise Viljoen Academic research 2019-06-10

"This article investigates Antjie Krog’s role as cultural mediator of South Africa and Afrikaans in the Low Countries."

Sensemaking. A plea for a conversation between organisation theory and hermeneutics

Bernard Lategan Academic research 2019-06-05

"The article has a threefold purpose: To introduce an important new doctoral study in organisation theory; to provide a critical overview of core aspects of the dissertation and to develop these further; and to stimulate a conversation between sensemaking theory and hermeneutics."