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Maintenance claims and sequestration under the Insolvency Act 24 of 1936

Melanie Roestoff Academic research 2019-12-09

“It is unacceptable that creditors with claims for arrear maintenance could be held liable for contribution where the free residue is insufficient to cover the sequestration costs.”

The ecotext in the classroom

Henriëtte Loubser Academic research 2019-12-09

“It is crucial that educators acknowledge the potential role of environmentally oriented narratives and utilise children’s love for stories by applying ecotexts in classrooms.”

Help, I’m a school principal in the middle of nowhere! Challenges to the principal’s leadership and management style

Leentjie van Jaarsveld Academic research 2019-12-06

“As the schools are isolated, support, trust and respect are crucial for the school to function fully and motivate learners to have a vision for the future.”

Bodily and moral impurity in Leviticus: an integrated purification system

Esias E. Meyer Academic research 2019-12-04

“The article engages with the debate on the difference between bodily or ritual impurity on the one hand and moral impurity on the other.”

Preventive dispute resolution in guardianship, care and contact matters in South Africa

Amanda Boniface Academic research 2019-12-02

“The conclusion reached is that preventive law must fit in with the legal system as a whole, as well as with the unique circumstances of the relevant family.”

The Club of Rome’s search for planetary well-being through the eyes of a reformed theologian

Johan Buitendag Academic research 2019-11-29

“The juxtaposition of theology and science provides the need for a new value system apparent in social sciences.”

Film adaptation as interpretation: The adaptation process from novel to film in reference to Marlene van Niekerk’s Triomf and Michael Raeburn’s Triomf

Adean van Dyk Academic research 2019-11-27

“To which degree does Michael Raeburn’s film adaptation of Marlene van Niekerk’s Triomf interpret the original story?”

A liturgical praxis theory for a theology of reconciliation and justice

Suzanne van der Merwe, Cas Wepener, Marcel Barnard Academic research 2019-11-20

“How can the liturgy as it is celebrated within the Dutch Reformed Church formatively promote reconciliation in the hearts of believers to impact on the current and future South African society?”

Extrinsic barriers to promotion: Experiences of female teachers in leadership positions at secondary schools in the post-apartheid era

Idilette van Deventer, Philip C van der Westhuizen, Mariska Ewart Academic research 2019-11-15

“[M]anagement posts in education are still dominated by male teachers.”

Institutes for advanced study: Elitist luxury or incubators of science?

Bernard Lategan Academic research 2019-11-14

“These facilities no doubt run the risk of becoming comfort zones, of being perceived as a reward after a strenuous career, or an end in itself.”

Language and practice: a case study on Afrikaans First Additional Language with grade 4 learners in a multilingual school

Jana Nel, Michael le Cordeur, Phumla Kese Academic research 2019-11-13

“Learners’ home languages should not be ignored; whether the learners form a minority in the class or not, their home languages need to be acknowledged.”

Sexual harassment in the South African workplace from a human rights perspective

Anri Botes Academic research 2019-11-01

“Sexual harassment – simply described as unwanted conduct or advances of a sexual nature – is one of the most atrocious acts of misconduct of relevance to the workplace.”

The strategic role of the business sector in combating corruption

Peter Goss, Johan van Graan Academic research 2019-10-31

“Despite South Africa’s assent to international anti-corruption efforts the country is continuously confronted with negative perceptions about high levels of corruption.”

“You must love the earth as yourself” 

Johan Buitendag Academic research 2019-10-30

“We need nature, but nature does not need us.”

“In the most intense moments, all distances dwindle to zero”: Relationality in Die derde spoel of S.J. Naudé

Adéle Nel Academic research 2019-10-30

“How does relationality manifest in Die derde spoel?”

The political eschatology of Groen van Prinsterer and its impact on Christian conservatism in the USA

J.A. Schlebusch Academic research 2019-10-30

“Nonetheless, with Groen there is no hard distinction between past, present and future, and these interplay in his worldview as reflected in his writings.”

Pure act(s) for all Christians: dancing, paving and Van Gogh’s The starry night

Jannie Pretorius Academic research 2019-10-30

The starry night is a manifestation, a pulsating picture, of God’s Spirit hovering over the dark earth immediately before He said ‘Let there be light.’”

The transformative effect of a mystical reading of Scripture

Celia Kourie Academic research 2019-10-30

“Reading Scripture through a mystical lens, as exemplified by Elizabeth Catez’s interpretation of Paul, effects mystical illumination and transformation.”

Wilderness of human experience in Die troebel tyd (Ingrid Winterbach)

Susan Meyer Academic research 2019-10-21

“In Die troebel tyd the nuanced portrayal of depression, a still stigmatised phenomenon in our society, creates critical awareness of ‘otherness’ at a human level, that is, deviation from the socially constructed norm.”

A system-theoretical analysis of user interactions around Deon Meyer's Twitter profile: a reception study in the digital age

Burgert A Senekal Academic research 2019-10-15

“Because social media allows users to engage with writers and works themselves, it creates new opportunities to focus specifically on the reader.”