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Self-directed learning: The experiences and opinions of life sciences student-teachers worksheets in a cooperative teaching-learning environment

Neal Petersen Academic research 2018-12-12

"The literature indicates that citizens need to have social skills and higher cognitive thinking skills, such as problem-solving and creative thinking skills, in order to cope with the challenges posed by globalisation and the information explosion."

Hybridity and authenticity as cultural markers in the music of Nico Carstens

Susanna Louw, Nicol Viljoen, Martina Viljoen Academic research 2018-12-11

"The question on which we focus highlights the ways in which Carstens, both as a composer and as a piano accordion player, succeeded in enriching traditional boeremusiek idioms by way of the fusion of a variety of musical influences and styles in order to produce a stylised, yet highly accessible and marketable South African popular music identity."

The Word as flesh with Martinus Nijhoff and D.J. Opperman

Lina Spies Academic research 2018-12-11

"This illustrates that two great poets can have an absorbing conversation with each other over time and distance."

Moral leadership: The school principal as an agent in establishing moral values for the promotion of the school climate

Branwen Challens, Leentjie van Jaarsveld, Charl Wolhuter Academic research 2018-12-10

"A qualitative study was used to determine the contribution of the school principal in establishing moral values to promote a positive school climate in well-performing schools."

Possible solutions to reading comprehension problems of non-mother-tongue speakers in Afrikaans Home Language classes

Maylene Basson, Michael le Cordeur Academic research 2018-12-07

"The study, its findings and recommendations can therefore be used as a resource for the development of training programmes to improve teacher PCK regarding the enhancement of the reading comprehension of non-mother-tongue speakers."

The leadership styles of principals of academically performing schools and the impact thereof on the school climate

Leentjie van Jaarsveld, Branwen Challens, Charl Wolhuter Academic research 2018-12-04

"The leadership style determines the attitude of the educators and learners, which, in turn, affects the climate of the school."

Multimodal idiolectal language use and authorship verification: a corpus analysis of Joan Hambidge’s idiolect across the borders of genres

Mariska Nel, Jako Olivier Academic research 2018-12-04

"It can therefore be said without a doubt that Hambidge has a unique multimodal idiolect functioning across the boundaries of genres. Furthermore, the methodology followed in this article presents a possible set of variables to be used in similar comparisons between texts in terms of the verification of authors."

The Battle of the Chambinga, 9 and 11 November 1987: a tactical and operational analysis

Leopold Scholtz Academic research 2018-11-28

"Previous analyses of the two battles held that the commander of the main attack force, Commandant Leon Marais, was not vigorous enough, and that this allowed the enemy to escape. New information from a published and translated Soviet source, however, indicates that 16 Brigade had been so damaged that it could no longer function as a coordinated formation under a single command."

The role of political parties and elections in consolidating democracy in societies, with special reference to contemporary South Africa

Chris Nelson Academic research 2018-11-25

"The negative experiences by millions of voters in democratic systems worldwide as a result of the actions by political parties during and in the aftermath of elections have also led to an alienation between electorates, parties and elections. This development is also discernible in contemporary South Africa."

Silent prayer and creativity: To create out of silence

Johann Rossouw Academic research 2018-11-20

"In this article the relationship between artistic creativity and hesychast prayer in the Orthodox Christian tradition is examined within the context of a broader consideration of art as a means of spiritual elevation in the contemporary world."

Socmint: The monitoring of social media for community safety purposes within a big data framework in South Africa with specific reference to Orania

Burgert A Senekal Academic research 2018-11-14

"The current article discusses Socmint against the background of big data with specific reference to how it can be applied to enhance community safety in Orania."

A study on the use of cultural-orientated, task-based vocabulary lessons for Afrikaans language acquisition students

Elbie Adendorff, Mari Koegelenberg Academic research 2018-11-12

"This article covers a preliminary investigative study on the incorporation and the use of culture in a task-based class for first-year Afrikaans language acquisition students."

Can a trust institute a defamation action? An exploratory investigation

Danie Kloppers, Henk Kloppers Academic research 2018-11-07

"The action for defamation can be extended to trusts in two ways: through statutory intervention or through judgments of the high courts. It is argued that the latter is preferable, because statutory changes take time and may result in some undesired effects."

The development of newly appointed principals and school improvement in the Gauteng province of South Africa

Nico Botha Academic research 2018-11-06

"The main research question for this study is: How can newly appointed principals be developed to improve school effectiveness and learner achievement? The objective of the paper was to gather data regarding professional development needs from newly appointed principals in Gauteng."

The development of a cost-effective and contemporary multimedia digital archive at EPOG in Orania

Burgert A Senekal, Eduan Kotzé Academic research 2018-11-05

"The article discusses the creation of a digital archive under the auspices of EPOG at Orania against the background of big data, digital archiving, new media and the information explosion."

The application of a theoretical framework for the purpose of gaining depth of insight into a pedagogical research problem

Hannes van der Walt, Charl Wolhuter Academic research 2018-11-05

"The construction of conceptual and theoretical frameworks comes as second nature for most experienced researchers; in their case, the construction of such frameworks commences from their very first encounter with a new pedagogical research problem."

A self-directed reading process: experiencing and processing trauma in the youth novelBlou is nie ’n kleur nie by Carin Krahtz

Elize Vos, Ronel van Oort Academic research 2018-10-30

"Blou is nie ’n kleur nie is a gift from Carin Krahtz to the self-directed reader because the reader can discover this story by means of the mentioned clues, contextual markers and reading strategies, and unlock the hidden narrative meaning of hope."

Oligomerisation of longer chain 1-alkenes in the presence of Cp2MCl2-, more complex Zr-metallocene and tridentate bis(imino)pyridine iron(II) catalyst systems

Frans TI Marx, Esna Pieters, Hermanus CM Vosloo Academic research 2018-10-25

"1-alkenes represent a large part of the commercial market and since oligomers thereof are important intermediates for specialty chemicals, they warrant further study."

Let the bells ring! Is the ringing of bells a noise nuisance or the legitimate exercising of a religious conviction?

Helena van Coller Academic research 2018-10-24

"In exercising our various rights, whether the right to freedom of religion or the right to enjoyment of property free from a noise nuisance, everyone should aim to act lawfully and ethically in accordance with the principles of tolerance, fairness, openness and accountability."

Relinquishment of Werktreue in Richard Taruskin’s essay “Setting limits”

Etienne Viviers Academic research 2018-10-18

"According to them, certain interpretations of texts will surely always be preposterous, while others will easily fall within the limits of possible interpretative solutions."