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The dualistic approach to labour relations in contemporary South Africa: A systems theory perspective 

Bennie Linde Academic research 2020-10-27

"This system allows that a political party can generate goals from promises made during elections to motivate voters to vote for the party. The political party’s own ideological goals may not necessarily be applied if they contradict the constitutional regulations. This may mean that the ruling political party has obtained a voter mandate that contradicts the current constitutional system."

An analysis of Instagram posts by three South African publishers (NB Publishers, LAPA Publishers and Protea Boekhuis)

Burgert A Senekal Academic research 2020-10-21

"These positive posts also receive more likes on average than negative posts, although the difference between the number of likes for positive and negative posts is small. However, the number of hashtags used with each post does not play a role in the number of likes that the post receives."

A pastoral approach of hope and compassion: An African perspective on challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic 

Martin Khoaseb, Christo Thesnaar Academic research 2020-10-20

"The article discusses the need to address the debilitating effects of COVID-19 with a pastoral care of hope and compassion that is grounded in principles of koinonia and ubuntu."

Corruption in the South African public service: Is the Anti-Corruption Task Team’s multidisciplinary approach to investigating corruption allegedly committed by South African public service officials effective?

Christo Smit, Johan van Graan Academic research 2020-10-19

"This article, which is based on a qualitative empirical study conducted in Gauteng, South Africa, aims to assess the effectiveness of the multidisciplinary approach to investigating corruption in the public service followed by the Anti-Corruption Task Team of the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation."

"We the Reformed members ..." in the nine Vet River articles of 1837

Piet Strauss Academic research 2020-10-16

"Historians call the acceptance and formation of a society in the central Free State in 1837 a turning point in the history of Boer republics in the 19th century. It was, however, not a turning point, but just another step in this history."

The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI): The early influence on Africa

Fanie Herman Academic research 2020-10-12

"The findings reveal that the BRI has the potential to develop Africa as an emerging market, but China’s opaqueness and Africa’s financial debt are burdens in the effective management and coordination of the initiative."

Disciplinary literacy and the development of reading comprehension

Johan Anker Academic research 2020-10-06

"This article discusses the role of two approaches to the teaching of reading comprehension strategies that may be conducive to the development of reading comprehension in South African schools."

Policing management strategies in intelligence-driven interventions: truck hijacking as a case study

Rudolph Zinn Academic research 2020-10-02

"The reluctance of detectives to exchange information with one another and with crime intelligence officers is often mentioned in the literature. Detectives and crime analysts have different views on crime, and sometimes detectives do not communicate with crime analysts about crime problems unless instructed to do so."

Young enough to get away with murder? A comparative study of the standard of proof in accountability of child offenders in South Africa and England

Rinda Botha Academic research 2020-10-01

"While South Africa has high juvenile crime rates, and England’s criminal system for child offenders is regarded as among the strictest in the world, this comparative study suggests that we might be better off not following the English example."

“We are not just stats and facts!” The voices of teenage girls during the lockdown

Danie Kloppers Academic research 2020-09-23

"Participants in the empirical study were mostly of the opinion that the lockdown had a negative effect on human rights. They referred to police brutality, corruption and the restrictions on funerals."

An exploration of relational autonomy with reference to the autobiographical poetry of Afrikaans female poets

Ihette Senekal Academic research 2020-09-17

"New paradigms of autonomy which include female protagonists are illustrated by illuminating the theoretical discussion of relational autonomy by means of autobiographical poems from the oeuvres of Elisabeth Eybers, Ingrid Jonker, Antjie Krog and Ronelda S. Kamfer."

South Africa at a tipping point – a bad-case scenario?

André Duvenhage Academic research 2020-09-14

"The conclusion of the explorative study is that the political tipping point has already been reached and that we are faced with a bad-case scenario. Indeed, evidence indicates that a bad-case scenario is the most probable. It has far-reaching implications for our future over the short term as well as the long term."

Dum spiro – spero (while I breathe, I hope). Journeying with Elsa Joubert in the quest for the “naked truth” regarding the essence of our being human

Daniël Louw Academic research 2020-09-09

"The author Elsa Joubert wrestled with the mystery regarding the core of life and the meta-physical realm of soulfulness and transcendence. This was triggered in her youth by the deaths of her sister and father. While facing the ailments of old age, she reflected on the meaning of life and the destiny of our being human."

Delictual liability of local authorities for failure to maintain infrastructure

André Mukheibir, Hennie van As Academic research 2020-09-09

"A legislative provision in itself is not enough to give effect to a legal duty. It is necessary to look at a multiplicity of factors to establish whether or not there is a legal duty to prevent harm."

A dog, a praying mantis and literary prestige: Instagram as role player in the Afrikaans literary system 

Burgert A Senekal Academic research 2020-09-03

"The article highlights, among other things, the important role that poetry plays in posts about Afrikaans literature on this platform, as well as the role of Afrikaans music, drama and arts festivals."

The context of the origin and educational role of Caravaggio’s The beheading of St John the Baptist in the 17th century

Jannie Pretorius Academic research 2020-09-03

"The didactic, memorial and ceremonial value of The martyrdom functioned in symbiotic partnership with Caravaggio’s The beheading to train the novices in the nature, spiritual environment and circumstances of a cruel, bloodthirsty death."

The use of technology by teachers for learners with learning disabilities 

Herman Engelbrecht, Maryke Mihai Academic research 2020-09-02

"It is recommended that the school obtains devices that only contain the necessary work and applications required, so that they are ready for use by teachers and learners cannot be distracted by other content."

Figurations of trauma in Luca Guadagnino’s Suspiria (2018) 

Cilliers van den Berg Academic research 2020-08-28

"The 2018 remake of Suspiria follows another itinerary in that it does not focus on structural trauma, but rather on the specifics of historical trauma, as the memory of and coming to terms with the Holocaust play an important part in the narrative of the film."

Figurations of trauma in Dario Argento’s Suspiria (1977) 

Cilliers van den Berg Academic research 2020-08-26

"In order to illustrate the difference between structural and historical trauma, two films are presented and analysed as being exemplifications of the respective definitions of trauma."

The analysis of sociograms to investigate the impact of cooperative base groups on positive interdependence on class level

Christa van Staden Academic research 2020-08-20

"The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a global move from contact education to e-learning since March 2020. In the process, the focus has shifted to the efficiency of facilitation and evaluation of learning and cooperative learning in e-learning environments."