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Public webinar: Gender and the slow violence of poverty

LitNet Akademies en skole 2020-11-17

You are invited to a public webinar on Wednesday 18 November 2020 at 12:00. 

First sip: Putco Mafani – the price and prize of greatness by Putco Mafani

LitNet LitNet Eerste Slukkie | First Sip 2020-11-17

"Moment by moment, I found myself stubbornly in conflict with this leader, as I was a liberal broadcaster who spoke his mind openly. As a seasoned broadcaster, I knew what was good for South Africa. As an aspirant media owner, this was the dawn of a new South Africa."

Inter-review with Colleen Higgs about her memoir, My mother, my madness

Janet van Eeden, Colleen Higgs Books and writers 2020-11-13

"I think my mother’s death released me; I felt the burden of responsibility lift from me."

Press Release: #ReadingAfrica #OokInAfrikaans

Catalyst Press Books and writers 2020-11-11

#ReadingAfrica week is an annual event for all publishing companies, readers and authors who want to share their love for African literature, #OokInAfrikaans.

Fresh off the press: Promised land by Karl Kemp

LitNet Books and writers 2020-11-06

"Touching on the history of land conflict and conquest in each area, as well as detailing the current situation on the ground, Promised Land  provides startling insights into the story of land conflict in South Africa."

The African Library: Barracoon: The story of the last "black cargo" by Zora Neale Hurston

Annie Gagiano Books and writers 2020-11-05

"In this entry, the established pattern of profiling contemporary or classic African works of fiction is broken. Kossola (more often referred to as Cudjo in the USA) was the last surviving captured African on the last ever American slave ship. The five and a half years of Kossola’s slave labour in Alabama is not presented as the main focus of his narrative; rather, Barracoon is the life story of a man with vivid memories of his life in a Yoruba settlement in West Africa."

Inter-review: And wrote my story anyway by Barbara Boswell

Cliffordene Norton, Barbara Boswell Books and writers 2020-10-30

"I would want their curiosity to be piqued with regard to black women’s literary and political contributions to this country. It would also be lovely if black women and girls were encouraged to write their own stories."

Virtual launch: 40 Years of Iconic Food by Dorah Sitole

LitNet Books and writers 2020-10-23

CNA and Human & Rousseau invite you to join us for the virtual launch of 40 Years of Iconic Food by Dorah Sitole.

The pink line: Journeys across the world’s queer frontiers by Mark Gevisser: a review

Shaun de Waal Books and writers 2020-10-21

"The pink line is always very readable, despite its density of content. His account of the twisting political issues is masterly, while the individual and collective stories he narrates and probes give human faces to issues often disputed in abstractly political and 'moral' terms. People’s lives are at stake."

Review: A poor season for whales by Michiel Heyns

Helen Moffett Books and writers 2020-10-14

"Heyns’s ability to capture everyday social interactions with almost uncomfortably precise focus, and to blend moral philosophy into dialogue, is indeed reminiscent of Austen, a feature further underlined when he has his heroine struggle between sense and sensibility even as she reads Austen’s novel of that title."

Finding my way: Reflections on South African literature by Duncan Brown – a book review

Kris van der Bijl Books and writers 2020-10-14

"Brown’s text reminds one of the special and continuous role that literature plays when one seeks to relate to the world one exists in. The book highlights how literature is that which is continuously imagining, connecting, exposing, blurring and knowing."

Nuwe boeke | New releases | Penguin Random House SA

Penguin Random House South Africa PRH/LAPA-Uitgewersportaal 2020-10-07

Penguin Random House South Africa stel hulle Oktober-boeke bekend. | Penguin Random House South Africa presents their October releases.

Fresh off the press: Hidden Pretoria by Johan Swart and Alain Proust

LitNet PRH/LAPA-Uitgewersportaal 2020-10-02

This book captures remnants of our diverse heritage so that a new generation might recognise the need to embrace the past in order to build our shared future.

Prisoner 913: The release of Nelson Mandela by Riaan de Villiers and Jan-Ad Stemmet

Bill Nasson Books and writers 2020-10-01

"A detailed and intricately plotted reconstruction of the actions surrounding the eventual release of Nelson Mandela from prison, Riaan de Villiers and Jan-Ad Stemmet’s Prisoner 913 has some of the attributes of a good political or contemporary historical thriller – atmosphere, suspense, intrigue, surprise and double-dealing."

Kortlys bekend vir Helgaard Steyn-prys vir Skryfkuns | Helgaard Steyn Award for Literature shortlist announced

LitNet Boeke en skrywers 2020-09-28

Vanjaar se toekenning word gemaak vir skryfkuns, en enige Afrikaanse werk – fiksie of niefiksie – wat tussen 2016 en 2019 verskyn het ... kom in aanmerking.

Fresh off the press: The lie of 1652 by Patric Tariq Mellett

LitNet NB-Uitgewersportaal 2020-09-25

In this radical critique of established pre-colonial and colonial history, Mellet centres land dispossession, the destruction of livelihoods and the brutality of slavery in South Africa.

Finding architectural heritage in Hidden Pretoria

Penguin Random House South Africa Books and writers 2020-09-22

The architectural heritage of Pretoria embodies the interaction between people, place and politics that shaped the city over time within its particular historical and geographical context. Hidden Pretoria places the buildings of our capital city in the spotlight. Although Pretoria often receives less attention than Cape Town and Johannesburg, its architecture is equally remarkable and its history is central to the broader South African narrative.

First sip: Women in solitary by Shanthini Naidoo

LitNet LitNet Eerste Slukkie | First Sip 2020-09-17

"Here, political prisoners were kept among murderers and thieves. It was large enough for prisoners to disappear, particularly in the maze of solitary cells reserved for political detainees."

First sip: Prisoner 913 by Riaan de Villiers and Jan-Ad Stemmet

LitNet NB-Uitgewersportaal 2020-09-09

In 2013, historian Jan-Ad Stemmet opened a box at the Archive for Contemporary Affairs at the University of the Free State and realised he had found a collection of documents that would rewrite the story of Nelson Mandela’s release.

Achmat Dangor: From LitNet’s archives

Jean Meiring Books and writers 2020-09-07

Achmat Dangor passed away on 6 September 2020. Below, LitNet shares an article that was published in October 2004 on LitNet titled "Tasting the sweet fruit of literary success".