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The wonderful corniness of the Springboks: South African softness at its best

Robin K Crigler Opinion 2023-11-06

"Like South African hardegatheid South African softness also maybe has a particular cultural significance."

Karin Schimke’s gap year: an interview

Naomi Meyer, Karin Schimke Interviews 2023-11-03

"Travel has always felt beyond my means, but I’m a freelance writer, editor and translator, so in theory I could live and work anywhere I want. The notion took hold, in spite of all the reasons why it should be impossible, and I pursued ways of living a less structured, planned and predictable life for a few months."

An interview with Taryn Lock on Read to Rise and The Cape Flats Book Festival on 4 and 5 November 2023

Naomi Meyer, Taryn Lock Books and writers 2023-11-02

"We started Read to Rise in 2013 to promote youth literacy in under-resourced communities in South Africa. We believe that if children can read, they will excel at school and go on to become good, constructive members of society. It all starts with reading."

On land, constitutional law and social justice | Etienne van Heerden Veldsoirée 2023

Tembeka Ngcukaitobi, Mphuthumi Ntabeni Etienne van Heerden Veldsoirée 2023-11-02

This conversation on land, constitutional law and social justice took place at the Etienne van Heerden Veldsoirée 2023. Tembeka Ngcukaitobi is a member of the South African Law Reform Commission (SALRC) and an acting judge at the Land Claims Court.

Why we’re letting the ANC destroy South Africa (and how we can stop)

Siya Khumalo Opinion 2023-10-30

"After all, what’s more convenient than blaming the ANC for the continuation of apartheid’s legacy? What’s easier than making the problem internalised black inferiority, black-against-black malgovernance, with zero reference to white supremacy?"

Triumphs, trials and tribulations of South African agriculture | Etienne van Heerden Veldsoirée 2023

Christo van der Rheede Menings 2023-10-25

"South Africa’s agricultural sector is largely export-orientated. In quarter one of 2023, South Africa’s total agricultural product exports amounted to US$2,8 billion, up by 4,0% from US$2,7 billion in quarter four of 2022."

The Otto Foundation making a huge impact in District Six

SarahBelle Selig Books and writers 2023-10-25

"The main goal of the foundation is to help kids discover – and practise – a love of reading, their work goes far beyond the library."

Press release: UJ announces winner of the 2023 UJ Prize for Translation

LitNet Books and writers 2023-10-25

The University of Johannesburg (UJ) is pleased to announce the recipient of the prestigious 2023 UJ Prize for Translation.

Each mortal thing by Michiel Heyns: a review

Anthony Akerman Books and writers 2023-10-25

"The wheels obviously come off, or we wouldn’t have a story. I won’t give anything away, but trust me when I say that Heyns is a masterful storyteller and the narrative often veers off in quite unexpected directions."

Death is knocking at writers’ doors

Zongezile Matshoba Books and writers 2023-10-24

"Death knocked at the door of the writer Simphiwe Nolutshungu. He unfortunately and reluctantly opened it."

Avenues by train by Farai Mudzingwa: a review

Mphuthumi Ntabeni Books and writers 2023-10-24

"There’s an inherent risk of disharmony in this, but most amazingly the symphony of the book is melodious, and it fluently overlaps in a pleasing manner that doesn’t tax the reader’s concentration powers. I am sure it owes that not only to the writer’s skills, but also to those of the book editor. It is superbly achieved."

The results of the 2022 South African census – and thoughts on every South African learning their "mother tongue plus two"

Naomi Meyer, Lorna Carson Opinion 2023-10-23

"Creating the conditions where this kind of multilingualism is fostered involves commitment, leadership in education policy, and an understanding that the long-term benefits of such an approach are worth the time, cost and effort, because it will contribute to social cohesion, individual well-being and the development of new opportunities for speakers."

Press release: UJ announces shortlist for the 2023 UJ Prize for Translation 

LitNet Books and writers 2023-10-20

The University of Johannesburg (UJ) is delighted to present the shortlist for the esteemed 2023 UJ Prize for Translation. This accolade acknowledges the remarkable achievements of translators in the realm of literary translation. UJ received a multitude of entries, each demonstrating remarkable quality, making the process of shortlisting both demanding and rewarding.

Madibaland @ Bookbedonnerd 2023: an interview with Darryl David

Naomi Meyer, Darryl David Lifestyle and entertainment 2023-10-19

"When we created Book Town Richmond, that Obama phrase, 'the audacity of hope', was uppermost in my mind. Because it was sheer audacity to create a Book Town with not a cent to our names. It was sheer audacity to think that writers and bibliophiles would travel nearly 1 000 kilometres to a book festival. And somehow, here we are. Seventeen years later. Against all odds."

Tuis, ek’s liefie: A masterpiece in the making | Toyota US Woordfees 2023

Estelle Terblanche Toyota US Woordfees 2023-10-18

"Tuis, ek’s liefie has all the ingredients of a top-notch comedy piece: a strong text, beautiful set and costumes, a witty and clever directing style and a stellar cast."

Across boundaries: a life in the media in a time of change by Ton Vosloo: a book review

Paul Murray Books and writers 2023-10-17

"In 1970, the NP scored a massive victory at the polls, but it was a time that government opposition became weakened and the Progressives gained ground. Was it because the newspapers in the Nasionale Pers were conscientising Afrikaners to start accepting change?"

Sindiwe Magona celebrated with an exhibition at Amazwi

Izak de Vries Books and writers 2023-10-17

"The exhibition will be open to the public for a number of months."

BookBedonnerd: The road to elsewhere: a review

Mphuthumi Ntabeni Books and writers 2023-10-05

"In essence, the journey began when he chose to study Afrikaans, which, it must be admitted, was a little strange for an Indian boy in the ’80s."

Abassie se warme worsies

Zubayr Charles Opinion 2023-10-05

"There is something so intricate and special about going to a butcher, reaching the glass cabinet, glaring at the various kinds of meat, stating your order, watching the items get weighed and finally paying."

Fresh off the press: It’s always Friday somewhere in the universe by Joe Kitchen

LitNet Books and writers 2023-10-03

Kola K is marooned. He is not sure whether he is marooned on an island, a planet or in another dimension outside time and space. To make matters worse, he is suffering from amnesia.