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Press release: South Africans rewarded for championing children's literacy

LitNet Books and writers 2019-04-08

National reading-for-enjoyment campaign, Nal’ibali, is launching a loyalty programme for South Africans committed to making a difference in children’s reading development. Known as FUNda Sonke, isiXhosa for ‘everyone read’, the programme seeks to grow and support the campaign’s network of more than 17 000 literacy volunteers, known as FUNda Leaders, nationwide.

UNISA’s Breyten Seminar: "The birthday poem ritual as self-portrait in Breyten Breytenbach’s poetry: 1964–2014"

Charles Tait Books and writers 2019-04-04

"The biographical nature of both poetry and painting in Breyten Breytenbach’s work is less an indulgence than a subjective witnessing of both personal and world history."

Press release: Cape Town Library Book – Writing my City

LitNet New writing 2019-04-03

"In the coming months, libraries will be running workshops to aid you in honing your writing skills. All of this will culminate on the 15th of June when you will be able to submit your piece for consideration at participating libraries. The finalists' pieces will then be included in the #WritingmyCity anthology which will be launched at Open Book Festival 2019!" 

Press release: The 14th call for submissions extended to 30th April 2019

LitNet Books and writers 2019-04-02

Due to public request, the South African Literary Awards (SALA) Call for Submissions is extended to 30th April 2019.

Press release: Five Kanna nominations for Fugard's Statements after an arrest

LitNet Teater 2019-04-01

"The compelling new production of Athol Fugard's classic play Statements after an arrest under the Immorality Act has scooped no less than five Kanna Award nominations."

Dumbo: good enough

Reney Warrington Film 2019-03-29

"Dumbo, along with Mary Poppins Returns, might not have been cinematic milestones in the careers of the cast and crew, but it is the kind of movie that is sorely needed: films that enhance childlike wonder in children ..."

Secret keeper by Kerry Hammerton: book review

Karina Magdalena Szczurek Resensies 2019-03-27

"In Secret keeper, Hammerton manages to capture the essentials of most adult lives – love, loss, loneliness, anxiety, ageing and death – and leaves us pondering our own mortality, and that deep longing not to feel our insignificance 'at night' when we are all alone under the 'black sky, stars,/ the milky way'."

Iconic Slave Route Challenge returns on Sunday 31 March 2019

LitNet Lifestyle and entertainment 2019-03-26

The Slave Route Challenge, powered by Brimstone, will now take place in Cape Town on Sunday 31 March 2019. Late entries will be taken at registration for all events until they are sold out.

Kora: A lost Khoisan Language: an interview

Menán van Heerden, Menán du Plessis Books and writers 2019-03-26

On Wednesday, 27 March 2019 (13h00–15h00) at Stellenbosch University, linguist Menán du Plessis will talk about her book, Kora: A lost Khoisan Language of the early Cape and the Gariep. Menán van Heerden chats to Menán du Plessis about her book.

Invitation: Book launch of Kora: A lost Khoisan Language of the early Cape and the Gariep by Menán du Plessis

LitNet Books and writers 2019-03-25

Wednesday, 27 March (13h00-15h00): Please do join Stellenbosch University’s Department of General Linguistics as we celebrate the launch of Extraordinary Associate Professor Dr Menán du Plessis’ book entitled Kora: A lost Khoisan Language of the early Cape and the Gariep (Unisa Press in collaboration with South African History Online, 2018).

Sol Plaatje Award for Translation in 2016 to 2018: acceptance speech by Karin Schimke

Karin Schimke Books and writers 2019-03-22

"Prizes like these highlight the noblest ambition of translation: to humanise."

Response to Gustav Pienaar’s “impressions” of The man who killed apartheid

Harris Dousemetzis Boeke en skrywers 2019-03-21

"I have gone into considerable detail in countering Mr Pienaar’s criticism of my book, because I believe that he deserves a full and thoughtful reply, but also because criticism of this sort vilifies the memory of Dimitri Tsafendas himself."

Eye of the storm

Abigail George Fiksie 2019-03-20

"Come down from where you are; come down from your house, your horse, your wedding carriage, your mountain of mountains. Your mouth is a summer in New York."

Press release: Cape Town Carnival celebrates the hero in each of us

LitNet Lifestyle and entertainment 2019-03-20

"It was a giant celebration of colour, energy, talent and community spirit, as the streets of the Fan Walk in Green Point came alive last Saturday evening and the annual Cape Town Carnival thrilled thousands of visitors from near and far. The 55 000-strong crowd, which began converging on Green Point from mid-afternoon to enjoy the pre-carnival entertainment, food and drinks and the Carnival Village vibe, was enthralled by bright and brilliant floats, puppetry and performances."

Flower festival

Heidi Henning Poësie 2019-03-20

"The sweated-out, nudging prize-giving:
Neurotic nasturtiums pant for accolade,
Then frown,
Bow down;
Judges criticise their presentation."

Announcement: the winner of the 2019 City Press | Tafelberg non-fiction award

LitNet Books and writers 2019-03-20

City Press and Tafelberg are proud to announce the winner of the City Press | Tafelberg Nonfiction Award for 2019.

Director and playwright Lwanda Sindaphi’s Kudu catches attention at the Fleur du Cap Awards

Marli van Eeden, Lwanda Sindaphi Lifestyle and entertainment 2019-03-20

"Thunderous applause erupted in the Artscape Theatre in Cape Town, as upcoming director and playwright Lwanda Sindaphi received not only one award, but three awards, at the recent Fleur du Cap Theatre Awards, for his play, Kudu."

The resurrection of Winnie Mandela: A biography of survival by Sisonke Msimang: reader impression

Barend van der Merwe Books and writers 2019-03-20

"The history of Winnie Mandela (1936–2018) is one of the most painful stories to emerge from South Africa. It is a story of injustice and oppression, but it is also, for many South Africans, a story of triumph and hope."

Press release: Commonwealth Short Story Prize 2019

LitNet Books and writers 2019-03-20

The Commonwealth Short Story Prize, the world’s most global literary prize, is launching into its 2019 hot phase: the shortlist will be announced in the week commencing 8 April.

Steinheist: Markus Jooste, Steinhoff and SA’s biggest corporate fraud by Rob Rose: book review

Barend van der Merwe Books and writers 2019-03-19

"Rob Rose’s Steinheist is not the first book to appear in the aftermath of the Steinhoff crash, but it is, by far, the most comprehensive and most compelling."