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André Brink’s Kennis van die aand – published 50 years ago – was the first Afrikaans literary work to be banned

Anthony Akerman Books and writers 2023-09-27

André Brink tells the story in letters to Anthony Akerman: "But still, I’m going to try my damnedest. For the amended Act, due to come out next year, may be the last nail in our little literary coffin."

Strong story, adaptation and team make The promise this year’s must-see stage production

Clifford Roberts Lifestyle and entertainment 2023-09-27

"This is theatre and theatre-making at its best."

Countdown to socialism by Anthea Jeffery: The ANC’s road to Karl Marx

David Willers Books and writers 2023-09-26

"To read Jeffery’s compelling exposé is to realise that, for the past 30 years, the average South African has been a victim of the greatest imaginable confidence trick."

Better than ever: Open Book Festival 2023

Karina Magdalena Szczurek Books and writers 2023-09-20

"For me, Open Book was special in a different way. I have been attending literary festivals around the world as a reader for a quarter of a century, as a writer for almost two decades and as a publisher for the past four years, but never before have I felt that I truly embodied all three of these roles simultaneously and so fully at an event."

After nature by Lien Botha and Jaco van Schalkwyk: "An interconnected offering"

Vernon Head Lifestyle and entertainment 2023-09-20

Vernon Head reflects on After nature, a collaborative exhibition by artists Lien Botha and Jaco van Schalkwyk, currently on show at Barnard Gallery.

One human family against evil empires

Mphuthumi Ntabeni Books and writers 2023-09-20

"The literary controversy by author Elizabeth Gilbert, of the popular book Eat pray love, seems to have passed unnoticed on South Africa’s literary scene ... She delayed its publication indefinitely after receiving flak from Ukraine supporters and citizens."

Fresh off the press: A whistling of birds by Isobel Dixon

LitNet Books and writers 2023-09-19

Threaded throughout is the beautiful complexity and vulnerability of the planet, and the joy and difficulty of making art, as each poem becomes its own vivid testament to the natural world. 

Compassionate donkey epic peers deep into the modern world’s soul

Le Roux Fourie Lifestyle and entertainment 2023-09-19

"The 84-year-old Skolimowski (himself a peer of Bresson and Godard) manages to breathe fierce and impressionistic new life into a sacred cinematic treasure by updating Bresson’s transcendental fable for our current cultural climate. He achieves this in both the form and the matching content of his masterful new film."

Electrons do not read Das Kapital

Freek Robinson, Malegapuru Makgoba Interviews 2023-09-14

Malegapuru Makgoba tells Freek Robinson why De Ruyter was the right person to lead Eskom, and he names the ministers who play political games with Eskom instead of supporting those who understand what needs to be done.

Chuma Sopotela talks about her role in the stage adaptation of Damon Galgut's The promise

Naomi Meyer, Chuma Sopotela Interviews 2023-09-13

"I have never been a houseworker, but I can relate to the character – from part of my responsibilities as an artist and performer – as a “space holder”: someone who holds space for people, either in grief or distress, or just in enabling them to be themselves and being able to thrive."

Everyday Shakespeare: Lines for life by Ben and David Crystal: a book review

David Willers Books and writers 2023-09-12

"I couldn’t put this book down. It now resides at my elbow at breakfast, where I can turn to today’s date and read the relevant quote to my wife. It provides space, as the authors say, to step back briefly from taking part in life, and instead to reflect simply for a while on how we all live. The Shakespearean quotes all strike a chord."

Three wise monkeys by Charles van Onselen: a book review

Peter Vale Books and writers 2023-09-12

"The many intrigues in these pages are told not only by a great writer, but by the country’s foremost historian; Van Onselen’s work opens new ways to think about a range of issues like the responsibilities of scholarship, the idea of southern Africa, and the roots of South Africa’s foreign policy, among other things."

Mangosuthu Buthelezi: Good and evil in one person

Prince Mashele Opinion 2023-09-12

"African spirituality does not entail the idea of eternal damnation. It is anchored in the belief that even in death, a sinner can be forgiven and be reunited with his or her ancestors. The question is: would Africans be willing to forgive the sins Mangosuthu Buthelezi committed before 1994?"

The contested legacy of Mangosuthu Buthelezi

Bhekisisa Mncube Opinion 2023-09-11

"Truth be told, I was introduced to political propaganda and speech writing through Buthelezi’s speeches. He was indeed a gifted writer, crafting statements that could move masses. My father, an Inkatha member, often brought home Buthelezi’s speeches in Zulu and English."

Statues and Storms: Leading through change by Max Price | Book launch on 21 September, Cape Town

LitNet Books and writers 2023-09-11

You are invited to attend the book launch of Statues and Storms: Leading through change by Max Price on 21 September at Exclusive Books, V&A Waterfront in Cape Town. The book offers a gripping insider's account of Max Price’s tenure as Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cape Town during a transformative period in South African higher education. 

Fresh off the press: Coloured: How classification became culture by Tessa Dooms and Lynsey Ebony Chutel

LitNet Books and writers 2023-09-07

Coloured is a reflection on, and celebration of Coloured identities as lived experiences. It is a call to Coloured communities to reclaim their identity and an invitation to understand the history and place of Coloured people in the making of South Africa’s future.

Will an African coup loop descend to southern Africa?

Mphuthumi Ntabeni Opinion 2023-09-06

"The new thing among African juntas is leeching on the grievances of the demos, that is, pretending to be (and celebrated as) a liberating force – at the beginning at least – before also creating a pattern similar to that of the new elite."

Press release: Isobel Dixon’s A whistling of birds, programme of South African book tour

LitNet NB-Uitgewersportaal 2023-09-06

Isobel Dixon will be on tour in South Africa for the first time since Covid. Herewith more information on the respective events.

To the moon or a crash landing? 2024 election prospects

Rory Riordan Opinion 2023-09-05

"Stop dreaming, take on the issues in front of you, DA, and get back to talking with the ANC. There are a number of South Africa’s biggest cities that are in real trouble (I know, I live in one), and only a determined effort by both the ANC and the DA working together can pull them right."

Kariba by Daniel and James Clarke: a graphic novel review

Mphuthumi Ntabeni Books and writers 2023-09-04

"The pleasing thing about this graphic novel – or comic book, in the parlance of this old-timer – is how it teaches not only old African beliefs, but also that ancient wisdom can be adopted to support the protection of our ecosystem."