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Zimbabwe: another false dawn

ish Opinion 2019-01-24

"Zimbabweans have now woken up to the fact that they were once again sold a dummy, and that 18 November 2017, like 18 April 1980 when Zimbabwe attained its independence from Britain, was another false dawn."

Press Release: Real Concerts presents The Mango Groove 30th Anniversary Concert

LitNet Musiek 2019-01-23

Mango Groove and Real Concerts are delighted to announce that Mango Groove will be performing a once-off, spectacular 30th Anniversary Concert at the Teatro Theatre at Montecasino on Friday, 8 March 2019.

The art of prayer (in Zimbabwe)

Klara Wojtkowska Opinion 2019-01-22

"The day after #ShutDownZimbabwe, the weight of the Big Fear still heavy and tangible on our tongues, and the twisted compass of the Big Confusion whirling bigger and bigger storms in brains and bodies and hearts alike – on this day, at a time that still saw the sun climbing towards his throne at the top of the sky, in the immigration office in Harare, the genial officer at the front desk smiled and laughed with two women waiting for assistance."

The old man & the gun

Reney Warrington Film 2019-01-08

"The old man & the gun does not demand too much; it does not aim to unsettle or shock. It tells a marvellous tale of a bank robber who simply loved robbing banks, got caught, broke out 17 times and returned to what he loved – robbing banks."

Open letter to President Ramaphosa: support the true arts in this country

Darryl David Opinion 2019-01-04

"To use arts and culture money to record the favourite struggle songs of Jacob Zuma is a slap in the face of every artist and writer in this country."

Intercontinental entanglements: slavery, Dutch colonialism and post-colonial identifications

Menán van Heerden Menings 2018-12-20

"The questions that need to be asked, are: 'whose history is under discussion here?' and who is the 'us' 'who call themselves the Dutch'?"

The African Library: Forbidden Fruit by Stanley Gazemba

Annie Gagiano Books and writers 2018-12-19

"Gazemba beautifully interweaves the rhythms of rural life with the impulses of individuals’ emotions. The lives he evokes are rich in feeling and the narrative voice, however compassionate, describes the poor without condescension or pity."

Blindspotting – for real, for real and damn funny

Reney Warrington Film 2018-12-19

"The film goes beyond issues of race and looks, without being cynical, at other blind spots such as hanging with the wrong friends, the pressure of culture, aggression, gentrification and the failures of the justice system."

In memoriam: Justin Cartwright

Christopher Hope Opinion 2018-12-18

"That was Cartwright's gift. A vein of laconic comedy runs through almost all his work which draws on his preoccupations with movies, advertising, American oddities as well as British pretensions and to which he gave exuberant rein in novels like Look at it This Way ..."

Video: Keynote and public lecture by Achille Mbembe

LitNet Menings 2018-12-14

Internationally acclaimed Achille Mbembe was a keynote speaker at the international conference Recognition, Reparation and Reconciliation: The light and shadow of historical trauma.

Video: Keynote lecture by Homi Bhabha – A memory of neighbours: On history and the afterlife

Naomi Bruwer Menings 2018-12-14

"Internationally acclaimed Homi K Bhabha was the keynote speaker at the international conference Recognition, Reparation and Reconciliation: The light and shadow of historical trauma."

Poacher by Shuhood Abader and Kimon de Greef: a book review

Johan Fourie Books and writers 2018-12-12

"The book exposes the inner workings of the poaching industry, laying bare the social structures that support the communities and people who participate." 

Kyle Allan appointed editor of New Coin

LitNet New writing 2018-12-07

"Kyle also plans to build a stronger media presence for New Coin; to feature forgotten or under-rated poets from the past; and to publish poetry from other South African languages in English translation."

Widows tried to be too many things

Reney Warrington Film 2018-12-06

"Widows tries to be a heist movie-cum-social drama, but does not deliver on either."

Tell me your story by Ruda Landman: a book review

Izak de Vries Books and writers 2018-12-04

“Since the book is representative of all races, a variety of cultures, most religions and a fair range of age groups, the reader is treated to a number of colourful, multilayered views of our country.”

Anatoli by Tayfun Aras: a book review

Elsibe Loubser McGuffog Resensies 2018-11-29

Anatoli by Tayfun Aras is not only a recipe book. It is a mini-memoir of his creative culinary life and a hearty diary of this much-loved niche restaurant in Cape Town, which was established in 1984.

The Enumerations: an interview with Máire Fisher

Naomi Meyer, Máire Fisher Books and writers 2018-11-28

"I like the idea of it being a whydunnit, but I really do hope that readers will land up liking Noah and understanding more about him. I think it’s really important that we see people as people, not as being defined by their conditions."

The enumerations by Máire Fisher: reader impression

Barend van der Merwe Books and writers 2018-11-28

"The enumerations is certainly a novel that I recommend to anyone, especially anyone with an interest in psychology and the issue of OCD."

Private life is bracingly funny and moving

Reney Warrington Lifestyle and entertainment 2018-11-27

"The great thing about Private life is that it does not take sides. It shows you the couple’s total heartbreak and fatigue, but also that their obsession with having a baby is destroying their lives."

In Harmony: Cape Town Chamber Choir | Kaapstadse Kamerkoor

LitNet Lifestyle and entertainment 2018-11-22

You are invited to the Cape Town Chamber Choir's In Harmony on Sunday the 25th of November 2018 at the Centre of the Book in Cape Town.