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Seen around: Derek Attridge, Isobel Dixon, David Attwell, Margie Orford and Michael Green

Imke van Heerden 2012-02-09 Derek Attridge, Isobel Dixon, David Attwell, Margie Orford and Michael Green at the launch of The Cambridge History of SA Literature.

The Sea of Wise Insects a macabre tale of a tormented soul

Elizabeth Joss 2012-02-08 Alice Wolfe, misunderstood protagonist and victim of unfortunate events, is involved in a car accident that will forever change her life.

Call for Applications: International Writers Project at Brown University

2012-01-27 The Brown Department of Literary Arts and Thomas J. Watson Institute for International Studies are seeking applications and nominations for the 2012 - 2013 International Writers Project Fellowship.

Gallows Hill not a match for Daddy's Girl

Janet van Eeden 2012-01-26 Gallows Hill is the fourth novel in the Clare Hart series, which has made Margie Orford one of this country’s most successful crime novelists.

Call for Submissions for the 4th FEMRITE Regional Women Writers’ Residence

2012-01-26 Uganda Women Writers Association (FEMRITE) calls for submissions for her 4th Regional Women Writers Residence to be held in November 2012.

Exclusive Books Summer Sale: Winners announced

2012-01-25 The Exclusive Books Summer Sale starts nationwide on Friday 27th January. It’s the perfect opportunity to snap up books that you have always wanted and choose your favourite read to unwind with.

Margie Orford, author of Daddy’s Girl, in conversation with Janet van Eeden

Margie Orford 2012-01-25 Janet van Eeden picks the krimi brain of South Africa's female krimi writer supreme, Margie Orford

A Private Affair – Love comes at a price

Louise Anne Buchler 2012-01-25 No matter who you are, love comes at a price ...

Being flows in Malikhanye

Kyle Allen 2012-01-25 Malikhanye is Mxolisi Nyezwa’s third collection of poetry, continuing his trend of potent and highly lyrical poetry containing the reality of a landscape that is both political and personal, both painful and beautiful, in writing filled with intense and startlingly evocative imagery.

2012 Maskew Miller Longman Literature Awards Writers Workshops

AntheaV 2012-01-24 Are you a new writer in need of guidance & inspiration or an experienced author seeking tips on how to write a youth novel?

2013 Maskew Miller Longman Literature Awards

AntheaV 2012-01-24 Maskew Miller Longman invites you to submit your unpublished and original novel/s for the 2013 Maskew Miller Longman Literature Awards.

The Loss Library and Other Unfinished Stories: artful and ingenious

Jonathan Amid 2012-01-18  Jonathan Amid reads Ivan Vladislavic's latest offering and comes to the conclusion that it is all but unmissable.

Best reads of the year 2011

Janet van Eeden 2012-01-18 Janet van Eeden picks the ten most memorable books that made an appearance on her bedside table last year

McIntosh Polela in conversation with Janet van Eeden about his memoir My Father, My Monster

Janet van Eeden 2012-01-18  Janet van Eeden reads My Father, My Monster and speaks to author McIntosh Polela about the past, the present and his future literary projects

Oepse Daisy recommended for those with itchy feet

Justin Fox 2012-01-16  This new collection of 27 travel sketches takes us on a journey around the globe with master raconteur Johan Bakkes.

Sculpting the Earth eye-catching and soothing

Jenna Burchell 2012-01-13  Jenna Burchell reads Strijdom van der Merwe's new book, Sculpting the Earth

Pharos Giveaway: Winner announced

2012-01-09 If you in your everyday life deal with a lot of writing (be it scripts, letters, poems or grocery lists) you should definitely read on.

Triumph of the Pennywhistle: Occasionally stirring but entirely overwrought debut

Jonathan Amid 2011-12-15 While I was reading Sofi Adelbrand’s debut novel Triumph of the Pennywhistle(the author’s real name is Runa Prinsloo) a few questions relentlessly battered against the hinges of my reading experience: Is there a limit to the ways that certain stories can be  ...

Occasions in demand

Susina Jooste 2011-12-15 The huge number of varieties and ingredients on supermarket shelves has changed our eating habits. Fresh salads, herbs and vegetables jostle for space with many local and exotic ingredients. Dishes that appear on our family tables and when we entertain  ...

The Secret Lives of Baba Segi’s Wives tackles contemporary African culture

Annie Gagiano 2011-12-15 With a plot as complex as the one deployed here, one needs to keep one’s wits about one as the secrets alluded to in the title gradually unfold or are suddenly exposed to the reader and to one or other of the characters.