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The Boers in Angola: There for even longer than you thought

Bill Nasson 2011-12-14 The author’s close interest in the lives of the Angolan Afrikaners has resulted in a detailed, scholarly and yet very readable history that recreates a tough and mostly messy rural world.

Reclaiming the L-Word: Piercing the Solid Silence

Janka Steenkamp Books and writers 2011-12-08

When I was first asked to review Reclaiming the L-Word I viewed the task with a little trepidation. What could I, a straight, middle-class, white woman, bring to the table, reading about struggles that I cannot even conceive of, in contexts completely foreign ...

Joanne Hichens, author of Divine Justice, in conversation with Janet van Eeden

Joanne Hichens, Janet van Eeden 2011-12-08 In Divine Justice, Hichens leaps solo into a story of bizarre characters, tensely twisted plots, chilling hatred and a denouement to die for.

Things I Thought I Knew: Lyrical and gripping sophomore effort from Kathryn White

Jonathan Amid 2011-12-01 Having read this stunning new novel in one sitting I am willing to wager a large amount on the fact that White’s novel will go some distance in establishing her as a compelling new voice on the South African literary scene.

Reader’s Review: Inspiration and the Inner Wolf: Women Who Run With The Wolves

Elizabeth Joss 2011-11-30 It’s only once in a lifetime that you come across a book that really makes sense to you as a woman and inspires you utterly. Clarissa Pinkola Estés’s novel Women Who Run With The Wolves does just this.

Book snaps for Christmas Shopping

Janet van Eeden 2011-11-24 A pile of books landed on my desk recently which would fall into the category of good reads and great Christmas presents. I’ve done a quick snapshot of each one to whet your appetite for the Christmas shopping season.

Resident Alien told you so

Janet van Eeden 2011-11-24

Nothing but David Kramer, an interview

David Kramer, Naomi Meyer 2011-11-23 The name David Kramer is as well-known as Sunlight liquid – people use this name all the time. But do we really know this man behind the familiar bike and the red shoes? The book David Kramer: A Biography has just been launched in Cape Town.

The other Booker Prize: Sonderlinge verhale vanuit die rand van ons gesigsveld

Chris van der Merwe 2011-11-16 Azila Reisenberger het in ’n Hebreeuse huisgesin in Israel grootgeword, as jong vrou die wêreld deurreis, en haar later saam met haar Duitse man in Kaapstad gevestig. So pas het van hierdie merkwaardige vrou ’n tipe “vermomde outobiografie” verskyn met ...

Light and After: From the mind of a sensitive poet

2011-11-15 Kobus Moolman’s Light and After is his fifth collection of poetry. Lyrically evocative and engaging, this collection reintroduces readers familiar with Moolman’s poetry to his confident lines, unique images, memorable language and impressive narrative ...

Phillippa Yaa de Villiers on her experience of Poetry Africa

Janet van Eeden 2011-11-09  What did being invited to Poetry Africa mean to you?

It was a great honour and an opportunity to share ideas with brilliant minds from around the world.

Bundu: A worthy trip into the wild

Jonathan Amid 2011-11-08  

My Mercedes is Bigger than Yours: An exploration of postcolonial society

Annie Gagiano 2011-11-04 Published in the Heinemann African Writers Series in 1975, Nkem Nwankwo’s novel succeeded his highly popular first (comic) novel, Dando (1964).