Reney Warrington

My st 8 Afrikaans-juffrou het gesê ek moet eerder nie tale gaan swot nie. Die uitdrukking op haar gesig het beteken ek sal dit nie maak nie.

My st 8 Engels-juffrou het gesê ek moet asseblief ’n getekende kopie van my eerste boek vir haar bring. Ek dink ek glo eerder my Engels-juffrou.

Opgedateer/Updated: 2008-12-15
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Dinge van ’n kind (kykNET-reeks) na aanleiding van ’n braaibroodjie

Reney Warrington kykNET Portaal 2022-05-06

"Hier is baie om oor opgewonde te wees."

The handmaid’s tale – a roller coaster of the familiar

Reney Warrington TV 2021-05-04

"Luckily, I have seen only the first three episodes, so there is a glimmer of hope that a twisty, shocking, yet authentic plot twist will steer the case towards not guilty of becoming Prison break."

Never rarely sometimes always: a film review

Reney Warrington Film 2021-04-26

"The dread. Yes, the feeling of dread never leaves. You have two underage girls; one is pregnant. With little money and no support, they travel to New York. What should be a one-day excursion turns into a prolonged three-day affair. They have nowhere to stay, no money to spend."

Tali’s #babydiary: TV review

Reney Warrington Lifestyle and entertainment 2021-02-25

"Here’s to Tali’s #babydiary building on this great start and taking South African television to a next level."

Siende blind – te ooglopend

Reney Warrington TV 2020-12-15

"Ons ken hierdie karakters. Ons het hierdie storie al gekyk. Ons verwag meer."

Filmresensie: Stam

Reney Warrington Film 2020-10-27

"’n Hoogtepunt is Gideon Lombard se vertolking."

Kiss the ground – is there hope?

Reney Warrington Film 2020-10-14

"Generally, I had wanted to save all the bees and the flowers and the rivers, but this time around, I had a clear plan."

Resensie van Ekstra medium: Dis ekstra lekker

Reney Warrington kykNET Portaal 2020-10-06

"'n Man wat 'n wieletjietas deur 'n verlate veld in die industriële gebied sleep, is nie 'n tipiese opening vir 'n televisiereeks nie. Dat hy boonop 'n discobal onder die arm dra, is egter die eerste wenk dat jy nou in Beer Adriaanse en Retief Scholtz se wêreld is. En die klimaat daar lyk matig, of soos hulle dit noem, Ekstra medium."

Teenage bounty hunters – an unexpected oddity

Reney Warrington Film 2020-10-01

"Sure, season one might not have been an integrated whole, but it serves as the perfect warm-up for something darker, edgier and more out there. Count me in."

Lovecraft country – a review

Reney Warrington Lifestyle and entertainment 2020-08-07

"Buckle your seatbelt for this new HBO show."

"I was not supposed to enjoy Cursed" – a review

Reney Warrington Lifestyle and entertainment 2020-08-04

"I was right. It is kinda lame. Really. Still, I think you should give it a try."

Film review: The old guard – a bit lacklustre

Reney Warrington Lifestyle and entertainment 2020-07-15

"Charlize, the drawcard of this film, is a great dramatic actress and is great at action sequences. But do not dial her down or make her or her characters saccharin-sweet."

Netflix Originals Series, a way to travel the world

Reney Warrington Lifestyle and entertainment 2020-07-09

"As travelling will be a complicated affair for the foreseeable future, I love the (fictionalised) glimpse these shows offer into other countries, other cultures."

Film review: Eurovision Song Contest: The story of fire saga

Reney Warrington Lifestyle and entertainment 2020-07-03

"If Netflix continues to make such unfunny, listless, meandering money-spinners, I might look for my film fix elsewhere."

A secret love (Netflix) – great story, but below average film

Reney Warrington Lifestyle and entertainment 2020-05-06

"It represents a certain group of people and a story worth telling, but it does so in a superficial, monotone manner that skims over possible interesting angles. It comes across as a pet project.