Clifford Roberts

Clifford Roberts is a freelance writer and photographer.

Noise: A flaw in human judgement by Daniel Kahneman, Olivier Sibony and Cass R Sunstein – a book review

Clifford Roberts Books and writers 2021-08-11

"Noise draws together statistical research to show how skewed judgement can be in fields from criminal justice to medicine, public health to economics, human resources to child protection – and just how rampant the problem is."

Review: Dream of a lifetime: Crossing Antarctica by Mike Horn

Clifford Roberts Books and writers 2020-04-22

"The pages fly by. The journey over the ice is as ferocious as the pace its reading makes."

Review: The enforcers – Inside Cape Town’s deadly nightclub battles by Caryn Dolley

Clifford Roberts Books and writers 2020-04-06

"There is an art in finding and lifting the real story from the day-to-day facts. Dolley may not quite be there yet, but she's certainly on her way."

Reader impression: Talking to strangers by Malcolm Gladwell

Clifford Roberts Books and writers 2020-02-18

"These are the stories of real people. They’re the stories that we enjoy most, and are, from their reading, those that Gladwell relishes compassionately too."

Film review: A million little pieces

Clifford Roberts Lifestyle and entertainment 2020-02-04

"A million little pieces is an engaging film that will transport you from your comfortable theatre seat, providing some limited insight into difficult lives that people endure."

Review: Bitter pill by Peter Church

Clifford Roberts Books and writers 2020-01-31

"Bitter pill is a book built for speed. The chapters are short and the events fast paced."

Richard O’Brien’s Rocky Horror Show Rock ’n Roll Musical

Clifford Roberts Lifestyle and entertainment 2019-12-13

"Clearly, the full house to which the Rocky Horror Show opened on the main stage at the Artscape in Cape Town for its latest run, shows that time has not dimmed this star."

Review: Death, detention and disappearance by David Smuts

Clifford Roberts Books and writers 2019-11-28

"Death, detention and disappearance makes an invaluable contribution to our perspective, both historical and on abusive power everywhere."

Reader impression: Tobacco wars by Johann van Loggerenberg

Clifford Roberts Books and writers 2019-11-06

"Overall, the book sheds light on the darker workings of a massive industry. But it also provides much-needed insight into SARS and the world of tax collection."

Endgame at the Baxter: theatre review

Clifford Roberts Teater 2018-08-20

"Together, this latest crew whips up Beckett’s tale anew and makes an important and essential contribution to discourse ironically under threat of being drowned out itself."

Burgeoning Estonian festival seeks more African film

Clifford Roberts Film 2018-01-30

"'The selections from Africa up to now have mostly come from recommendations from friends,' says event founder and director Tiina Lokk-Tramberg. 'It is one of the areas where I would really like to get more submissions.'"

Under Nelson Mandela Boulevard by Sean Christie: a book review

Clifford Roberts Resensies 2017-11-29

"Christie skilfully weaves historical and social context into the retelling of day-to-day events, from his early encounters with the Beachboys through to his introduction to the slums of Dar es Salaam."

Marat/Sade, a theatre review

Clifford Roberts Lifestyle and entertainment 2017-03-08

"One is intensely aware of one’s own imperfect complicity, and constantly reminded of it jarringly as the occasional performer tears through that imaginary wall at the edge of the stage, and bounds – wild-eyed and tongue flailing – over the aisles."

Waar is ons manlike amateurbakkers?

Clifford Roberts kykNET Portaal 2016-04-26

Op kykNET se Koekedoor-logo pryk daar 'n haan. Clifford Roberts het opgemerk  dis die enigste een: daar is hierdie seisoen net een manlike bakker tussen die henne. Clifford het agter die skerms gaan skrop.

New era for Vergenoegd unveiled

Clifford Roberts Lifestyle and entertainment 2016-02-12

"The team has launched some new initiatives on the farm to complement the famed 'duck parade' – a morning and afternoon display of hundreds of Indian Runner ducks."