Hier’s splinternuwe lirieke - soos lirieke vir Sing ’it, LitNet se liriekkompetisie, geborg deur Sanlam.
Cool new lyrics – like lyrics for Sing ’it, LitNet’s lyrics competition, sponsored by Sanlam.

Tugging towards discovery

Jonathan Amid 2014-03-10 Mark Winkler's An Exceptionally Simple Theory (of Absolutely Everything) is “an intensely absorbing and unapologetically apolitical tale”.

Bloody Satisfied – edited by Joanne Hichens

Jonathan Amid 2014-01-24 “Five years later, in 2013, Hichens has once again edited and collected various storytelling voices under the title Bloody Satisfied: The collection is the inaugural anthology produced in conjunction with the National Arts Festival. Will you be bloody satisfied after reading these stories?”

South African Flowering Trees: Photos of book launch at Kirstenbosch

2014-01-20 The aptly named Rob Wood, author of South African Flowering Trees, was represented by his son Alan and grandson Aden at the launch of his book at Kirstenbosch this week.

South African Flowering Trees – A botanical adventure through history

Rob Wood, Naomi Meyer 2014-01-14 Many books have been written about trees, but South African Flowering Trees – a botanical adventure through history makes a good effort at giving a complete picture.

What Hidden Lies: Crime from up close

Jonathan Amid 2014-01-10 "In Greek mythology, Persephone is the queen of the underworld. In the brilliant debut novel by celebrated scriptwriter and script editor Michelle Rowe, detective Persephone (Persy) Jonas ... is the plucky young woman tasked with navigating the underworld of a community where little is as it appears."

The Spiral House by Claire Robertson

Jonathan Amid 2014-01-03 “Claire Robertson’s extensively researched debut novel, The Spiral House, comes after thirty years spent working as a journalist. The novel has garnered praise from various quarters, unsurprisingly, since it seems to engage every nerve and fibre of one’s body and mind, so absorbing is its arc.”

Reader's review: Black Widow Society

Jonathan Amid 2014-01-03 "If anyone dared to say that the burgeoning South African crime fiction scene was light on inventiveness, over-politicised, almost exclusively cornered by Cape writers and lacking in contributions from black female writers, then Angela Makholwa offers a decidedly tart response with her latest novel, Black Widow Society."

Sanlam Sing 'it 2013 lyric writer wins R50 000!

2013-12-20 Meet this year's Sanlam Sing 'it winner, Frans van Wyk!

Liedjieskrywer wen R50 000 met Sanlam Sing 'it 2013

2013-12-20 Hier is die Sanlam Sing 'it wenner vir 2013!

African Library: Harare North by Brian Chikwava

Annie Gagiano 2013-12-18 Chikwava’s Harare North ... presents readers with an evocation of conflicted Zimbabwean identities ... and with making lives for themselves in Britain, where so many of their compatriots have inserted themselves ... (T)hey have mockingly re-named London 'Harare North' (Johannesburg being known as 'Harare South')."

Sanlam Sing 'it lyric writers honour Nelson Mandela

2013-12-06 LitNet invites lyric writers to write a chorus of four lines in honour of Nelson Mandela.

Skinned by Antjie Krog

Franci Vosloo 2013-12-04 "The poet thus becomes the text, inhabits the text and becomes part of the articulations and rhythms of the text." Franci Vosloo discusses why Skinned is a good representation of Krog's oeuvre and the essence of Krog's poetics.

White-washed equality

Michael Fargher, Naomi Meyer 2013-11-22 “A fact particularly relevant to South Africa is that being born white (not just white and wealthy) also grants better access to opportunity. For South Africa to move on, we all need to acknowledge this fact. And it is a fact.”

The War at Home: An interview with Bill Nasson

Bill Nasson, Naomi Meyer 2013-11-12 "Some (black people) were loyal and trusted servants of Boer families, others were participants in the running of the camp system. You could say that there were divided loyalties. Or, that for some there were no loyalties – they were just doing their best to get through the war."

Finding the writer where the stories begin

Thelma Mort, Linda Rode 2013-11-11 An interview with award-winning South African author Linda Rode about the award-winning book In die Nimmer-Immer Bos / In the Never Ever Wood.

October by Réney Warrington: Photos of book launch

2013-11-11 Réney Warrington’s October (published by Protea) was launched on 8 November 2013 at Bibliophilia in Woodstock, Cape Town. Réney Warrington was in conversation with Izak de Vries. Hannelie Coetzee shared her photos of the evening with LitNet.

Interview with The Soil and their finalist, Nothando Zungu

2013-11-05 Nothando Zungu and BlackByrd tells us more about their Sanlam Sing 'it song.

Interview with AKA and his finalist, Giovanni Coetzee

2013-11-05 Giovanni Coetzee and AKA tells us more about their Sanlam Sing 'it song.

Interview with Straatligkinders and their finalist, Frans Van Wyk

2013-11-05 Frans van Wyk and Straatligkinder tells us more about their Sanlam Sing 'it song.

Interview with BlackByrd and their finalist, Beulah Lee Harris

2013-11-05 Beulah Lee Harris and BlackByrd tells us more about their Sanlam Sing 'it song.