Hier’s splinternuwe lirieke - soos lirieke vir Sing ’it, LitNet se liriekkompetisie, geborg deur Sanlam.
Cool new lyrics – like lyrics for Sing ’it, LitNet’s lyrics competition, sponsored by Sanlam.

Sing 'it 2013: Meet the finalists

2013-11-05 The Sanlam Sing 'it artists picked their favourite lyrics and recorded them into songs! Read all about it, listen, download and vote!

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Review: For the Mercy of Water

Elzette Steenkamp 2013-11-04 "Inspired by Jayes’s experience as a newspaper journalist covering events in the Middle East, For the Mercy of Water is concerned with the ways in which control over access to water can be used as a political tool."

"High on the music" by Marie-Claire de Villiers

Marie-Claire de Villiers 2013-10-09

"I could find" by Hauzel Beukman

Hauzel Beukman 2013-10-09

"Light up the world" by Maduvha Mphaphuli

Maduvha Mphaphuli 2013-10-09

"Dream" by Michael Thompson

Michael Thompson 2013-10-09

"I depend on you" by Reo Emmett

Reo Emmett 2013-10-09

"Deeper than the fame" by Abraham Moletsane Rampai

Abraham Moletsane Rampai 2013-10-09

"Laat my weet" deur Thomas Thomson

Michael Thompson 2013-10-09

"Dis in die môre" deur Thomas Thomson

Thomas Thomson 2013-10-09

"Dear Princess" by Maduvha Mphaphuli

Maduvha Mphaphuli 2013-10-09

"Just be you" by Bjorn Scheepers

Bjorn Scheepers 2013-10-09

"Gave you everything" by George Ingram

George Ingram 2013-10-09

"Kom wys jou oë" deur Stephan Strydom

Stephan Strydom 2013-10-09

"Like a star" by Sven Williams

Sven Williams 2013-10-09