Hier’s splinternuwe lirieke - soos lirieke vir Sing ’it, LitNet se liriekkompetisie, geborg deur Sanlam.
Cool new lyrics – like lyrics for Sing ’it, LitNet’s lyrics competition, sponsored by Sanlam.

Interview with The Soil and their finalist, Nothando Zungu

2013-11-05 Nothando Zungu and BlackByrd tells us more about their Sanlam Sing 'it song.

Interview with AKA and his finalist, Giovanni Coetzee

2013-11-05 Giovanni Coetzee and AKA tells us more about their Sanlam Sing 'it song.

Review: For the Mercy of Water

Elzette Steenkamp 2013-11-04 "Inspired by Jayes’s experience as a newspaper journalist covering events in the Middle East, For the Mercy of Water is concerned with the ways in which control over access to water can be used as a political tool."

"Deeper than the fame" by Abraham Moletsane Rampai

Abraham Moletsane Rampai 2013-10-09

"Dizzy Tyd" by Kagiso Mabule

Kagiso Mabule 2013-10-09

"Die plaas" deur Machtilt de Beer

Machtilt de Beer 2013-10-09

" Looking pretty" by Siphosethu Mthethwa

Siphosethu Mthethwa 2013-10-09

"Unfulfilled" by Nakedi Matshaka

Nakedi Matshaka 2013-10-09

"Naivety" by Ntobeko Ximba

Ntobeko Ximba 2013-10-09

"Wind" by Chris Geldenhuys

Chris Geldenhuys 2013-10-09

"Laat my weet" deur Thomas Thomson

Michael Thompson 2013-10-09

"Dreams" by Machtilt de Beer

Machtilt de Beer 2013-10-09

"Jika, turn up" by Zuko Jaho

Zuko Jaho 2013-10-09

"Masjien" by Erik Levigne

Erik Levigne 2013-10-09

"Time machine" by Cherie Barnardo

Cherie Barnardo 2013-10-09

"High on the music" by Marie-Claire de Villiers

Marie-Claire de Villiers 2013-10-09

"A Girl's Story" by Elize Swart

Elize Swart 2013-10-09

"Tornado" by Martin Volkwyn

Martin Volkwyn 2013-10-09