"Dream" by Michael Thompson

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Preferred Band/Artist: AKA

Like Martin Luther King I have a dream and I'm convinced to reach it
And get out of denial like the prince of Egypt
I continue to work hard and have since succeeded
So if you have beef, I turn it to mince and feed pigs
Michael Jordan on my feet
Michael Jackson in my verses
Thriller bars leave you breathless like a teenage girl having her first kiss
I got your girls love jumping rope that's why her heart skips a beat
When she think of me kissing her head, lips, hips and feet
I moonwalk the sun and cool it down when I tell the heat to beat it
Take your tasteless words replace the verbs with my food of thought and eat it
I would strongly encourage you to tell it in gossip
That the rhymes I kick harder than Miguel in a mosh pit
I kick more game than South African soccer players
To have you feeling higher than the mountains in the Himalaya's

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