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Things I Thought I Knew: Lyrical and gripping sophomore effort from Kathryn White

Jonathan Amid 2011-12-01 Having read this stunning new novel in one sitting I am willing to wager a large amount on the fact that White’s novel will go some distance in establishing her as a compelling new voice on the South African literary scene.

We are Big Brother

Christina Engela Opinion 2011-12-01 Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? This a Latin proverb meaning "Who will guard the guardians?" or "Who will watch the watchdogs?" Correct me if I'm wrong, but in a democracy that is the job for the people, the citizenry, the electorate, the body politic. That's us. We do. Or don't – depending on what little laws or obstacles those […]

Nashen Moodley joins the Sydney Film Festival

Nashen Moodley, Janet van Eeden 2011-12-01 Nashen Moodley joins Sydney Film Festival at a time of great strength and growth.

Strijdom van der Merwe, the blue line, a red flag and black Tuesday

Strijdom van der Merwe, Naomi Meyer 2011-12-01 Strijdom van der Merwe recently decided to walk away from a proposed project in Durban. The idea was to paint a blue line through the city to demonstrate the potential impact of global warming. Behind the scenes, Van der Merwe clashed ...

Notes on the making of "In Durban, all roads lead ..."

Lesley Perkes 2011-12-01 Strijdom van der Merwe recently decided to walk away from a proposed project in Durban. The idea was to paint a blue line through the city to demonstrate the potential impact of global warming. Behind the scenes, Van der Merwe clashed ...

Ângela Ferreira discusses her latest body of work with Kristine Kronjé

Ângela Ferreira, Kristine Kronjé 2011-12-01 Following Werdmuller Centre and Other Works in 2010 Mozambican-born artist, Ângela Ferreira recently showed her second solo exhibition at Stevenson in Cape Town. Investigating the ongoing impact of colonialism and post-colonialism ...

Reader’s Review: Inspiration and the Inner Wolf: Women Who Run With The Wolves

Elizabeth Joss 2011-11-30 It’s only once in a lifetime that you come across a book that really makes sense to you as a woman and inspires you utterly. Clarissa Pinkola Estés’s novel Women Who Run With The Wolves does just this.

A crucial connection

Jaco Fouché 2011-11-29 I was worried. Two months into my new job I had to admit I couldn’t do it. The job was selling water-related apparatus – high-pressure pumps, pH meters, conductivity meters, water filters, spraying nozzles, that sort of thing. Before that, I was in ...

It Gets Better campaign hopes to bring positive message to Cape Town’s gay youth

Andrew Barry, Steyn du Toit Opinion 2011-11-29

It Gets Better is an internet-based project in response to the suicides of teenagers who were bullied because they were gay or because their peers suspected that they were gay. Its goal is to prevent suicide among LGBT youth by having gay adults convey the ...

Victims and victors: winners and losers in a post-apartheid arts dispensation

Mike van Graan Academic research 2011-11-29

Is Limpopo sucking the hind teat of arts funding in South Africa today? According to the NAC’s 2010 annual report, out of a total of 615 funded applications, Limpopo had only 33. Or maybe it was Mpumalanga with 16 projects. Or the Northern Cape, with ...

Book snaps for Christmas Shopping

Janet van Eeden 2011-11-24 A pile of books landed on my desk recently which would fall into the category of good reads and great Christmas presents. I’ve done a quick snapshot of each one to whet your appetite for the Christmas shopping season.

Resident Alien told you so

Janet van Eeden 2011-11-24

Stolen rivers

Phillippa Yaa De Villiers 2011-11-24  We Africans came to Berlin to sing
and recite poetry. We had an agenda:

The Exploding Trousers – Part IV

Richard Jurgens 2011-11-23 Preparations for shooting the climactic scene of the film had been continuing since dawn. The set had been built in the barn of an abandoned farmhouse not far, Hilton guessed, from the majestic ruins of Great Zimbabwe. A small town of trailers and

Legal opinion relating to the passing of the protection of state information bill

Melanie Schoeman 2011-11-23 This new controversial law has been proposed in order to protect the state against "espionage" and guard "national interests", but among other things it will have the effect of being able to gag the media.

Passing on the Torch

Christina Engela Opinion 2011-11-23

It is very close to the end of another year, and the time has come again for me to reflect on the past, to take stock ...

Frankie Murrey on the new library at Matthew Goniwe Memorial High School

Frankie Murrey, Bibi Slippers 2011-11-23 Hi Frankie. I want to start by congratulating you, both on the success of the Open Book Festival and on the great work you are doing at Matthew Goniwe Memorial High School (MGMH). How did Open Book's involvement at MGMH come about?

Nothing but David Kramer, an interview

David Kramer, Naomi Meyer 2011-11-23 The name David Kramer is as well-known as Sunlight liquid – people use this name all the time. But do we really know this man behind the familiar bike and the red shoes? The book David Kramer: A Biography has just been launched in Cape Town.

Priti Devi, Vice-President of the Creative World, talks to Naomi Meyer about the Freedom to Create Festival

Priti Devi, Naomi Meyer 2011-11-22 The Freedom to Create came to Cape Town this year, celebrating all the world’s freedom to be creative.