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Dance for All students head for the USA

Philip Boyd, Steyn du Toit 2011-12-07 Four Dance for All (DFA) students have been invited to attend dance workshops in San Francisco and New Jersey this month (December 2011). The CEO of DFA, Philip Boyd, chats to Steyn du Toit about this exciting opportunity.

A Shot at the Big Time

Janet van Eeden, Naomi Meyer 2011-12-07 Award-winning film-maker and journalist Janet van Eeden has launched a crowd-sourcing campaign for her film A Shot at the Big Time, inspired by the story of her brother, Jimmy, who took his own life rather than fight in the apartheid Border War, a war ...

Tony Cox’s International Guitar Night returns for a second year

Tony Cox, Steyn du Toit 2011-12-07 Tony Cox tells Steyn du Toit why he thinks these two musicians are worth a see.

Nashen Moodley joins the Sydney Film Festival

Nashen Moodley, Janet van Eeden 2011-12-01 Nashen Moodley joins Sydney Film Festival at a time of great strength and growth.

Strijdom van der Merwe, the blue line, a red flag and black Tuesday

Strijdom van der Merwe, Naomi Meyer 2011-12-01 Strijdom van der Merwe recently decided to walk away from a proposed project in Durban. The idea was to paint a blue line through the city to demonstrate the potential impact of global warming. Behind the scenes, Van der Merwe clashed ...

Notes on the making of "In Durban, all roads lead ..."

Lesley Perkes 2011-12-01 Strijdom van der Merwe recently decided to walk away from a proposed project in Durban. The idea was to paint a blue line through the city to demonstrate the potential impact of global warming. Behind the scenes, Van der Merwe clashed ...

Ângela Ferreira discusses her latest body of work with Kristine Kronjé

Ângela Ferreira, Kristine Kronjé 2011-12-01 Following Werdmuller Centre and Other Works in 2010 Mozambican-born artist, Ângela Ferreira recently showed her second solo exhibition at Stevenson in Cape Town. Investigating the ongoing impact of colonialism and post-colonialism ...

It Gets Better campaign hopes to bring positive message to Cape Town’s gay youth

Andrew Barry, Steyn du Toit Opinion 2011-11-29

It Gets Better is an internet-based project in response to the suicides of teenagers who were bullied because they were gay or because their peers suspected that they were gay. Its goal is to prevent suicide among LGBT youth by having gay adults convey the ...

Priti Devi, Vice-President of the Creative World, talks to Naomi Meyer about the Freedom to Create Festival

Priti Devi, Naomi Meyer 2011-11-22 The Freedom to Create came to Cape Town this year, celebrating all the world’s freedom to be creative.

Black Butterflies: Lost opportunities

Gillian Schutte 2011-11-03  

Photos: 20 Stellenbosch: Two Decades of South African Sculpture

Kristine Kronjé 2011-11-03 On Wednesday, 26th October Joachim Schönfeldt launched 20 Stellenbosch: Two Decades of South African Sculpture with an opening parade. Almost overnight a flamboyant spectrum of sculptural pieces appeared in and around Stellenbosch in a ...

Writer and director Tim Greene on his feature film Skeem

Janet van Eeden, Tim Greene 2011-11-01 Tim, Skeem seemed to burst on to the scene out of nowhere. As a film writer I know this can’t be true. What inspired this film and how did the script come to fruition? 

Mike van Graan on the “arts campus”, Africa 101

Mike van Graan, Naomi Meyer 2011-10-27 Africa 101 explored contemporary trends, icons and innovations in African music, literature, cinema, dance, theatre, visual art and cultural tourism. It took place in the Artscape from 24 to 29 October 2011.

South African collector-artist Siemon Allen on his ''collection projects''

Siemon Allen, Kristine Kronjé 2011-10-21 For the past decade South African collector-artist Siemon Allen has been exploring the image of South Africa through a series of “collection projects”. Combining his passions for music and collecting, his studio practice investigates how ...

Mandisa Haarhof, creator of Crush-hopper, in conversation with Janet van Eeden

Janet van Eeden, Mandisa Haarhof 2011-09-30 One of my favourite plays at the recent Hilton Arts Festival was the charming and touching Crush-hopper, Mandisa Haarhof’s semi-autobiographical story about coming to terms with her mixed heritage.

Gasland exposes the realities of fracking

Reney Warrington 2011-09-29 When are we going to learn that if we stick crap into the earth, she’s gonna spit it out right back at us?

Tim Wells in conversation with Janet van Eeden about his role in God of Carnage

Janet van Eeden, Tim Wells 2011-09-29 It’s a brilliant ensemble piece where everyone gives their best performance to recreate a night of hysterical emotions where the God of Carnage is visible not only on the playgrounds.

Rotten Tomato: Lovely, Still - Mostly enchanting, completely tragic

Reney Warrington 2011-09-08 Lovely, Still is a gentle film utterly worth watching, but when sitting down to view it, one should preferably know nothing about the film.

Katherine Bull reflects on her exhibition performances data-capture: LOST_& FOUND

Katherine Bull, Kristine Kronjé 2011-09-02 During her most recent exhibition at Blank Projects in Woodstock, Katherine Bull presented a series of watercolour paintings created while she was watching the first five seasons of the television series Lost. The sixth and final season was ...