Jonathan Amid

Jonathan Amid was born in Israel and moved to Stellenbosch when he was four years old. He completed his secondary schooling at Stellenbosch High, followed by a BA (Humanities), BA Hons and MA (English Studies, both cum laude) at Stellenbosch University. While his Honours and Master’s research centred on the works of Canadian authors Anne Michaels and Michael Ondaatje, his current research project is a doctoral thesis coming to grips with the explosion of crime fiction novels in English post-apartheid, and since 2006 in particular. He is always contemplating the relationship between texts and their socio-political context, while also very much interested in the Afrikaans crime fiction wave spearheaded by Deon Meyer, post-apartheid South African Literature, narrative theory and film. He is a freelance proofreader, editor and manuscript advisor, writes regular reviews for LitNet, SLiPnet and the Cape Times, and is a part-time lecturer at the English Department of the University of Stellenbosch. It would not be amiss to say that he enjoys the odd book and cup of good coffee.

Sypaadjie: ’n onderhoud met Alma Rossouw

Jonathan Amid, Alma Rossouw Skrywersonderhoude 2019-07-10

"Ek wou ’n lekkerlees liefdesverhaal oor vroulike seksualiteit skryf."

Doodsengel: ’n onderhoud met Madelein Rust

Jonathan Amid, Madelein Rust Skrywersonderhoude 2019-07-03

"’n Mens skryf met passie en oortuiging juis as jy geraak word deur pyn."

Web – 'n onderhoud met Naomi Meyer

Naomi Meyer, Jonathan Amid Skrywersonderhoude 2017-02-28

"Nee, ek het nie die storie se einde geken toe ek dit begin skryf het nie. Ek het in die donker agter die storie aangeloop met 'n koplig wat net so 'n paar treë voor my uit skyn."

Reader's review: Wasted by Mark Winkler

Jonathan Amid Books and writers 2015-06-24

"If we are to listen to one  another, and to one another’s stories, we must be willing to recognise not only  our own wounds but the wounds of others."

LitNet Akademies-resensie-essay: Ikarus deur Deon Meyer

Jonathan Amid Boeke en skrywers 2015-06-12

"Dit is deesdae byna  onmoontlik om na 'n speurfiguur te verwys sonder dat kaptein Bennie Griessel as  verwysingspunt dien ..."

Resensie: Skuldig deur Martin Steyn

Jonathan Amid Resensies 2015-05-05

"Skuldig is met tye ’n genadeloos intense roman wat die leser se morele kompas stuk vir stuk aftakel en doelbewus met meer vrae as antwoorde laat."

Review: An Imperfect Blessing by Nadia Davids

Jonathan Amid 2015-02-16 "Davids is unafraid to tackle hefty questions that refuse arbitrary answers: How does transformation and transition take place? Who gets to determine the course and character of relationships?"

Review: The Story of Anna P, as Told by Herself by Penny Busetto

Jonathan Amid 2014-10-02 "How do we find our place in the world if our vision of ourselves is never fully consonant with the self-narratives we would like to believe?"

Onderhoud met Francois Smith: Om Kamphoer te skryf

Francois Smith, Jonathan Amid 2014-10-01 "Kom ek sê maar net dat ek baie lank saam met daardie karakters in daardie motor moes gaan sit, saam met Susan Nell en daardie twee bejaarde mans, en ek moes sit en sit en wag dat iets van daardie situasie tot my deurdring."

Onderhoud: Draalnoot vir ‘n janfiskaal deur Henry Jack Cloete

Henry Jack Cloete, Jonathan Amid 2014-09-25 Joan Hambidge noem in haar resensie Draalnoot “’n roman wat soos ‘n Playstation-speletjie sy eie reëls neerlê.”

Interview: Birdseye by Máire Fisher

Máire Fisher, Jonathan Amid 2014-09-23 "What is particularly exciting is that Birdseye is appealing to a wide range of readers: from my sons and their friends in their twenties, to my father and mother-in-law in their eighties, to middle-aged men and women. I’m so happy about that – I love knowing that Birdseye is crossing all sorts of age boundaries."

Interview: Balthasar's Gift by Charlotte Otter

Charlotte Otter, Jonathan Amid 2014-09-05 "I grew tired of reading crime novels that began with a sexy corpse."

Interview with Brent Meersman of Missing Ink Publishers

Brent Meersman, Jonathan Amid English 2014-09-03

"If I have to compromise on how and what I write according to somebody else’s views based on their hunches ... about sales – well, I’d rather not write."

Interview: Garden of Dreams by Melissa Siebert

Jonathan Amid, Melissa Siebert 2014-08-18 Melissa Siebert discusses her debut novel with Jonathan Amid.

Interview: I See You by Ishtiyaq Shukri

Ishtiyaq Shukri, Jonathan Amid 2014-08-13 "I am the people I know, the books I have read, the countries in which I have lived – and very nearly died. In January I visited the Yemeni island of Socotra. It is truly the most remarkable place I’ve even been to."