Jemima Meyer

Jemima is a poet, writer, musician and community service dietitian living in Bloemfontein. Her poems have been published in various journals such as New Contrast, Botsotso, Kalahari Review, Ja. Magazine and Ons Klyntji.


Jemima Meyer New writing 2020-10-14

"Thick candles enjoy the heat. Though their glow melts 
those next to them, wax drips and widens
their feet – their foundations grow." 

die een se dood

Jemima Meyer Poësie 2018-08-02

Lees ’n gedig deur Jemima Meyer.


Jemima Meyer Poësie 2018-08-02

"this year for Christmas
my household’s skinniness
won’t penetrate my skin"


Jemima Meyer New writing 2018-07-26

"Apparently in DRC they say:
when people clap for you,
take flight –
for you are a fly;
claps can end your life."


Jemima Meyer Poësie 2018-07-19

"Nou rippel
my woordestroom
sindelik in sirkels
glad onaangeraak"

Cherry picking

Jemima Meyer New writing 2018-07-19

"The fruit most likely
to wither on the vine
is the apple of your eye"


Jemima Meyer Poësie 2018-04-18

"I spit out
my mother tongue"

New Microsoft Word document

Jemima Meyer Poësie 2018-04-09

"I don’t desire our time
to be another document"

funeral wishes

Jemima Meyer Poësie 2018-04-03

"don’t cry
honour the pride of my life
by joining in when they dance and sing"


Jemima Meyer Poësie 2018-03-28

"With you I stopped thinking
about Adam and Eve
and their fig leaves."

met vakansie

Jemima Meyer Poësie 2017-09-07

"ons draf met Nikes
op pad na die strand"


Jemima Meyer Poësie 2017-09-07

"van vroeg
swoeg hippies en hordes
slyp uitstallers tande
roep en klets
oor koeitjies en kalfies"


Jemima Meyer Poësie 2017-09-07

"ék, met woljapon en koffie
maak skaars my mond oop
al is ek ’n voor-in-die-koor"

Simon Petrus

Jemima Meyer Poësie 2016-10-20

"jy beitel dié rotsblok ..."


Jemima Meyer Poësie 2016-10-20

"almal geniet verniet
gebroke brood ..."