Hans Pienaar

Hans Pienaar is ’n 2018-skryfgenoot by die Johannesburg Institute for Advanced Study en skryf dramas, romans, kortverhale, gedigte en niefiksie in Afrikaans en Engels. Hy werk as joernalis vir Business Day in Johannesburg en skryf ook vir Afrikaanse media. Sy jongste fiksiewerke is Te veel sorge en My china, en sy toneelstukke The good candidate en Die wortel van alle kwaad het onlangs gedebuteer, terwyl hy ook Uithoeke (fotogedigte) geproduseer het. Hy is bekroon met ’n Rapport-prys vir Die derde oorlog teen Mapoch en die Pansa-prys vir die beste nuwe Suid-Afrikaanse toneelteks in 2005 vir Three dozen roses. Hy is die stigter van die nisuitgewery altoviolet en was voorsitter van die Melville Poetry Festival. Hy is getroud met die digter Corné Coetzee en het twee dogters.

Interview with Dilip Menon - on Learning Zulu and monolingual universities in South Africa

Dilip Menon, Hans Pienaar Universiteitseminaar | University Seminar 2016-11-16

"What Afrikaans has developed, what English developed over a period of time, is the way of being able to teach a complete foreigner the language, and that is what we need for Zulu."

#FeesMustFall: Danny Titus on burning libraries and human rights

Danny Titus, Hans Pienaar Universiteitseminaar | University Seminar 2016-10-17

"It will therefore be of relevance as a South African civil society in particular to emphasise our international law obligations to the government, to work more strenuously towards the domestication of international instruments and to integrate it in our litigation as well as judicial decision-making."

#FeesMustFall: Andrew Donaldson on the burning of libraries and university facilities

Andrew Donaldson, Hans Pienaar Universiteitseminaar | University Seminar 2016-10-17

"Irrespective of whether fees have fallen or disappeared altogether, or even the merits of such a campaign, a university education is just not possible without universities – or university structures, like libraries."

Interview: The end of public universities in South Africa?

Achille Mbembe, Hans Pienaar Universiteitseminaar | University Seminar 2016-10-04

"The drama we are seeing is that we are asking the university to do things it was never meant to do. I mean welfare is the domain of the state, it is not the domain of the university. We can’t be asking the university to do things it was not designed to do."

Oscar Pistorius and the true South African problem

Hans Pienaar Opinion 2016-07-27

"While it is true that white racism and attitudes of supremacy are still present to an unacceptable degree, it is not the crucial problem in South Africa right now."

Interview: African languages in the South African publishing industry

Clare-Rose Julius, Hans Pienaar Books and writers 2016-07-20

"The state's support is needed. Industry support is needed."

Interview: Why were the schools burnt down?

Anonymous, Hans Pienaar Opinion 2016-05-25

The vandalising of close to 30 schools through arson and other means in Vuwani from late in April to early May left the nation puzzled. Hans Pienaar spoke to a resident who prefers to remain anonymous, as he fears for his safety.

The removal of art at UCT: interview with Sharlene Khan

Sharlene Khan, Hans Pienaar Universiteitseminaar | University Seminar 2016-04-28

"Having come out of apartheid and decades of censorship, as a society we are incredibly wary of any kind of censorship, particularly if it comes from institutions. As we should be. But in almost every case where white South African visual artists have screamed 'censorship' I’ve struggled to locate institutional/governmental censorship ..."

The removal of art at UCT: interview with Zamansele Nsele

Zamansele Nsele, Hans Pienaar Universiteitseminaar | University Seminar 2016-04-28

"Acquiring new artworks and curating desirable images and objects is the easy part. The hard part is changing the inner workings of the actual institution, not just the look of the institution."

The removal of art at UCT: Marilyn Martin's response

Marilyn Martin, Hans Pienaar Universiteitseminaar | University Seminar 2016-04-18

"I am totally opposed to the kind of direct action that was taken in Cape Town and now in other places. It precludes discussion and I think a democracy is based on the idea that when you have differences you can talk about it … it’s fundamental …"

The removal of art at UCT: interview with Alex Dodd

Alex Dodd, Hans Pienaar Universiteitseminaar | University Seminar 2016-04-18

"On a more constructive note, colonial artworks can be curated in such a way that they reveal and expose the inner workings of colonialism. They can be set in dialogue with contemporary works that bring out fresh valences in their content or they can be used as conceptual raw material for the creation of radical new artworks."

The removal of art at UCT: interview with Edward Tsumele

Edward Tsumele, Hans Pienaar Opinion 2016-04-14

"Let the art prevail, colonial or not colonial. This is an expression of how certain artists interpreted what they saw at certain times in history."

University Seminar 2016: Achille Mbembe on the new politics of the South African student

Achille Mbembe, Hans Pienaar Opinion 2016-01-21

"The students ... It’s a generation of people who are more and more convinced that they have been sold a lie ... And they are determined to put on the table some of the questions we have put under the carpet for a long time. All those difficult issues we have not tackled enough. And that shift, that cultural shift it seems to me is much more important than anything else, and it signals a new form of politics, at least on campuses."

#feesmustfall: Lesse uit die verlede

Hans Pienaar Seminare en essays 2015-10-27

"Een van die temas wat bearbei moet word in die debat wat gaan kom, is dié van taal. Daar sal geen transformasie wees as opvoeding bloot gaan verswart en verengels nie."

Open South Africa for local languages

Hans Pienaar Seminare en essays 2015-09-23

"I am all for transformation. Which is why I believe Stellenbosch University should remain Afrikaans."