Joanne Hichens

Joanne Hichens is an author, editor and independent writer.


Opgedateer/Updated: 2010-11-23

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Time to reflect on our lives: Our ghosts were once people edited by Bongani Kona, a review

Joanne Hichens Books and writers 2022-03-21

"This is not merely a book about death and dying. All manner of reflection is included: the blunt, the prosaic, the truthful, the tragic, but through it all comes connection – even celebration – as the writers share memories and experiences that lend the stories universal appeal."

Interview with Cathy Park Kelly, author of Boiling a frog slowly

Joanne Hichens, Cathy Kelly Books and writers 2022-02-02

"My heartfelt hope is that this book reaches those who are in toxic situations (whether at home or at work), where their boundaries are being transgressed, and that reading it helps them to see their situation with clearer eyes and take steps to protect themselves."

Satisfying, like a spicy curry roti: The Tearoom by Gretchen Haley

Joanne Hichens Books and writers 2021-12-07

"This is a simple tale of a love-struck man, wanting out from what has become a tedious and unfulfilling life. In essence, it is a tragicomedy, a fated love story, a fable of our times, in which Tubby Reddy is himself complicit."

Unbecoming by Joanne Fedler, an unflinching look at midlife

Joanne Hichens Books and writers 2021-11-10

"I recommend it – engrossing and tender – to all who face the challenges of letting go, to readers heading for a time of life without children, perhaps without partners, and considering, with hope, what fruitful – also intense and challenging – years may lie ahead."

A coat of many colours by Fred Khumalo: an inter-review

Joanne Hichens, Fred Khumalo Books and writers 2021-08-05

Fred Khumalo: "The riskier the choice I make, the more rewarding it is for me as a writer."

Searching for Sarah, Joanne Hichens interviews Dominique Malherbe

Joanne Hichens, Dominique Malherbe Books and writers 2021-06-01

"I was acutely aware of the sensitivities of this story, and my approach with the extended Langenhoven family was cautious."

Death and the after-parties by Joanne Hichens: an inter-review

Janet van Eeden, Joanne Hichens Books and writers 2021-05-12

"I didn’t set out to be so honest, particularly about my childhood. I was going to write a short grief memoir, but the more I wrote, the more I understood that one’s childhood plays a role in how we grieve, that how we deal with loss as adults is connected to how we face loss as children, and so I went down that road, open to exploring my childhood." 

An island by Karen Jennings: an interview

Joanne Hichens, Karen Jennings Books and writers 2021-02-19

"Violence begets violence. Samuel has been exposed to it from a young age through the different stages that his country has gone through politically, and through the effects of those changes on him and those around him."

Joanne Hichens, author of Divine Justice, in conversation with Janet van Eeden

Joanne Hichens, Janet van Eeden 2011-12-08 In Divine Justice, Hichens leaps solo into a story of bizarre characters, tensely twisted plots, chilling hatred and a denouement to die for.