kykNET Fiëstas Awards: An interview with Bob Martin

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Persverklaring: Hier is die wenners van die 11de kykNET Fiëstas

Bob Martin talks to Naomi Meyer about his kykNET Fiëstas award.

Congratulations on your kykNET Fiësta award! The unthinkable happened – this virus. How has the past year’s Covid situation influenced your life and world? 

Yes, the virus situation has affected my life, like everybody else’s, but at 92 I am barely able to walk, and I have a daily (two-hourly) carer who does most of the things I am unable to do myself: She makes my bed, tidies the kitchen and does the massaging of both my tendonitis-affected legs and feet. We both religiously wear our masks because she comes from an area where most of the COVID-19-affected cases have come from. So continuing to have her daily visit is my only “risk”, but so far, so good!

What does this award mean to you in a time like this? 

Regarding the money story: I have not worked for about 30 years, but fortunately because of my 25 years as Pact’s chief publicity photographer I do have a monthly  (Sanlam)  Pact pension, and also my daughter (in Texas) sends me a few US dollars, and The Theatre Benevolent Fund sends me a monthly lifetime achievement award sum of money. Without all the aforementioned bits and pieces I would be buggered. My eternal thanks for kykNET’s very generous Legende Fiësta award (thanks to my lovely old friend Karen) which I am using for a future investment fund for my children for when, one of these days, I am (finally) “gone”. Incidentally, I have bequeathed all my original foyer exhibition photos to the TBF (which hopefully will be worth thousands at future auctions).

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