Masithethe! An interview about the second isiXhosa high school oratory competition at PRG

Naomi Meyer, Christine Canaris Skole 2023-05-10

"We need more competitions like this. It was heart-warming seeing learners from all walks of life and different cultures enjoying each other’s company and spending time together. Language can truly unite us all, even though we don’t all speak the same language; it is the differences that make life beautiful and interesting."

In conversation with Alfred Hinkel about Stof at the Suidoosterfees

Izak de Vries, Alfred Hinkel Suidoosterfees 2023-04-12

"Because Stof is a once-off. Dit sal nie weer opgevoer word nie."

In conversation with Lee-Ann van Rooi about The woman who fed the dogs

Izak de Vries, Lee-Ann van Rooi Lifestyle and entertainment 2023-03-30

"All characters are disturbed and have gone through trauma of some kind; only the depth varies. Nobody is born bad. What happened to her? That is why this is important."

Let’s talk about Sex and pleasure

Izak de Vries, Kim Windvogel, Romantha Botha Interviews 2023-03-02

"'Sika LekhekheKnyp die kat in the donkerWiggling the toothpick. Whatever you call it, whoever you are and whatever you’re into, let’s talk about it.' That’s what the promo pack said. Then I watched the first episode. That is why I invited Kim and Romantha for a chat – about sex, of course!"

isiXhosa: an interview with Tessa Dowling

Naomi Meyer, Tessa Dowling Interviews 2023-02-28

During International Mother Tongue Language Month, Tessa Dowling talks about her love and teachings of the Xhosa language. "I was captivated by the superb sound of Xhosa and the absolute grammatical sense that it made to me! Its power to connect me to people."

Can South Africa be rebuilt?

Freek Robinson, Songezo Zibi Interviews 2023-02-02

Freek Robinson interviews Songezo Zibi, author of Manifesto: a new vision for South Africa (2022), about the current political situation and his view on how South Africa can be turned around.

Power crisis: Will Cape Town go completely off the Eskom grid?

Freek Robinson, Geordin Hill-Lewis Interviews 2023-01-17

Will other metros follow the Mother City's example? Freek Robinson interviews Geordin Hill-Lewis, the mayor of Cape Town.

Why the African Library column? An interview with Annie Gagiano

Naomi Meyer, Annie Gagiano Interviews 2022-11-16

"Of course I admire, study and read books from other continents, but African writing is to my mind still hugely underrated and far too little known, when there are brilliant novels of great depth and complexity produced all over our continent."

Reguit met Robinson: A conversation with John Simpson from BBC News

Freek Robinson, John Simpson Interviews 2022-07-20

What is Boris Johnson's legacy? What lies ahead for British politics, society and foreign policy? Freek Robinson interviews John Simpson, world affairs editor of BBC News.

Somerset East and the Walter Battiss Museum: an interview with Ros Turner

Naomi Meyer, Ros Turner Interviews 2022-07-10

"Battiss is a huge subject! Briefly, he was born in Somerset East in 1906 and became South Africa’s best abstract artist. He is still considered to be our best water colour artist."

Author in residence: Mphuthumi Ntabeni

Mphuthumi Ntabeni, Izak de Vries Interviews 2022-06-28

Mphuthumi Ntabeni is one of six authors currently in residence in Somerset East, courtesy of the Jakes Gerwel Foundation and PEN South Africa. His novel The wanderers is on the long list for the Sunday Times Fiction Prize.

Major international award for Erika Bornman, author of Mission of malice

Erika Bornman, Izak de Vries Interviews 2022-06-26

"I’m blown away and I feel so honoured. When I left KwaSizabantu back in 1993, there was very little support available to survivors of cultic and coercive groups. It was pre-internet days, too, so I was on my own and really struggled. Books saved me, however."

Regarding spiritual auto mechanics and healing: in conversation with Klara Ana Rosa

Izak de Vries, Klara Ana Rosa (Wojtkowska) Interviews 2022-06-15

Nzara: Hunger is a mythological, musical epic poem telling the story of the Rozvi Empire from Great Zimbabwe attempting to steal the moon out of the sky. The movie is based on a ceremony-theatre play by the same name. It is cyclical in nature and portrays a world devoured by terror. It invites us, once again, to believe in love.

#CrazySocks4Docs celebrated at the Nelson Mandela University

Yoshna Kooverjee, Izak de Vries Interviews 2022-06-03

"Studying towards a medical degree is extremely demanding and studies show that medical students around the world have high rates of depression and anxiety, even in the preclinical years of training. Awareness and knowledge are the first steps to prevention, and as the saying goes, prevention is better than cure!"

An interview with Siphiwe Gloria Ndlovu, winner of a Windham-Campbell Prize for 2022

Siphiwe Gloria Ndlovu, Izak de Vries Interviews 2022-04-20

"I believe that literature, if done right, speaks about much more than just the present moment – it allows us to examine the past and imagine the future."

Interview with a former refugee, Karina Szczurek

Karina Magdalena Szczurek, Naomi Meyer, Izak de Vries Interviews 2022-03-13

"Watching Ukrainian parents evacuate their children to safety while staying behind to fight for their future breaks my heart. I cannot imagine the levels of anxiety and distress this kind of separation causes for a family. These people will never fully recover from this, even if they survive."

Interview with Cathy Park Kelly, author of Boiling a frog slowly

Joanne Hichens, Cathy Kelly Books and writers 2022-02-02

"My heartfelt hope is that this book reaches those who are in toxic situations (whether at home or at work), where their boundaries are being transgressed, and that reading it helps them to see their situation with clearer eyes and take steps to protect themselves."

New year, new creations: an interview with an eight-year-old author

Naomi Meyer, Bontle Ndhlovu Interviews 2022-01-27

"No. Children in this country don’t read enough."

An interview with Greig Cameron, writer and director of Seal Team

Greig Cameron, Izak de Vries Interviews 2021-12-22

"Overall, the entire process was a joy. I always try to make a fun environment where the actors can enjoy themselves. I think that genuine joy translates into the film. Also, it’s easy to forget, sometimes, but we’re making cartoons for a living. If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong."

#ReadingAfrica | The women's panel

Aoife Lennon-Ritchie, Gabeba Baderoon, Sifton Anipare Interviews 2021-12-14

On 10 December Aoife Lennon-Ritchie spoke to Gabeba Baderoon and Sifton Anipare about getting published, emigrating and feminism.