Reguit met Robinson: A Zoom interview with Glenda Gray

Freek Robinson, Glenda Gray Interviews 2021-01-06

What went wrong in South Africa? Freek Robinson interviews paediatrician and president of the Medical Research Council, Glenda Gray.

People don’t read crime if they don’t have hope

Catalyst Press Books and writers 2020-12-11

“People don’t read crime if they don’t have hope.” So said Jessica Powers, head of Catalyst Press, quoting the South African author Andrew Brown, during a panel discussion hosted by Micheal Sears on Wednesday 9 December 2020.

The joys of #ReadingAfrica: A panel discussion

Catalyst Press Books and writers 2020-12-09

On Sunday 6 December 2020 an international panel of authors and publishers took part in a discussion on the joys of #ReadingAfrica. View the discussion on LitNet’s YouTube channel.

Three women providing a catalyst for African literature: An interview

Izak de Vries, JL Powers, Ashawnta Jackson, SarahBelle Selig Interviews 2020-12-02

"I just began to feel excited about the possibility of bringing African literature of all genres to a North American readership – not scholarly work, which I think has some real champions, but crime novels, thrillers, literary fiction, children’s fiction and graphic novels."

Still life, an interview with Zoë Wicomb

Zoë Wicomb, Izak de Vries Interviews 2020-11-25

"I visited the Amazwi literary museum (then NELM) to look at Pringle’s papers. It was his letter requesting permission to take the Tswana boy Hinza Marossi to London that piqued my interest. Reading Mary Prince’s slave narrative, published by Pringle in London, settled it: I would try to write a novel about them."

Inter-review with Colleen Higgs about her memoir, My mother, my madness

Janet van Eeden, Colleen Higgs Books and writers 2020-11-13

"I think my mother’s death released me; I felt the burden of responsibility lift from me."

On the frontline: Interview with Reverend June Dolley Major

Olivia M Coetzee, June Dolley Major Interviews 2020-08-06

"Society covers up for husbands, fathers, grandfathers, neighbours who rape. We watch movies and there is so much sex and violence and the hero in the movie is mostly seen to have many sexual conquests. So sadly, rape is normalised."

My better world: an interview with Chris Morgan, founder and creative director of Fundi Films

Cliffordene Norton, Chris Morgan Lifestyle and entertainment 2020-07-22

"We had heard from our young audience that they wanted real stories that reflected the true challenges they face. We couldn’t, and didn’t want to, shy away from challenging topics like early marriage, harassment and even female genital mutilation. That said, we also didn’t want to oversimplify these stories."

Inter-review with Helen Moffett about her novel Charlotte

Janet van Eeden, Helen Moffett Interviews 2020-07-13

"Please could Helen Moffett write the ending to my life story? Listening to Helen’s delightful Charlotte as an audiobook had me weeping in delight as I learned how things turned out in the end for the unobtrusive Charlotte Lucas, one of Elizabeth Bennet’s closest friends in Pride and prejudice."

Whiteness in Southern Africa – an interview

Cliffordene Norton, Duncan Money, Danelle van Zyl-Hermann Books and writers 2020-06-09

"The idea of whites in colonial Africa conjures up images of pith helmets and khaki shorts, rural landscapes and vast estates, madams and masters parked on verandas alternately sipping gin and barking orders at African servants. Such stereotypes present whites as a uniformly wealthy and homogenous group, secure atop a binary power structure." Duncan Money and Danelle van Zyl-Hermann, editors of Rethinking white societies in southern Africa, 1930s–1990s

"Keep your imagination active": an interview with the Fleur du Cap Theatre Award for Innovation in Theatre winners

Naomi Meyer, Robin Malan, Andisiwe Mgibantaka, Cliffordene Norton Lifestyle and entertainment 2020-06-08

"[E]ngage in dialogues with other artists; take a duologue and Zoom it with another actor; join the Facebook Shakespeare soliloquy group and learn and perform a favourite soliloquy online; plan a season for a small theatre venue for the first six months after lockdown …"

BUSQR – a new way for artists to generate income through livestreaming

Marli van Eeden, Jon Savage Interviews 2020-05-11

"It may just be the world’s first live donations platform that allows artists, performers, comedians, chefs, etc to earn from their fans while they livestream – from anywhere in the world. Also, we’ve seen incredible fundraisers being curated around BUSQR. Musician Dan Green managed to raise R120 000 in one hour for a township in Noordhoek."