South Africa's water crisis

Freek Robinson, Anthony Turton Interviews 2024-03-26

Anthony Turton, an expert in water resource management, outlines the extent of the water crisis in South Africa.

Research at University of Johannesburg and societal impact

Freek Robinson, Sarah Gravett Universiteitseminaar | University Seminar 2024-03-14

For the second year running, the University of Johannesburg (UJ) has been ranked as the leading producer of accredited research outputs in South Africa. Sarah Gravett, Acting Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Research and Internationalisation at UJ, emphasises the importance of research that impacts communities and society.

The Independent Theatre Maker Awards: an interview with Mxolisi Masilela

Naomi Meyer, Mxolisi Masilela Interviews 2024-03-01

"Acknowledging the work of independent theatre makers at awards events like the one in Tembisa is important. Firstly, it validates their contributions to the cultural landscape, recognising their creativity and talent. Secondly, it provides them with exposure and opportunities for networking, funding and future collaborations. Additionally, celebrating independent theatre helps to diversify the arts scene, ensuring that a variety of voices and perspectives are heard and appreciated."

Mirror, a solo exhibition by Adele van Heerden at 131 A Gallery: an interview

Naomi Meyer, Adele van Heerden Interviews 2024-02-23

"The title, Mirror, refers to the water’s surface as a physical mirror reflecting the surrounding elements, be it the sky, the weather, rock, or architectural structures. This mirror, when clear, also reveals the hidden worlds beneath the water."

Power politics in the Middle East: How the global North-South divide capitalises on trauma

Jannike Bergh, Matthieu Rey Interviews 2024-01-26

"South Africa’s case against Israel is very important and symbolic for the world. This is my opinion as someone from the global North: It demonstrates the possibility of real cosmopolitanism, the only answer to racism."

Meet the election watchdog

Freek Robinson, Terry Tselane Interviews 2023-12-07

Terry Tselane is the executive chairman of the Institute of Election Management Services in Africa (IEMSA), which will act as an election watchdog in the coming South African elections. Freek Robinson asked him to explain the role and the powers of an election watchdog. Also: Who watches the watchdog, and what would happen if the watchdog and the ruling party were to disagree on the outcome of the election?

In the shadow of the Springs I saw by Barbara Adair: an inter-review

Janet van Eeden, Barbara Adair Books and writers 2023-11-09

"If I have to find a protagonist, to anthropomorphise, yes, the buildings are the protagonist. But then, for me, what is a protagonist? A leading character? We are all leaders in some form or another."

Karin Schimke’s gap year: an interview

Naomi Meyer, Karin Schimke Interviews 2023-11-03

"Travel has always felt beyond my means, but I’m a freelance writer, editor and translator, so in theory I could live and work anywhere I want. The notion took hold, in spite of all the reasons why it should be impossible, and I pursued ways of living a less structured, planned and predictable life for a few months."

On land, constitutional law and social justice | Etienne van Heerden Veldsoirée 2023

Tembeka Ngcukaitobi, Mphuthumi Ntabeni Etienne van Heerden Veldsoirée 2023-11-02

This conversation on land, constitutional law and social justice took place at the Etienne van Heerden Veldsoirée 2023. Tembeka Ngcukaitobi is a member of the South African Law Reform Commission (SALRC) and an acting judge at the Land Claims Court.

We need to talk

Freek Robinson, Sihle Khumalo Interviews 2023-09-28

Sihle Khumalo says conversation is important. We need to talk about the difficult things, the hard things, the things that make us uncomfortable. Freek Robinson starts the conversation.

Electrons do not read Das Kapital

Freek Robinson, Malegapuru Makgoba Interviews 2023-09-14

Malegapuru Makgoba tells Freek Robinson why De Ruyter was the right person to lead Eskom, and he names the ministers who play political games with Eskom instead of supporting those who understand what needs to be done.

Chuma Sopotela talks about her role in the stage adaptation of Damon Galgut's The promise

Naomi Meyer, Chuma Sopotela Interviews 2023-09-13

"I have never been a houseworker, but I can relate to the character – from part of my responsibilities as an artist and performer – as a “space holder”: someone who holds space for people, either in grief or distress, or just in enabling them to be themselves and being able to thrive."

An interview with the South African creators of a Star wars: Visions short film, Aau’s song

Réney Warrington, Nadia Darries, Daniel Clarke Interviews 2023-08-31

"The more fantasy, visual effects and large world set-ups in a story, the more it lends itself to animation. Animation makes anything possible."

Taxi violence – who is to blame?

Freek Robinson, Geordin Hill-Lewis Interviews 2023-08-17

Santaco has now approached the court to challenge the legality of taxis being impounded, something which the mayor of Cape Town, Geordin Hill-Lewis, seems to welcome. Freek Robinson asked Hill-Lewis: Why now? And what next?

WoW (World of Work) Career Festival: an interview with Daniel Galloway

Naomi Meyer, Daniel Galloway Skole 2023-07-25

"One of the greatest catalysts of the festival is that it broadens horizons for those who might never have known that a career in logistics, or eventing, or catering, or agriculture, or finance, was even a possibility. This, in part, motivates a focus in the hearts and minds of the learners, which leads to a positive, gainfully employed work life ahead."

Vrystaat Arts Festival director Michael Garbett on the transformative power of the arts

Naomi Meyer, Michael Garbett Interviews 2023-07-07

"What makes the Vrystaat Arts Festival special is our commitment to showcasing a mix of established and emerging talents, creating a rich and diverse program that caters to all tastes. We pride ourselves on our community engagement initiatives, which involve local communities in co-creating elements of the festival."

Renewable energy and cleaner fossil fuels

Freek Robinson, Karen Surridge Interviews 2023-07-06

Why are electric cars not the solution to South Africa’s problems right now? Is "cleaner coal" not an oxymoron? Are we doing enough to bring renewable energy into our grid? Are we going to be able to end loadshedding one day?

An interview with Nina Schumann

Izak de Vries, Nina Schumann Interviews 2023-06-27

What are Nina Schumann’s dreams? Izak de Vries asked her that, and a few other questions.

The AVBOB Poetry Project helps thousands of Karoo learners

Izak de Vries, Melina Smit Interviews 2023-06-09

"As they like to ask in business: is it scalable? Yes, the desired outcomes are hugely scalable."

Masithethe! An interview about the second isiXhosa high school oratory competition at PRG

Naomi Meyer, Christine Canaris Skole 2023-05-10

"We need more competitions like this. It was heart-warming seeing learners from all walks of life and different cultures enjoying each other’s company and spending time together. Language can truly unite us all, even though we don’t all speak the same language; it is the differences that make life beautiful and interesting."