#ReadingAfrica | The children’s literature panel

Bunmi Emananjo, Ekiuwa Aire, Hannes Barnard, Ruth Ahmedzai Kemp, Caroline Kurtz Interviews 2021-12-09

How do we represent Africa as a multicultural, multifaceted continent to our readers? How do we embrace diversity in early readers for Africa’s kids? And how do we market our wonderful African stories to a Eurocentric world?

#ReadingAfrica | The comics panel

KaDi Yao Tay, Bill Masuku, Ivanka Hahnenberger, Richard Conyngham, Salim Busuru Interviews 2021-12-07

African comics are created for Africans, not the East, nor the West. “I draw myself,” one panellist said. Yet many African comics find their way into Europe, simply because our comics are of international quality.

Hélène Passtoors: The life and times of an MK soldier

Melt Myburgh Interviews 2021-12-03

"If I had wanted to attack the heart of Afrikanerdom, I would have put a bomb, even a tiny one, in or around the Voortrekker Monument." In 2011, Hélène Passtoors received the Order of the Companions of OR Tambo for her contribution to the armed struggle against apartheid. In this exclusive interview with Melt Myburgh, she shares memories about her life as an MK operative.

Reguit met Robinson: A Zoom conversation with Herman Mashaba

Freek Robinson, Herman Mashaba Interviews 2021-11-24

After the municipal elections, a new future? Straight-shooting Herman Mashaba tells Freek Robinson what it takes to establish coalitions.

FW: Sentiments about our past are strong, well founded and entrenched

Jan-Jan Joubert, Paul Murray Interviews 2021-11-18

"De Klerk was never trusted by the securocrats – they preferred the old boys’ club of PW Botha, Magnus Malan, Kobie Coetsee, Louis le Grange and Adriaan Vlok. They saw him as a softie, a weakling, a goody two shoes, a bluestocking."

Why is Ethiopia at war? A Zoom interview with Caroline Kurtz

Caroline Kurtz, Izak de Vries Interviews 2021-11-10

Why is Ethiopia at war? What is the role of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize? Is this a repeat of 1974, when the people of Tigray led a revolt on Addis Ababa?

Elinor Sisulu and Puku’s combat against the "cognitive catastrophe" of illiteracy

Elinor Sisulu, Melt Myburgh Skole 2021-10-07

"Every language matters; any language is good enough. The best readers, the most challenging creative and critical thinking, the largest wins for communication skills, are across and between languages." – Elinor Sisulu, award-winning writer and human rights activist.

Reguit met Robinson: A Zoom interview with Bonang Mohale

Freek Robinson, Bonang Mohale Interviews 2021-09-23

Mohale is not afraid to criticise the government. Listen to his views on land reform, cadre deployment, state capture and wages.

BAQONDE, boosting the use of African language in education: an interview with Bassey Antia

Naomi Meyer, Bassey Antia Interviews 2021-09-08

"Language may be a factor in how well the lecturer is understood. Language may be a factor in who understands the assessment question. Language may be a factor in who can communicate their answers and be rewarded adequately for the knowledge they possess."

Reguit met Robinson: A Zoom conversation with Sham Maharaj and Nonku Zungu

Freek Robinson, Sham Maharaj, Nonku Zungu Interviews 2021-08-26

Phoenix, Durban, was a flashpoint in the recent violence and looting in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng. Freek Robinson interviews members of a peace committee, Sham Maharaj and Nonku Zungu.

Reguit met Robinson: A Zoom conversation with Imtiaz Sooliman, founder of Gift of the Givers

Freek Robinson, Imtiaz Sooliman Onderhoude 2021-08-18

Imtiaz Sooliman shares with Freek Robinson his late-night calls to get people out of hostage situations and evacuate them from countries under siege, and how, right now, he is involving foreign governments yet again to help South Africans under siege.

Where was the thin blue line?

Colin Morris, Izak de Vries Interviews 2021-07-15

Colin Morris has seen 32 years of service in the South African Police Service. He retired at the rank of captain. In this video he explains why the public has the right to ask questions about the lack of policing while parts of the country were being looted. Colin also explains why he does not want soldiers in the streets.

Are property owners, or their security personnel, allowed to use force?

Andrew Brown, Izak de Vries Interviews 2021-07-14

"Policing is a fluid, dangerous and changing situation. Not every decision will be perfect. But ultimately, everyone – even a Trump supporter – has the right to live. How much more someone seizing an opportunity to alleviate some of their poverty."

Searching for Sarah, Joanne Hichens interviews Dominique Malherbe

Joanne Hichens, Dominique Malherbe Books and writers 2021-06-01

"I was acutely aware of the sensitivities of this story, and my approach with the extended Langenhoven family was cautious."

Reguit met Robinson: A Zoom interview with Michelle Groome

Freek Robinson, Michelle Groome Interviews 2021-05-27

The Free State and North West are already into their third wave. Freek Robinson interviews Michelle Groome, head of the Division of Public Health Surveillance and Response at the National Institute for Communicable Diseases.

Reguit met Robinson: A Zoom interview with William Gumede

Freek Robinson, William Gumede Onderhoude 2021-05-13

"It is a sad moment for South Africans." Freek Robinson interviews William Gumede, Associate Professor, School of Governance at the University of the Witwatersrand and executive chairperson of Democracy Works Foundation.

Suidoosterfees 2021: An interview with Wahbie Long

Robert Kriger, Wahbie Long Suidoosterfees 2021-04-28

On 29 April 2021 at 10:00, Marianne Thamm will be in conversation with Wahbie Long about his book, Nation on the couch: Inside South Africa's mind, as part of the Suidoosterfees-Jakes Gerwel conversations at Artscape, Cape Town. Robert Kriger interviews Wahbie to find out more about his book, which he describes as a "letter to all South African citizens".

Suidoosterfees 2021: An interview with Adam Cruise

Adam Cruise, Izak de Vries Suidoosterfees 2021-04-23

"Basically, we all need each other, so, no, we cannot allow humanity to self-destruct." Adam Cruise (It’s not about the bats) will be part of the Jakes Gerwel conversations at the Suidoosterfees. 

Suidoosterfees 2021: An interview with Thembalethu Seyisi

Thembalethu Seyisi, Izak de Vries Suidoosterfees 2021-04-22

"It is my small way of paying it forward and a way of showing gratitude for the privileges life has afforded me thus far." Thembalethu Seyisi (21 life lessons @ 21) will be part of the Jakes Gerwel conversations at the Suidoosterfees. 

Reguit met Robinson: A Zoom interview with Mike van Graan

Freek Robinson, Mike van Graan Interviews 2021-03-25

Where are the millions? Freek Robinson interviews playwright and activist Mike van Graan from the Sustaining Theatre and Dance (STAND) Foundation and the Theatre and Dance Alliance.