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Heidi Henning New writing 2020-05-14

"Combining human touch and technology
The net of memory
The web of unity"

Magazines in the new normal: Ctrl+X or fast forward?

Catherine Knox Opinion 2020-05-14

"Paper and ink are not going away just yet." As mass extinction threatens South Africa’s traditional magazines (fifteen titles closed down earlier this month), Catherine Knox recalls a time when the industry was on a roll.

I tracked the stars

Karien van der Westhuizen New writing 2020-05-13

"There is longitude
there is latitude
depth and circumference"

BUSQR – a new way for artists to generate income through livestreaming

Marli van Eeden, Jon Savage Interviews 2020-05-11

"It may just be the world’s first live donations platform that allows artists, performers, comedians, chefs, etc to earn from their fans while they livestream – from anywhere in the world. Also, we’ve seen incredible fundraisers being curated around BUSQR. Musician Dan Green managed to raise R120 000 in one hour for a township in Noordhoek."

Press release: The Fugard at Home – The Fugard Theatre’s digital platform coming soon

LitNet Lifestyle and entertainment 2020-05-11

"With the 'new normal' now upon us, The Fugard at Home will present engaging and compelling content on an online portal that champions the arts and once again connects our loyal Fugard audiences and artists in a meaningful way," says Lamees Albertus, general manager and producer of The Fugard Theatre.  

Woordfees dance production brings light to the issue of pollution

Marli van Eeden Toyota US Woordfees 2020-05-11

"With the current coronavirus crisis, and people across the world having to self-isolate, for once the earth is getting a chance to breathe due to fewer people moving around and polluting the earth."

A secret love (Netflix) – great story, but below average film

Reney Warrington Lifestyle and entertainment 2020-05-06

"It represents a certain group of people and a story worth telling, but it does so in a superficial, monotone manner that skims over possible interesting angles. It comes across as a pet project.

LAW FOR ALL writing competition – an interview with Jackie Nagtegaal

Naomi Meyer, Jackie Nagtegaal English 2020-05-06

"A happy story presents an ideal. A happy story becomes a beacon that beckons us forward – it asks us to make it real."

On the front line: An interview with Abdul Karrim Matthews

Olivia M Coetzee, Abdul Karrim Matthews Opinion 2020-05-06

"We need another 30 days of a hard lockdown, at the very minimum. But then, the state must supply food for the masses of hungry citizens, and do it now."

Life and times of Michael K: A reading experience during lockdown

Maditte Coornaert Books and writers 2020-05-06

"Michael K, seen by others as a simpleton with a harelip, outwits those who capture him by his passive resistance and his search for survival in a world in which we are eminently alone."

COVID-19 and violin lessons for township children: an interview

Naomi Meyer, Maria Botha Lifestyle and entertainment 2020-05-06

"I believe that when those violins 'ring' outside and through the empty streets, even more than only these families can 'escape' this rude reality and feel comforted by music for a few magical moments!"

Competition: Write the future, right the wrongs

LitNet English 2020-05-06

LAW FOR ALL, a company dedicated to fighting for equality and justice, calls on South Africa’s creative minds and wordsmiths to enter a competition to help imagine a future world where everyone has access to justice and legal recourse. The winner will walk away with a R10 000 cash prize.

Shakespeare (The sonnets)

Ferdi Wheeler New writing 2020-05-06

"Adorable and romantically possessed,
but with good looks no longer blessed,
he still delighted in the liveliness of progeny"

Lockdown: Streaming content, part 2

Reney Warrington Lifestyle and entertainment 2020-05-06

"Most of us are under lockdown and turning to online entertainment ... So, I thought it would help for me to sift through the jumble by compiling a list of every title that a) I have ever reviewed positively and b) is available online. This is Part II of II."

"I had the character long before I had any kind of story"

Cliffordene Norton, Alboricah Rathupetsane Books and writers 2020-05-05

"The story was very personal to me, which made it both difficult and easy to write. But I would say the most challenging part was not getting carried away with words and making it fit within the 5 000 word limit." Alboricah Tokologo Rathupetsane’s short story has been shortlisted for the Commonwealth Short Story Prize.

"The world is in flux. And this is where creativity lives."

Cliffordene Norton, Hennie van Greunen Lifestyle and entertainment 2020-05-05

"Any stressful time of change comes with gifts. These divergent experiences in our lives knock us all off-centre, and for creativity, off-centre is a very good place to be. We expect especially our fine arts and writing learners to engage actively with the pandemic with their daily situations."

Review: Sing down the stars by Nerine Dorman

Nikita Coote Books and writers 2020-05-04

"Though the sticker on the back may say 'Young adult', I am inclined to believe that the heroine’s age and childish mannerisms, as well as those of her friends, point towards a much younger target audience."

Afrolit Sans Frontières: An interview with Zukiswa Wanner

Cliffordene Norton, Zukiswa Wanner Books and writers 2020-04-30

Afrolit Sans Frontières is an online literary festival started by author Zukiswa Wanner as a way to entertain people during the COVID-19 quarantine, which is affecting a large percentage of the world. Season three of the festival starts on 25 May (Africa Day) and continues until 1 June. 

Kwarantynketting: A tale of two hats, lost words and a pandemic by Zainab Priya Dala

zp dala Kwarantynketting 2020-04-29

Writer Zainab Priya Dala tells more about her experience as a healthcare worker in the time of COVID-19.

Courts under lockdown

Giséle Lavita Opinion 2020-04-29

"The function of the judiciary is imperative during this time to ensure that amidst a pandemic, the rights and values of the Constitution are upheld."